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  1. Hi all, So I was speaking with some friends during a WhatsApp call the other night and we got to speaking about the new entry routes for police officers when starting. For those not already in the know there is now two routes either you don't have a degree in which case you follow a 3 year course whilst learning on the job, you're paid a little less or the degree scheme which is for those who already have a degree in any subject, you would work only 2 years before being accepted as a fully operational officer no longer in training and you're paid more. More information can be found here
  2. Policey_Man

    Sussex Police Collar Numbers

    I came across a few Sussex police officers the other day - not in a position to chat with them - and they all had different letters on their collar numbers on them. I know that some forces issue them for Boroughs (e.g. the Met) or certain specialisms, but having a look around the internet, it appears that Sussex's are much more random. I noticed this also in the recent BBC programme Cuffs, but just assumed it was a made up thing for TV. Can someone explain them?
  3. Recruitment Update WE ARE OPEN FOR RECRUITMENT! Want to find out more about becoming a PC and what we look for? Then come and meet us at one of our local Meet the Met events. Learn more here Am I eligible? Find out if you've got what it takes to become a Police Constable with the Met. Remember, you'll need to have successfully completed the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) before starting your training course. View eligibility requirements Metropolitan Police Constable Becoming a Police Constable offers a stable, respected career that you can
  4. I have been meaning to write this blog for a while and as I sit here studying for my definitions check this Friday, I can think of no better time than to avoid said study and put into words my experiences over the past five weeks! I'm hoping this will give prospective recruits a little bit of insight into the IPLDP format and I intend on writing a series of blogs as my time on the course progresses. So here goes... In my force, an IPLDP course consists of 18 recruits, no more, no less and not limited to any particular background. On my course we are a fairly good mix of ex-PCSOs, ex-Speci
  5. Hi there guys I am in a position at the moment where I am looking to move out of my current home county of Cornwall where I am a Special Constable to gain experience elsewhere. Kent Police are a force which have came to my attention and I am looking at putting an application in for regulars soon. I am just wondering if anybody else on here has done this, how did they find the process applying out of the force area, how did you settle? what are Kent Police like to work for as a force? Any pointers or advice is welcome Many thanks
  6. Freeslice

    WM PC recruitment 17/18

    Hey Guys, Was just wondering if anyone was going through the recruitment at the moment. Ive just passed me assessment centre and waiting for the next stage, not sure if anyone else is on here?
  7. Hi Members For starters, I would like to voice my appreciation to all the active members in here for all the positive and helpful advice given in this forum. I have trawled through many of the topics and posts and do feel that I've learnt something from many of your shared experiences. I have worked in the private sector for many years, in a managerial capacity, but also served in the Armed Forces for several years prior to that. Although I'm no longer a youngster (so to speak) it has been my hankering for a long time to join the Police Services. The right time simply never seemed to
  8. Hi all, First post here. I wondered how many had recently applied to Hampshire Constabulary on the June/July 2016 recruitment drive? I understand that Hampshire conduct initial interviews prior to national SEARCH assessment. Has anyone had recent experience of these initial interviews? I can see the advantages of interviewing applications prior to paying to put them through the national process, just wondered how different this interview is to the normal 'final interview' post SEARCH. Many thanks in advance.
  9. The closing date for receipt of applications is 9am on Friday 16 December 2016. Only emailed applications will be accepted. https://www.lincs.police.uk/about-us/join-us/vacancies/police-officer/apply-now-to-become-a-police-officer/
  10. 2016 recruitment drive has begun and the next application process starts on December 1st. You can only apply between 1-4 December so make sure you are ready. http://www.humberside.police.uk/police-officer
  11. danswans

    Becoming a PC - My Blog

    So, taking influence from @Eddzz!! and his wonderful blog, I've decided to post my own spin on what it means / involves to become a PC. I got the official go ahead about 2 1/2 weeks ago that I had been successful and I would be on the next intake, which starts on Monday October 24th. Lots of paperwork, forms and signatures to complete before then. I've been invited for a pre employment day on Saturday 15th October at the force training school. This is to be shown around, meet your new trainers / colleagues and to go through the uniform fitting again. I say again, as up until last month I
  12. Hi all, Looking for as much information as you can possibly throw at me regarding the recruitment process as it is just now (be really handy if anyone in training at Tulliallan just now or recent probationers were on here and had a bit of advice). Just trying to find out as much about the job as possible and the recruitment process, a more specific place to start could be can anyone tell me how G division is? Want to stick that down as my first choice (and hopefully get it) as It'd be great to get the city centre beat. Also looking to find out whats involved in the fitness test, would say I
  13. Avalanche52

