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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I recently sent an email to the Met's external recruitment email address, which is apparently the only way to contact them, that I have not yet received a response to. The email is below (I have edited for privacy and convenience reasons the email's text, as indicated by square brackets). I received an automated reply stating that the recruitment team wouldn't reply to anything that was already addressed on the website, though I don't believe that my particular situation is dealt with by the info on the website. The issue is the need to have lived in the UK for 3 years immediately before becoming an SC. It would be a shame if I were to be invalidated on these grounds, given the potential value of language skills in policing situations (above all considering the recent, temporary, requirement for a second language in PC recruitment). Would anyone have any advice or experience with these specific circumstances? Thanks for any help you can provide. "I am currently looking to join the Met as a Special Constable, though I would be grateful if you could answer a question I have on UK residency requirements. I am soon to go into my fourth year of my BA French degree at [a London university] and as a necessary part of this agree[spelling mistake, should be degree] I have had to spend some time in a French speaking country. From 1/10/2014 to 30/04/2015 I was living in France and teaching English as a part of a British Council Teaching Assistantship programme [7 months, though I came home for Christmas and on other occasions]. This was a compulsory part of my university course; I remained a UK student and was assessed by my university for this time spent abroad. Would this time spent in France mean that I would not be able to join the Met as a Special? I have lived in the UK since birth and have come back to the UK since the end of my time abroad. I have also taken steps to request a copy of my (clean) French criminal record, in case this should be needed when it comes to vetting procedures."
  2. Sir Penguin

    Policing Studies (FDA)

    Source: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/undergraduates/2015/policing-studies
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently 19 have a place at uni to study Politics which I deferred until this September due to unforeseen circumstances. Quite frankly I didn't expect to get in. Due to being accepted to start training as an SC in May and having an application for PC running (not expecting the miracle of getting in but I would hate myself for not trying!) I am in a dilemma as to which route I should take. When I was a Cadet I found I enjoyed going out meeting the public and generally getting stuck in. And while I've been 'out of the system' it's something I have really missed. Anyway, anyone that's been in a similar situation or just has an opinion I would welcome your input as this is something I've been mulling over for a long time. My heart says go for the SC training and pray you get PC, but my head says for the long term a degree would stand me in good stead if I chose to do something other than policing 10 years down the line. Any input welcome, cheers. Harry.
  4. Hi I am considering becoming a special while at university. I've read threads about this before and I'm hoping I'll be able to juggle being a special around everything else. How flexible are Nottinghamshire police when it comes to hours though ? As I dont know how I'll meet the requirements as I'll probably go home during the holidays.
  5. brookesta

    Certificate in Police Knowledge

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has started the ckp yet, my first day is sat ive been doing the induction packs which seems a lot and to try and do this whilst working full time as a PCSO is proving hard at the lease. Just wondered how everyone else is finding it? If a topic has already been started let me know as I cant find one. If you could send the link I would appreciate it. Thanks

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