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Found 37 results

  1. Blinded to its own shortcomings, TFU ignored the Home Office to deploy 'chemical weapon' in pre-planned operation, report concludes. Anthony Grainger: Inquiry blames Greater Manchester's tactical firearms unit for his death Date - 11th July 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle A rule-breaking force’s tactical firearms unit has shown so much “arrogant disdain” it may not be able to "successfully renew itself from within" in the wake of the fatal shooting of an unarmed man. The chairman of the Anthony Grainger Inquiry took a sledgehammer to the “deep-seated ethos of departmental exceptionalism” he believes exists within the Greater Manchester Police department. In his published report into the death of 36-year-old Mr Grainger, who was shot by a firearms officer known only as Q9, Judge Thomas Teague QC concluded the “prevailing culture of complacency” blinded the unit – and its “lack of effective leadership” – to its own shortcomings. He said that attitude helped explain the unit's unilateral decision to introduce and deploy, without Home Office approval, a CS dispersal canister – a chemical weapon – which went off in the stolen Audi driven by Mr Grainger in Culcheth, Cheshire, on the evening of March 3, 2012. Mr Grainger and one of his two passengers, David Totton, had for some weeks been the subject of Operation Shire, which was investigating their suspected involvement in commercial robberies. No other law enforcement agency in the country had identified any operational need for CS dispersal canisters and the unit had persisted with the enterprise "in the teeth of cogent criticism from the National Police Improvement Agency", the judge said. He said it would be an "exaggeration" to describe the tactical firearms unit as a "dysfunctional department" and he had no reason to doubt it conducted many similar operations in a satisfactory manner. But he added: "It did not, however, sustain the consistently high level of professionalism that the public is entitled to expect from a specialised armed unit. "It was neither as good as it should have been nor as good as some of its commanders thought it was. “Over the years covered by my investigation, the prevailing culture of complacency blinded the unit to its own shortcomings with the result that its highest aspiration became its own mediocrity and its loftiest ideal the status quo. "The corporate failures reflect a lack of effective leadership with the TFU. “It is the senior commanders who set the tone of a specialised firearms department. “With few exceptions, those from whom I heard evidence during the present inquiry seemed to me to lack the necessary degree of critical insight into their own professional shortcomings or the collective deficiencies of the department they were supposed to lead. "Without a concerted willingness to admit and confront past mistakes, a professed desire to 'learn lessons' is little more than hot air. "I have to say I doubt whether the TFU as presently constituted is capable of successfully renewing itself from within. “It is unlikely to implement the radical changes that are required as long as its leadership continues to lack the collective will or critical objectivity necessary to undertake them." The judge argued that the unit’s most pernicious effect at the heart of any approach to scrutiny was “to cause a progressive atrophy of the department's capacity to confront and learn from its own mistakes”. He said: "It was an ethos rooted in complacency and it manifested itself in a profound and sometimes arrogant disdain for the views of others. “Unfortunately there are indications that it persists to the present day." The Greater Manchester force was quick to accept the judge’s “wide-ranging criticisms” of the operation’s planning and preparation. But it said it “never set out” on any operation – as a force, commanders or officers – with the intention of firearms being discharged. And it promised to consider “each and every one of the chairman’s findings and criticisms with the utmost care, attention and reflection”. Competent organisation of a firearms deployment by senior commanders might have spared the life of an unarmed man who was shot dead by police, the inquiry findings revealed. A Greater Manchester officer killed father-of-two Mr Grainger in the “honest belief” he was reaching for a gun to shoot firearms’ colleagues. Tactical use of disruption, as opposed to direction intervention, could have avoided fatal consequences, Judge Teague decided in his report – which took nearly 18 months to be published. Mr Grainger, from Bolton, was behind the wheel of the stolen Audi when the officer, fired his Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun in a pre-planned operation. During 15 weeks of evidence in 2017, Q9 told Liverpool Crown Court from behind a screen that he believed Mr Grainger had reached down as if to grab a firearm. But the inquiry heard that no firearms were found on Mr Grainger or in the stationary vehicle in a public car park. A statement from, the force read: “We fully understand the heart-breaking effect that Anthony Grainger’s death has had on his family and loved ones. “We also fully understand that the public inquiry will have been very difficult for them. On behalf of Greater Manchester Police, we offer our condolences to Anthony Grainger’s family and to his loved ones. “In his report, the chairman has made a number of findings which are critical of GMP. “The criticisms are wide-ranging and include criticisms of aspects of the planning and preparation of the firearms operation during which Anthony Grainger lost his life. “The force, our commanders, and our officers do not set out on any policing operation with the intention of firearms being discharged. “This case was no different and the safety of the public, the subjects of police operations and our officers is, and remains, our absolute priority. “That being said, we undertake to consider each and every one of the chairman’s findings and criticisms with the utmost care, attention and reflection. “It is what the public would expect GMP to do in circumstances where criticisms have been made of the planning and preparation of a police operation in which a young man lost his life. It is what GMP will do. “Working alongside our regional and national partners, we will consider all of the chairman’s recommendations to assess what more can be done now, and in the future, to further improve the safety of police firearms operations. “Many changes have already been made locally, regionally and nationally since the death of Anthony Grainger in 2012, most recently following an independent review conducted by the College of Policing. We will continue to strive to maximise the safety of all policing operations. “We will not comment any further until we have had an opportunity to read the chairman’s report in more detail.” Tony Murphy, solicitor to Mr Grainger's partner, Gail Hadfield-Grainger, described the findings as a “landmark report for armed policing in this country”. He said the “scale of institutional incompetence” uncovered by the inquiry within the Greater Manchester force revealed evidence of corporate manslaughter in relation to the fatal police shooting and called on Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill to urgently review the evidence with a view to instituting criminal proceedings View On Police Oracle
  2. Public fed up of waiting for someone to answer'. Confusing picture: Callers having to wait switch from 101 to 999 Date - 3rd May 2019 By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle Non-emergency callers to the police increasingly fed-up of waiting for someone to answer are dialling 999 instead as they “lose confidence” in the 101 system, a report has warned. Minor offences are being reported on the main emergency number as calls to 101 dipped by almost 675,000 in one year – down three per cent. Figures published by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services show that in 2018 calls had fallen to just over 22 million while at the same time, calls to 999 increased by almost half a million – up five per cent. HM Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said the figures suggested people were "losing confidence" in the 101 system – with a decrease in the proportion of respondents who think the police are easy to get hold of in an emergency. He said: "We do our own survey of public perceptions and we think the reason 101 calls have been going down is because the public are getting fed up waiting for someone to answer it and so they call 999 instead, which they have more confidence in." Findings from the HMICFRS inspection came just 24 hours after outgoing Victims' Commissioner said the “failing” 101 service should be overhauled. She set out a blueprint for improving the long waits and charging system causing many people to “give up” on the non-emergency number – demanding those repeatedly affected by anti-social behaviour be given the same entitlement to support as other crime victims. Scathing in her assessment of how the problem was being dealt with by police forces and local councils, she said people are left to "suffer in silence" amid shortcomings in the response by partner agencies and "depressingly little" had changed since her husband Garry was kicked to death by vandals outside their home in 2007. The new HMICFRS inspection covered 14 force areas, with contrasting performances in maintaining confidence in the 101 system. In the West Midlands area, Britain’s largest regional force, calls to 101 were rose almost 8,000 year on year. There was a similar pattern in Greater Manchester with non-emergency calls down almost 100,000 and 999 ones up more than 42,000. Baroness Newlove said the HMICFRS findings “very much echoes what I have been hearing from victims when I have been travelling around the country” of victims hanging on for 40 minutes or longer before they get a response. She added: “Others have just given up or, out of frustration, they escalate to 999. "Victims also tell me they use the line to report issues and then nothing happens. "I want to see the line properly resourced to offer a swift response, to be free of charge and that victims see follow up action. Anything less and it is just window dressing." Former minister Tim Loughton believesthe government should take advantage of Brexit to abolish the charges including the 20 per cent VAT that was collected on 101 calls, arguing that "law-abiding citizens should be encouraged to report crime not penalised financially for it”. View On Police Oracle
  3. Kamikaze Turkey

