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Better and better

Chief Cheetah



So we go from strength to strength.  First we had an absolutely terrific start and now at only 6 months in we've already upgraded to the latest available forum software.  It's an ongoing thing simply because this upgrade isn't just some updated software on top of the old one but a completely new set.  A huge amount of work has been ongoing for a while to plan for this and the go live day was frenetic work for a number of us to ensure we could get it up and running as quickly as possible but without compromising the site.

So one week after the new software went live it's been updated and we have enabled some more features.  It hasn't been without it's small issues but nothing we couldn't cope with.  The change from the old software was huge and entailed setting everybody up again from scratch hence why it took all day and hence why we are still making the necessary changes.

Even more exciting is that there are more new things to come.  In the coming weeks you are going to see lots of new add on's appearing and this is going to ensure we remain the most popular policing forum for UK policing.

Hard to believe I know but this place is just going to get better and better.

Why would you go anywhere else?

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