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New Blog Feature Available

Chief Bakes



Individual and collaborative community-centric blogging

How can people use Police Community Blog?

There's a wide range of uses for community blogging. Here's a few of the ways our customers use it.

Share opinions - You can share free-form opinions on all kinds of subjects, in a space you can control.

Forum Announcements - Community staff use blog entries to share announcements about what's happening

Group collaboration - Sub-groups can share thoughts and updates by using the multiple editors feature in the Police Community Blog

Featured Blogs

We will call out particularly interesting blog entries by using the Feature option in Police Community Blog's. Featuring an entry displays it prominently on our Forum homepage to give it extra visibility.

Collaborative blogging

With the Editors feature, you can create group blogs that several people (or more) can contribute to in a single space. Let sub-teams share updates on their latest developments, or enable special guests to post entries to one of your established blogs - and more.

Visit Blogs from the main menu to visit the blog section and start your own blog on our Police Community Forum today to give you and your creative writing style maximum exposure.



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