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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all!   Welcome to the 31st October 2014, and the day that we are opening the doors on Police Community to you all, at some point in the next 12 hours!   Please use this topic as the general MetChat thread within this area of the forum!   Looking forward to seeing some new / old user names posting in here!
  2. So I've been a Special since last June, and am still serving, however I had a Day 1 assessment this week (going down the CKP route, not IPS), overall I feel I did fairly well, must say that the maths questions were very difficult and were nothing like any example questions i've looked at. There were 9 of us in the group, none of us finished all the maths questions in time, I got to question 17 (21 q's, 23 mins) The verbal reasoning I feel I did very well in, as for the interview I feel that went very well, it flowed very well and the interviewer kept having to ask me to stop at the 5 minute mark per question, because I was giving detailed answers, possibly too detailed! The first roleplay I scored two marks at level 1 (1-5, 1 being top and 5 being worst), 2 marks at level 2, and 1 mark at level 5, the next three roleplays I feel went pretty well and I did my best to sympathise with the roleplay actor, and try to come to a solution with them whilst also pointing out the code of ethics. I've heard the Met is 55% overall, and 50% on race and diversity.... although I only recall being asked about race and diversity in the interview... and it was one single question. 2 people from the Borough i'm on have both had their assessments, 1 passed, the other failed, I'm pretty nervous but hoping to get my results within the next week, everyone I know (that I trained with as a special) has said their pass grade level is very low, so I should have nothing to worry about, and that they felt their roleplays and maths went terribly too, but they passed... I've still got this niggling feeling that I've not done well enough though, has anyone been through the D1 AC recently, and received their results and could give any helpful feedback? EDIT: I am pretty worried about the maths, however i've read online that the maths and verbal reasoning tests count for very little of the marks available, something like 3 each out of the total of 123 available during the day, (around 2.5%), would anyone be able to advise if this is fairly accurate? I'm kind of worried i've blown my chances on the math test alone.
  3. I'm joining on 30 Jan. Any one?
  4. Hi guys, so I thought I'd move over the thread I created originally on PS.com and bring it over here, enjoy! CKP in general: Information taken from College of Policing website. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CKP regarding Metropolitan Police: Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Yes, if you want to become a Police Constable with us then yes, you will need CKP with one of the approved providers that can be found through the College of Policing website. You will need to have COMPLETED the KFC course prior to starting training. Will the CKP guarantee me a job as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police? No. You will still need to pass Day 1, Day 2, Vetting/References AND Training. Remember CKP does not guarantee you a job, it just makes you eligible to start training. Do I need CKP to join as a Police Constable if I am a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police? Nope, you don't need CKP if you are in the Metropolitan Special Constabulary to join as a Police Constable with the Metropolitan Police. I am a Special Constable with another force, do I need the CKP to join as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police? Yes. This is because if you are with another force you are deemed as an external candidate. There are no rumours or any news of this changing any time soon and I think this will probably stick. Will the Metropolitan Police be getting rid of the CKP? Not for the foreseeable future. If you have heard rumours, please for god sake ignore them. If anything official is released I'm sure it will be on the Metropolitan Police website and here. Will the Metropolitan Police providing funding for the CKP? I believe if you are a successful candidate in passing the SEARCH assessments then the funding comes in the form of an interest free loan, paid back from your wage once you're in service. However, confirm this with MetHR as there could be certain requirements and/or the information could have changed. I have already attained a SEARCH assessment pass in the last 2 years, do I still need the CKP? Oh yes. I have attained the PLC in the last 3-4 years, do I still need to do the CKP? As it stands, and as far as I'm aware you will not have to do the CKP - but like most things, I would confirm this with MetHR. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all the questions I could think of. If you have any more questions, please ask below. If anyone thinks I am missing any information or any information is incorrect please add below and I will add or correct . As it stands, this is a thread for External Met PC applicants. Hope this helps! Useful links: College of Policing Metropolitan Police Careers Bluelight Other approved providers
  5. After having been closed for the last few months, external recruitment for regulars will be re-opening shortly for the MPS. An exact date is not known yet however it's anticipated to be late January 2016. However, of note is that the MPS have opted to KEEP the 2nd language requirement following it's trial last year but they have extended the list of accepted languages from 16 to 25. These are; Arabic • Bengali • Bulgarian • Cantonese • Estonian • Farsi • French • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Italian • Lithuanian • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi • Romanian • Sinhala • Somali • Spanish • Tamil • Turkish • Urdu • Vietnamese • Yoruba (Nigeria) This is in addition to the standing requirements of having lived in London for 3 of the last 6 years, and also holding a CKP qualification prior to attestation. However, the MPS do now deliver this internally for those who do not have one, so having it prior to application is not required. Those interested, keep an eye on this link; http://www.metpolicecareers.co.uk/newconstable/
  6. A police officer is in hospital after being shot in Hackney this lunchtime. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/haggerston-shooting-police-probe-reports-of-shots-fired-in-hackney-a3091531.html Thankfully it sounds like he is going to be alright. I believe the suspect has been arrested.
