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Member of The Month

Chief Bakes



We have decided to have a new award on the forum entitled Member of the Month

You may be asking how you win this, well this is a secret. It is a voted decision by the moderators based on your posting history, how many likes you've received and any reports we've received from our members.

The figures we use are for the previous Month so for instance although you may appear as January's member of the month it is based on your forum history for December. You don't need to be the highest recipient of Likes nor do you need make the most posts the decision is based your overall contribution to the forum for that month.

You are probably wondering if you win anything, well sorry to disappoint but this award comes with nothing but Kudos and a banner across the bottom of the forum announcing this fact to all of our members.

This is a thank you to those whose overall contribution to the forum should be recognised and applauded by all.



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