    Sedgely Park Cheese on Toast

    Just a thread to appreciate the divine cheese on toast at the Sedgley Park canteen... It’s just beautiful.
  4. Officers from British Transport Police were called to the station just before 9pm as a man wielding a knife stabbed members of the public. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/manchester-victoria-knife-attack-station-15615253 Not a great start to the new year celebrations, I hope those injured are not serious and recover quickly.
  5. People he arrested ended up in hospital. An officer has appeared in court charged with GBH after complaints about the way he used his police dog. Greater Manchester Police PC Paul Jackson is charged with five counts of wounding/causing grievous bodily harm with intent. He was investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) after complained were made about excessive use of force during separate incidents between May 2015-September 2016. Some of those arrested sustained such serious incidents they needed hospital treatment. Another GMP officer, PC Paul Lockett, was also in court. He is charged with aiding and abetting in relation to one of the Section 18 wounding charges. An IOPC spokesman said: “We provided evidence from our investigations to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who made the decision to charge the officers. "Both officers made their first appearance before Preston Magistrates Court on Wednesday. They are due before Preston Crown Court on July 3." In 2010 GMP was told by IOPC’s predecessor Independent Police Complaints Commission to retrain all of its staff after a man lost an eye and suffered a broken leg while being arrested. View On Police Oracle
  6. hutch1989