  7. Retired detective sergeant Gurpal Virdi, who won two employment tribunal cases against Met, claims charges were part of vendetta Gurpal Virdi returning to work in 2002 after an employment tribunal found the Met police had racially discriminated against him. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/PA A retired Asian officer who fought racism in the police has been cleared of sexually assaulting a prisoner almost 30 years ago after claiming the charges against him were part of a vendetta by Scotland Yard. A jury took 50 minutes on Friday to acquit former Det Sgt Gurpal Virdi of all charges over the incident which was alleged to have happened in 1986. The trial judge, His Honor Judge Andrew Goymer, said a conspiracy may have been behind the case against Virdi. Virdi alleged the case was brought to destroy his reputation and to punish him for speaking out. He told the Guardian a section of the Met had a “licence” to act as it wanted and had brought the case as part of a vendetta spanning 17 years. Speaking from his home in west London, Virdi said: “The Met has not moved on, it’s going backwards.” He added: “It’s the same department, the directorate of professional standards, they’ve always been after me since 1998 and the employment tribunal. That department is a cancer of racism that needs to be cut out and nobody has the courage to do it.” Virdi said a particularly vicious element was the allegation he had sexually assaulted a minor: “It was done to keep me quiet and then to make me look bad in the community, and people did avoid me. It was meant to destroy me.” He said his case documents disappeared and that his experience was similar to that of PC Carol Howard who won an employment tribunal for race discrimination against the Met, during which it emerged that reports damaging to the Met had been deleted. Virdi said: “It’s still the ongoing campaign against me, as it has been, since 1998. It just shows that all the reports done into racism and fairness, are ignored. Senior officers provide lip service, recommendations are not implemented and some people have a licence to do want they want in the Met.” Virdi has won two employment tribunal cases against the Metropolitan police, one after he claimed to have been framed by colleagues, and the other after claiming to have been victimised.The way the Met has treated him is one of the most high-profile cases against its record on race. Virdi believes he has been hounded for 17 years because he spoke out about racism within the force, which it claims to be committed to tackling. In the latest case he was charged with indecent assault of a prisoner and misconduct in public office after an incident nearly 30 years ago in south London when he detained a young person. Virdi was alleged to have racially abused the black prisoner and to have prodded him in the anus with a collapsable baton while in the back of a police van. Originally Virdi was charged with attacking a minor only for the Met to realise the alleged victim was over 16 at the time of the incident. The collapsable batton Virdi was alleged to have had was not being used at the time by the Met police. During the trial at Southwark crown court, Virdi alleged that police tried to discredit him after he gave evidence to the 1998 Stephen Lawrence inquiry about racism within the force. He told jurors: “This is a typical reaction from a department that has hounded me since 1998, investigating me and following me around and bugging my phone. Doing all sorts of things.” His barrister, Henry Blaxland QC, told the jury: “It is hardly surprising if Gurpal Virdi believes that he is the victim of a conspiracy to frame him. It is hardly surprising if he sees some ulterior motive …” After the verdict, Virdi’s solicitor, Matt Foot, called for an inquiry into why the case had been brought on such flimsy evidence: “It’s absolutely disgraceful that he has had to go through this. I believe if it had been somebody else, other than Gurpal Virdi, they would not have been prosecuted. “He feels he has been further hounded by the Met because he stood up to racism in the police