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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, There was a new(ish) role rolled out by British Red Cross recently called Community Reserve Volunteer (https://reserves.redcross.org.uk/) . Essentially the volunteer is a local person who signs up for a text alert and if and when the Red Cross send a message, the person can respond (or not) and help fill sand-bags, make tea etc. It seems different to regular volunteer/full-time staff. Has anyone come into contact with them or been called out themselves? Would be interesting to hear. fbo194. YouTube video
  2. Dave

    Volunteer Coastguard

    Just wondering if there are any volunteer coastguard on here? Only learned of their existence today and want to find out more. Unfortunately the websites available don't give too much away. Just wondering amongst other things what their fitness test involves.
  3. Ever considered becoming a Special Constable? Can you give up 16 hours a month (4 hours per week) to help safeguard your community? Dyfed Powys Police is looking for enthusiastic people who have a special quality and are willing to volunteer their time to join the force as Special Constables in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Powys. Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside studying, other employment or in retirement. You can use your experience from jobs and life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges. You will receive the necessary and appropriate training to allow you work alongside full-time police officers. You will have the same powers as a police officer whilst on duty, and help provide a link between the police and local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community. An application pack and further information about the role is available on our website:- https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en/join-the-police/special-constables/ To apply, please complete and return the Special Constable Application form prior to the deadline date. Deadline Date: Friday 6 January 2017
  4. West Mercia Police is currently searching for a special kind of person to help us in the policing of your local community. Today, more than ever, we need everyone's help. Why not give us yours in the most direct and practical way of all - by joining us as a Special Constable volunteer. Do you like being involved with people? Are you looking for voluntary work? Would you enjoy working as a responsible and respected member of a well-organised team? Application Process We are looking for special constables within West Mercia Police to make a minimum 2 years commitment to the role where possible. For details of the eligibility criteria, recruitment process, assessment process and medical requirements please review the guidance documents. If you wish to express an interest in applying, please download an application form here: Special Constable - Application Form [1Mb] Please email the completed application form to specials@warwickshireandwestmercia.pnn.police.uk or alternatively if you require any further information on the special recruitment process please contact us on 01905 331433. Article taken from : https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/6359/Join-as-a-special-constable
  5. Information on volunteering for West Mercia Police can be found here: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/2417/Police-Support-Volunteers Current vacancies for police support volunteers: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/4531/Current-vacancies
  6. Volunteer army may swell police service ranks Danny ShawHome affairs correspondent 4 November 2015 From the sectionUK Image captionAlan Hunt monitors CCTV footage on Friday and Saturday nights Most people don't choose to spend their weekends at a police station. But Alan Hunt does. Every Friday and Saturday night, between 19:30 and 04:00, you will find the cheerful pensioner in a back office at Blandford Forum police station in north Dorset. His "job" is to monitor footage from four CCTV cameras covering the centre of Blandford, a bustling market town notable for its distinctive Georgian buildings. At closing time, with people making their way to and from Tiffany's, the town's only nightclub, Alan comes into his own, scrutinising a bank of TV screens for signs of trouble on the streets. He is patched into the police radio system and alerts officers when they're needed on the ground. "Somebody bit somebody's ear off," says the 73-year-old, recalling the worst thing he's seen in the five years he has been doing the role. "There was a chap with a knife once," he adds. The retired builder and road-sign maker is Dorset Police's most prolific volunteer. The unpaid work he does for the force fulfils an ambition he has nursed since childhood. He says: "When I left school that was my original intention - to go into policing, as a student. But unfortunately we were not a very rich family so my mother said, 'You've got to stay at home and earn some money.'" There are 400 other police volunteers in Dorset. Half work in staff roles, like Alan Hunt; half are special constables, with the full powers of police officers. Martyn Underhill, the area's police and crime commissioner, wants to increase volunteer numbers and expand what they're able to do. He says: "I see it as a fantastic resource. As Robert Peel said, 'The public are the police, the police are the public' - this brings diversity, it brings additionality, it brings great scope to policing I believe in". Greater role The Home Office also wants to extend the role of police volunteers. A consultation closed in October on plans to give them a wider range of powers and create the volunteer equivalent of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). The proposals are expected to be included in the Policing and Criminal Justice Bill later this year. