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Tagging Topics

Chief Bakes



Some of you may have already noticed that when you start a new thread you are now required to add at least two tags. You can add more should you wish (200 is the maximum) but you will need to add at least two.

Why have we done this?

We've done this to help the forum make connections and to help with the indexing of subjects. If somebody comes to the site looking for some information then even if they make their search quite vague it will bring up all relevant topics we have, this should hopefully improve the knowledge base we are currently building. Some of the legacy sites that we frequented previously have been going for years and therefore have built up a large library of information, well we want to do that as well and we want it to all be relevant and linked.

But what tags should I use?

Any you like.

The most obvious to use would be where something is specialised such as a post about torches or boots, then you can use the tag 'Torch' and the tag 'Boots', this means that in the future when someone is searching for information on boots or torches these will be more relevant than someone who has made a posting and used the sentence 'my boots we're soaking after all the rain and I think lost my torch'.

But what if it's just a general discussion?

Well then you can just use general tags such as, 'Police' or 'Specials' or 'Recruitment' if the subject is about Policing or maybe 'Off Duty' if it's for the locker room and about off duty activities.

It's about building up that series of links and relationships and these are the little things that will take this beyond being a great place to being the Best place for Police related information and discussion.



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