force.” Virdi’s treatment by the Met first came to public attention in 1998 after he was arrested, had his home searched and was suspended. The detective sergeant at a west London station was accused of sending racist hate mail to himself and other ethnic minority officers. In March 2000 a police discipline panel found against the Sikh officer and he was dismissed in disgrace, his claims of racism passed off as spurious allegations from a discredited chancer. But in August 2000 an employment tribunal found the force had racially discriminated against Virdi, and in February 2002 he received an apology. He received £240,000 in compensation and returned to work. In 2007 an employment tribunal found that the Met had victimised Virdi again by refusing him promotion in 2005 because he had previously won a race discrimination case against the force. The tribunal did not uphold a claim of racial discrimination. Speaking after that case, Virdi told the Guardian: “If you challenge the organisation you are a marked man.” The jury heard Virdi’s supervisor, Graham Markwick, in a character reference say: “He was the last person I would have expected to be violent. He was perfectly able to deal with other members of our diverse community. He took our work seriously and did things by the book. He was thorough and reliable.” Blaxland also told the jury: “He [Virdi] has a history of confronting racist conduct at not inconsiderable personal cost. His report to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry specifically made the point that black people are more likely to be stopped and charged.” Virdi retired in 2012 and was due to stand as a local councillor for Labour but the party dropped him after he was charged. He was elected as an independent. Virdi told jurors how these latest criminal allegations were made last year, shortly before the council elections. “This is a couple of months before the local elections and I have been arrested again and accused of a horrendous crime.” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Fiona Taylor, of the directorate of professional standards at the Met, said: “Once allegations such as these were raised by the victim it was only right that we investigated them thoroughly and impartially. “That investigation was entirely focused on securing what evidence was available, with respect to what were undeniably very serious allegations. It would not have been proper to proceed in any other way. “We presented the evidence to the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] who decided the allegations and evidence should be heard by a jury.” http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jul/31/officer-who-challenged-racism-in-police-cleared-of-sexual-assault-charges
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-30973760 Two men held after WW2 weapons seized in Bromley Officers were called to reports of a fight involving up to 10 men in East Street in Bromley Two men have been arrested after police seized a World War Two machine gun and a rocket launcher following a street fight in south east London. Officers also found an AK47-style assault rifle after they were called to reports of a fight in East Street, Bromley, at about 04:30 GMT. Up to 10 men were involved in the brawl which was spotted by CCTV operators, who traced a man to a Bromley address. Two men, aged 32 and 41, were arrested on suspicion of firearms offences. Officers said the three weapons found at the property were not capable of firing and were decommissioned. In a statement, the Met Police said: "The group fighting had dispersed upon arrival of officers at the scene but using CCTV, the man with the suspected firearm was traced to a nearby address in Market Square, Bromley. "Although the weapons were not capable of firing, the presence of firearms in a public place causes panic and fear of violence." Despite the headline, the rocket launcher is not a WW2 weapon
  9. Can anyone PM me places to park near Hendon? Preferably for free! Would rather people didn't post on the thread for obvious reasons, Ta. Also, anyone on the disclosure course, see you there!