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, writing in the consultation document, says unpaid police staff play a "vital role in community safety" but there is "more that volunteers can do". Image copyrightPA Image captionTheresa May wants more volunteers to work with the police Mrs May says she wants to encourage people to get involved in policing if they have "skills in particular demand" such as accountancy and IT, in order to help forces investigate cyber-crime and fraud. I met Adam, 37, one of this new breed of police volunteers at the central London offices of the National Crime Agency (NCA). He didn't want me to know his surname because of the sensitive nature of what he does. His paid job is a security adviser for an insurance company that allows him to attend NCA meetings and carry out special projects - it builds up his experience, improves his CV and helps the NCA catch criminals. "Because I've got quite a lot of experience in IT, I see things maybe somewhat different to how they would," says Adam, who had to be vetted before taking on NCA duties earlier this year. He wouldn't take a paid job with the NCA because he can earn significantly more in the private sector - but the benefits for the NCA of being able to tap into such expertise for free are clear. The organisation receives about 50 applications from volunteers each week, 10% of which are successful. Sensitive issue But at a time when the paid police workforce is shrinking, the recruitment of volunteers is a sensitive issue. Unison, one of the trade unions that represents PCSOs and other police staff, is concerned the Home Office proposals are simply a cheap way of plugging gaps in the police service resulting from government cuts; 37,000 posts have been axed since 2010, and thousands more are projected to go over the next five years. Image copyrightMetropolitan Police Image captionThere are concerns that policing should be left to professionals Ben Priestley, Unison's national officer for police and justice services, says a "Home Guard" of 9,000 volunteers has been "quietly recruited" to backfill roles that have been lost, raising concerns about competence and accountability. "There's a general question about whether the general public believe that policing should be carried out by, in many cases, well-meaning amateurs," says Mr Priestley. "Policing is a serious business, dealing with serious crime, and our members who work as police staff are fully trained, they're fully vetted and they're very, very committed to the job they do. "If you're a volunteer, you're not under the direction and control of a chief constable, as police staff and police officers are, and that's a very real problem, and I don't think the general public would be happy about that." Police volunteers There are currently 16,000 volunteer police officers in England and Wales, known as special constables. Specials undergo training, wear police uniform and have the same powers in law as their "regular" colleagues. They tend to do mainstream policing, such as foot patrol, crowd control and crime prevention, rather than specialist work, and have to be available for at least 16 hours each month. In addition, there are 9,000 volunteers performing a wide variety of different staff jobs in the police. The union Unison, which surveyed police forces last year, says Kent has the largest number of volunteers (850), while volunteers in Thames Valley put in the most hours (70,000). The survey identified more than 60 volunteer roles, ranging from mountain rescue to animal welfare, crime scene investigation to firearms licensing. Unison says most of the 43 constabularies are planning to increase their use of volunteer police staff, including Nottinghamshire, which is aiming for a fivefold rise by the end of 2015. At Dorset, Mr Underhill says a "complete complaints system" is in place for volunteers, though it's seldom needed. He says the recruitment of volunteers is not driven by austerity - at least in his constabulary - but is a way of supplementing the work of paid staff. That's certainly in evidence at Dorset Victims' Bureau, based at Bournemouth police station, where employees and volunteers work side by side, updating crime victims about their cases and giving them advice. Whatever the objections, the financial realities of policing are such that this partnership between police and citizens will become even more of a feature of law enforcement in the years ahead. Source BBC News: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34697149
  7. Hi, As above, recruitment is now open for special constables across lancashire. I believe it's open until 12/12/15, but will confirm this later. http://www.lancashire.police.uk/join-us/special-constables/application.aspx contact details for each division in the link. Good luck to all who apply Edit 2, link won't embed for some reason, but it works
  8. Techie1

    citizens' academy - ten week course

