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Instant Notifications

Chief Bakes



Most users across the site will rely on notifications to help to keep them up to date and informed on new content that has perhaps been posted in response to their own thread, or if a post has been liked etc. The downside to notifications was that they are only checked for new notifications on each page load. We have now introduced Instant Notifications. This means that when you receive a notification it will instantly show without you needing to reload the page. This of course is particularly useful if you are busy composing a topic or post and someone else replies to some content you are following that is relevant to the post you are making. You will now see the red notification icon appear at the top of the page during any active session once it is received. It does not re-load the page to check but is done using our push notification feature.

As always I look forward to any feedback from you on this or any other item in our blogs.




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