  10. These are the poorly remembered chronicles of policing with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in South London. I'm a special (MSC) who flits between Response and SNTs, and at the time of writing - currently in the process to become a PC. Some aspects (names, locations etc) will be changed to protect the privacy of all parties involved. I might sometimes expand on what certain things mean for the benefit of those who don't know - so apologies to those that do know! Health, Mental Health and Robbery! Rank: MSC Shift: Response 0700 - 1500 0700 - Briefing and admin. I'm posted to an IRV (Incident Response Vehicle) with two PCs who I've worked with before and we all get on well - good start! IRVs are normally 2-up on my borough but I wasn't IPS (Independent Patrol Status - the 'ability' to be on your own basically) at the time, so we were 3-up. Non-IPS MSC will never get posted as operators (pushing buttons and using the radio) on an IRV, on my borough anyway. Although, I have been an IRV operator before becoming IPS. Don't tell the church elders. 0730 - First job. S grade (1 hour response time). Reports from residents of a lorry parked on a narrow residential road, blocking vehicles wanting to turn into a junction. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the absolute sharp end of policing. We drive over and politely ask the driver to park somewhere roomier. 0745 - Another S call. Man seen standing in the road wearing a hospital gown and shouting at people. We make our way in terrible rush hour traffic - driver decides to go on blues given the nature of the call. Arrived there in a few minutes, had a drive around, no trace of this gentlemen. Bit odd as it wouldn't be hard to spot! Still searching for this chap when… 0750 - I grade (15 minutes response time) now. 13 year old male locked himself in the bathroom, threatened suicide and now his parents are not getting a response from him. We're very close so call up for it, as do two other units. LAS (London Ambulance Service) are en route as well. We nearly have a PolCol (police collision) on the way thanks to a driver oblivious to the blue lights and sirens, cue internal shouting and swearing in the car. We’re first on scene to find dad and step-mum very worried. Our driver starts shouting the boy’s name through the door – no response. He says if he doesn’t come out he’ll have to put the door through. Nothing. No point wasting time now – he gives the door a 50% kick (to give the lad a chance to come out without damaging the door!). A voice can be heard now from inside the bathroom. “Alright, alright I’m coming out”. The boy walks out with a towel wrapped round him, looks like he was just having a shower! He doesn’t look particularly distressed and I think the general feeling among us that point was that he wasting everyone’s time. Sirens can be heard outside – more units are arriving. LAS arrive too. We call them all in so he can understand the implications of his actions. However, we can’t actually jump to conclusions so we start some digging. I take step-mum and dad into another room whilst my colleagues and the LAS speak to the boy. Turns out this is the son of a well-known female on the borough. An alcoholic who is frequently the cause for domestic calls to come in due to the fights she has with various short-term partners. It turns out that due to his family history, this young lad is understandably unstable mentally but it’s just difficult for him to show it because of his age. There might have been a time years and years ago when mental health was far less understood and the boy might have been told to “man up”. But I’m glad we did the digging. I took some contact details down in my pocketbook. I went into the other room where my colleagues were talking to the boy, clearly about the same things. We all then sort of had a “group discussion” – police, LAS, boy, step-mum and dad! It seemed to help and to young lad appreciated that we cared. I asked him if he had any idea what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said he wouldn’t mind trying the police out. My colleague suggested the police cadets as a good place to start out and gave him the name of the Sgt who runs the cadets on our borough. The boy was in better spirits but the LAS still elected to take him to hospital so off they went, with dad going with him. After the boy got in the ambulance dad turned around and briskly walked back towards us and said “I just wanted to say that my opinion of the police is a lot higher now thanks to you all” and shook the hands of all six officers who attended. It’s nice when people say things like that and it’s just a shame that the taxpayer doesn’t get to hear the good things we do. 0830 – Back on patrol we headed down the main road back towards where we came from earlier (the last I call was on the very edge of our ground). Wait a sec. Who’s that?! There he is! The hospital gown man! He does exist! We swing road and park up to this hugely obese male in a hospital gown, hospital slippers and the carrier bag full of high percentage cheap lager. We ask him if he’s ok and he says very angrily “I’m fine and your mates have already stopped me”. My colleague gets on the radio to see if this is correct whilst the operator and I keep talking to him. We ask him why he’s standing here (it was directly outside a charity shop) and he said he was waiting the for the charity shop to open so he can buy some clothes. He’s very verbally aggressive and reminded me of that big blob from Star Wars. We were very polite and I said “we’re just worried about you mate. If we see someone in hospital clothes who isn’t in hospital –it’s our job to be concerned!” He’s not having any of it. My colleague gets off the radio; turns out another unit has already spoken to him prior to our arrival (probably when we were speaking to the boy with our radios turned down) and the previous unit were satisfied with their interaction with him. My colleague asked “don’t take this the wrong way but do you have any mental health issues?” The man shouted “YES OF COURSE I’VE GOT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.” We ask for his details, he doesn’t want to give any to us. Not much more else we can do apart from wish him a good day and be on our merry way. We didn’t get any more calls about him that day so it seems he bought his clothes and went on his way. 0845 – Back on patrol. S grade. Call has come in from someone stating that a part of building on the high street is going to fall down onto the pavement below. We’ll take that! It’s on the way back to nick and it’s fry-up time. On the way we protested to the CAD operator (control room person) on the radio that this should be a LFB (London Fire Brigade) job as we’re not trained to analyse the structural integrity of buildings... CAD operator said he couldn’t agree more and was going to try and shove it their way. He did eventually manage to do so but we had a brief look on the way to the nick and could see that it looked a little crumbly, but how are we supposed to know whether that’s bad or not?! Fortunately, LFB were going to get out of bed and come and have a look. Just kidding Trumpton, love you really! 0900 – Cheap and greasy fry up for breakfast. 0945 – Back out on patrol. The operator had a meeting to attend to, so took I the front seat for a while. 1020- I grade. Call from LAS, person trapped behind closed doors. The location was a bit out of the way but we get there very quick thanks to my superb navigation (Google Maps) skills. A chap in a block of flats had fallen over and activated his emergency alarm. Thankfully, he was conscious and breathing and talking to the LAS through the letter box. We ask for an enforcer (big red key) to be brought over in case the door needs to be put through. It’s a modern well-built door, even the strongest of officers wouldn’t be able to get through it with just kicking. We asked about windows (ground floor flat) and the LAS said they tried them to no avail. We double check just in case and lo and behold we managed to find a way in through the window thanks the casualty leaving one of them unlocked. Door open, LAS in. Done. 1040 - Back to the nick to pick up the other PC after his meeting. 1100 – Once we pick him up in the yard, we find that we have been assigned to a misper (missing person) job. The vast majority of mispers on my borough (and I suspect most of the country) consist of under 18s who leave a place of care, adults with mental health conditions who leave a place of care or elderly people with deteriorating mental health who leave their care homes. This misper didn’t fall into any of those categories and so was a bit different. This job had come a county force adjoining our own. This male’s boss (in the counties) called police to report that the misper hadn’t turned up to work and has been unable to get hold of him. The boss called the misper’s (we’ll call him Tom Smith) girlfriend, who lives on our borough and Tom is believed to living with her. The girlfriend also hadn’t seen him and was about to report him to the police as well. The manager of the company was mostly concerned about the company van which was still in Tom’s possession! From the bosses conversation with Tom’s girlfriend – it appears he went out in the evening to top up one of those keys for electricity, and never returned. I got a description for Tom – IC1 (white) male, 5’10”. Short shaven light brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes. 29 years old. However, whilst on the phone to Tom’s boss, word came over the radio that the county force will now take over the investigation. Ok…why did it come to us in the first place then? Sigh. I told Tom’s boss that the county force are now dealing and he should expect a call from them soon. 1120 – We call up control to tell them we’re now free to deal with something thanks to the misper CAD being bosched. We get an S graded, burglary to report. Off we go. We pull out of the nick when we see a lad leaning against the fence which runs along the road where the nick is. He looks a bit shifty but he also looks a bit familiar... We stop the car and I notice he’s got 2-3 fresh cuts going along his neck that look a lot more purposeful than accidental. He’s looking down towards the ground very…vaguely and forlornly. His eyes were reddened as if he’d been crying. This chap is about 5’10” with pale skin, blue eyes and looks about 25-30. Sound familiar? We asked “what’s your name, mate?” “Tom Smith” he replied. To be continued when I actually have the time to write more.
  11. Chief Cheetah

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