  9. Social news site Reddit has shut down five of its forums because they were being used to "harass individuals". The closures follow an announcement in May, when Reddit said it would be enforcing its anti-harassment policy more vigorously. More closures of other chat forums, or sub-reddits, would follow if they too were abused in the same way, it said. The action has been widely criticised, with some saying it marks a significant policy shift for the site. Many Reddit members responded by flooding the site with images related to the banned forums or directing abusive comments to the site's administrators. Banning behaviour The closures were announced in a post placed on Reddit, saying the sub-reddits had been banned because they had broken community rules on harassment and the forum's volunteer moderators had not taken action to stop the behaviour. The sub-reddits directed abuse towards overweight, black and trans people as well as gamers. The post said Reddit's operators wanted as "little involvement as possible" in overseeing what people said to each other on the site. However, they said they would intervene when privacy and free expression were threatened or if people suffered abuse. In a separate explanation, Reddit added that the sub-reddits had not been banned because of the opinions expressed within them. Instead, it said, those forums had been used to recruit gangs of people who had then subjected someone to sustained harassment. And this "brigading" had affected the lives of people being picked on, who "worry for their safety every day, because people from a certain community on Reddit have decided to actually threaten them, online and off, every day". "We're banning behaviour, not ideas," it said. Other forums that people found distasteful or annoying would not suffer bans unless they too prompted offline action against people, Reddit said. It encouraged Reddit users to report sub-reddits engaged in sustained abuse. The announcement and bans sparked a huge debate on the site, with the main discussion thread garnering almost 25,000 comments. Reddit members who commented said the ban was "horrible", "not well thought out" and a "bad business decision". Others argued that it was better to keep a "bigoted community" in a separate sub-reddit because shutting that down would mean the abuse would then spill over into other forums. Commentators pointed out that similar decisions to ban discussions by social news site Digg had started an exodus from that site and ultimately led to its demise. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33093888 Just goes to show what a badly run forum can lead to.
  10. Extra Jewish security patrol cars are out in force in North-West London Move made amid fears of copycat attack in wake of Paris massacres Tributes paid to victims of terrorist atrocities which left 17 people dead Security cars look similar to police vehicles and bear the name 'Shomrim' Volunteers receive police training and uniforms, including knife-proof vests Extra Jewish security patrol cars and police were out in force in North-West London yesterday following the kosher store siege in Paris. The cars look very similar to police vehicles and bear the security group’s name ‘Shomrim’ – Hebrew for ‘guards’ – along the sides and back. The Orthodox organisation, which works closely with the Metropolitan Police, tweeted: ‘Following events in Paris we will have on extra patrols throughout NW London over Shabbos [ the Jewish sabbath].' Shomrim volunteers receive police training and uniforms, including knife-proof vests. 'We ask the community to remain calm and vigilant.’ Tributes have continued to be paid to the victims of three days of terrorist atrocities which left 17 people dead. Shomrim tweeted on Friday: 'Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jewish community in Paris, the victims and families of victims in today's attacks.' Based in Stamford Hill, the volunteers are trained by the Metropolitan Police and patrol the area regularly looking for anti-Semitic hate crimes, and general disorder in the neighbourhood. The volunteer group, similar to a Neighbourhood Watch, are trained to safely track and detain suspects until police arrive, and run a 24-hour hotline for those in the area to report attacks. A million people, including 30 world leaders, are set to attend a rally in a show of unity in Paris today after hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets of France yesterday in a day of national mourning. Yesterday, hundreds of flowers were laid at the scene in tribute to the victims of the Paris kosher deli massacre, where four hostages lost their lives on Friday. Dozens of heavily armed police stood guard and extended the security area outside the Hyper Cacher grocery, as people left bouquets of flowers close to the scene on the outskirts of the French capital. A young Jewish man who arrived to leave a bunch of flowers to honour the victims described the massacre as an 'attack on democracy'. The man, who was in his 20s but did not give his name, said: 'Today is a very sad day for all of France. 'This is not just an attack on the Jewish community, this is an attack on everyone, on all of France. This is an attack on democracy.' At the Synagogue de Vincennes, just a brief walk from the grocery store, seven heavily armed policeman nervously kept watch and refused to let anyone approach the place of worship. An extended security cordon had been placed on the streets around the synagogue and police were keen to quickly move people on amid fear of further attacks in the area. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2905047/Jewish-patrol-cars-force-London-amid-fears-copycat-attack.html
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