    Gmp final interview

    Hi guys I have had my final interview for gmp last Thursday, I am a bit worried for my results as people who has done it the same time, earlier and after mine have had there results and passed. Is this normal as I am worried it may mean I have failed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. So here I am, updating you after 15~ weeks - I've been meaning to for a while and have had several not-so-subtle reminders from certain members to do so *cough* @XA84 *cough* ... Where do I start? I'm not going to go week by week as in my previous entry, as that would take more time than I have to spare. Well I'm actually in week 20 of training now and a lot has happened since my last blog post. There have been many ups and downs in that time and at the moment training really does feel like it is winding up and drawing to a close. Since we last spoke we have had two sets of exams, a cr
  15. molls72002

    ESP Policing

    Afternoon, Just wanted to get an idea on how people view ESP (Employer Supported) Policing within the Special Constabulary? and also what people feel are the pros and cons. I can see the benefits for employers such as BTP who encourage their police staff to take part and offer them the opportunity to work 8 hours per month of their full time role out on the streets as a Special as well as any training required. It allows staff to see both sides of the coin but also gives BTP a larger number of officers to use when needed. Opinions please.............
  16. After having been closed for the last few months, external recruitment for regulars will be re-opening shortly for the MPS. An exact date is not known yet however it's anticipated to be late January 2016. However, of note is that the MPS have opted to KEEP the 2nd language requirement following it's trial last year but they have extended the list of accepted languages from 16 to 25. These are; Arabic • Bengali • Bulgarian • Cantonese • Estonian • Farsi • French • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Italian • Lithuanian • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi • Romanian • Sinhala • Somali • Span
  17. I thought I'd start this thread due to the lack of WMP forum activity. I had my final interview two weeks ago and I am currently waiting to hear back. I was told there were a number of intakes from November 2015 all the way though to early 2017 depending on how well candidates performed throughout the recruitment process - higher scorers starting first. Is anyone else in a similar position? It seems to me that they're leaving it very late to inform people of success with a potential November intake considering most employers will require a months notice and candidates will need to find living
  18. Hi everyone I'd be very interested to see the feedback on this poll, which I have kept very basic and to 6 questions so as to keep it concise . This surrounds the activities undertaken by SC's and what they most and least enjoy. The lists are non-exhaustive and would really benefit from "Others" answers being expanded upon. Ideally we'd split this by regional service, and work out what they get their SC's to do compared to others - but that can come later. PS. This is in "General Discussion" rather than "Polls" - so feel free to move this
  19. Jackthelad2

    Intake 2015/16

    Evening all, i'm currently going the recruitment process with Kent Police for the Regs and just waiting on a Start date. Just wondered if there is anyone else out there in a similar position? Cheers, Jack
  20. I work in work in a large force. I've recently noticed that acting / temp promotion seems to be the norm. Clearly we have vacancies for these people to be able to act, but if we're supposedly shrinking, how do we have all of these people acting up? In my office 3/6 PS's are actors (one has been doing it since 2012!). We even have an acting Inspector despite being at our agreed strength of 2 Inspectors and both being in post. I look across at other garages and they're in much the same position. Looking at the boroughs the pattern is much the same. More actors than Equity! We've just gone throug
  21. Hi guys, I'm currently going through the application process to become a Special Constable with Humberside police with the long term goal of becoming a Reg. I just wanted to hear how many of you had made the transition and how it was etc. Thanks in advance
  22. Good evening! I recently applied to become a Met PC (second language pilot scheme) and completed the online assessments last week. I was quite confident I had performed well...until I got the email saying I hadn't reached the pass mark. A total reality check! I must admit I had totally underestimated the online assessments when there is obviously some kind of technique to perform well in them, something I didn't even think about. Luckily, I've been offered the chance to resit them and was wondering if any of you is/ has been in the same position? The email was quite vague and stated the Met
  23. scott jones

    Provisional acceptance letter

    Hey, I am so pleased that today I received a provisional acceptance letter from Wiltshire police as a PC! Has anyone else applied to work within Wiltshire? How long do all the checks take? They say they check: Please note that this offer of employment is subject to satisfactory medical checks (including drugs/alcohol tests), character checks, security checks, biometric vetting, media checks, finance checks, Professional Standards Department checks and references. Thanks Scott
  24. Hi, does anybody have an assessment centre upcoming or recently passed one and willing to discuss? :)
  25. There have been lots of questions lately re Borough Choices for new PCs - in particular people are wanting to know what the new groups are for posting preferences, so I thought it would help to create a new thread with this information at the top. New PCs joining the Met now have to pick three groups of Boroughs where they would prefer to work. The Met does not offer 6 choices of individual Boroughs anymore. You now simply pick your three preferences from a list of 11 groups and list them in order of 1, 2, 3. You don't get any more input than that during recruitment. You usually find out your

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