    Hi all, Does anybody know if there will be any intakes after the march one? I know that it was planned for 500 per year but then all the payment problems came up.
  7. Full story Ok, so not a mainstream source and most definitely a site with a particular angle to push but the video does make for a bad public image. Whether the threats are real or not is one thing but insinuating they brought it on themselves is a problem.
  8. 'There were simply no officers available', watchdog finds. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) says a lack of resources at Greater Manchester Police helped delay the search for an 18-year-old who was later found murdered. The watchdog investigated the force over the case of Ellen Higginbottom who was reported missing in June last year, and found dead a few hours later. Mark Buckley, 51, was jailed for life for her murder last September. She had died before being reported missing, but delays in dispatching officers to look for her were investigated by the watchdog. The call reporting her missing at 7pm was graded correctly but the IOPC found that dispatching officers to the incident was delayed 13 times due to a lack of available patrols. All others were all dealing with priority incidents. The report was escalated once, and there was an attempt to find officers from another division but none were available. Shortly after 11.30pm, following a call to GMP from Ellen’s father requesting an update, officers became available and were dispatched to Ellen’s home to begin searching for her. The watchdog says radio operators should have escalated the search further and said their performance was unsatisfactory, but found no misconduct could be proved. IOPC Regional Director for the North West, Amanda Rowe, said: “It is difficult to draw definitive conclusions to this case. There were significant delays in dispatching officers, and clear evidence that there were simply no officers available. “While we believe there were errors in following force policy, delays may still have been inevitable given the number of high priority incidents that day.” She added that escalation is still necessary so the public are reassured every effort is being made to find a missing person. GMP Federation chairman Ian Hanson told Police Oracle: “Against the backdrop of such a tragedy the reality is that police officers and call handlers are every day trying to meet overwhelming demand with minimal resources. “The government deceives the public by telling them frontline policing has been protected but that quite simply is not true and the reality is people are having to make judgement calls which can turn into life or death decisions. It’s a national scandal.” View On Police Oracle
  9. I'm starting as a student officer soon and have been allocated City of Manchester Division. Can anybody tell me a bit about the division? I've seen the divisional map, so know it's boundaries but as I'm not from Manchester I'm not familiar with the geography of the area. Which police stations could i end up working from? What is the area like (i know it includes the city centre)? Do you find yourselves with the same sort of city centre related crime day in day out, or do you get a wide range of jobs? What would life be like for a CoM division student officer? Are you predominantly double crewed as every time I've been into the city there is 2 cops in a vehicle? Do you get to do much proactive policing? Do you do much foot patrol/community policing? I appreciate that's a lot of questions there but if anyone has anything to add feel free. Cheers.
  10. Daniel Aimson, who joined GMP in 2002, was jailed for six years and four months Full Story - MEN
  11. OscarWhiskeyEchoNovember

    GMP Cadets?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in GMP knows if the Cadets are still being done, tried to contact the cadet email for Bolton Cadet Scheme but had no response and I have tried to email for over a few years and had no response at all. Regards OWEN
  12. A woman's body found in a lake is believed to be that of a serving officer with Greater Manchester Police, investigators have said. Full Story - Telegraph
  13. Hey folks, If I have posted in the wrong section I do apologise. However, does anyone know if the HTCU (high tech crime unit) within the Met Police has some "brand new" technology that no one seems to of heard of that can break/hack into Apple iPhones (old and new) or am I being fed a load of bull by PSB??? Thanks.
  14. Kamikaze Turkey

    July/October Intakes

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know what the situation with the July regulars intake is? Will people who applied in February be on it or will they be put on the October intake? Cheers
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to re-apply for the Police Officer recruitment that has come and ends on the 12th March. On the previous recruitment I had passed every stage but I have failed my final interview. As unlucky as it sounds, my 6 months would of been over on the 23rd March. So I'm missing it by 11 days... Do you reckon they'd have any discretion in this matter? My final interview date was delayed further back meaning my 6 months started later than it should aswell. It's just frustrating how I'm only missing it by 11 days! Thank you.
  16. junior_7178

    What would you do?

    I made contact with GMP HR by phone a few weeks ago requesting an application form for PC recruitment that is due to start soon afaik. I am aware they are not recruiting just yet but a GMP regular on here told me not to bother keep checking the website but to just ring up and ask them to send a form. As expected they told me on the phone that they couldn't send me an application form yet but would send me an Expression of Interest form by email and that i should fill it in and email it back. I did this, but then received a letter in the post dated the next day saying "that they had tried to contact me by telephone & email without success and they needed some more information. Could i send that information in by email to the following address...blah blah blah". So i did. The strange thing is they could only have got my postal address from my completed EOI form i initially sent and the addition info they asked for in the letter was just stuff that was also on the initial form i sent. I gave it 48hrs then sent a follow up email asking if they could confirm receipt of my form. No response. I then left it 7 days and phoned up HR asking if they have received my form. They chap i spoke to gave me his personal work email and told me to send the information to him and he would submit it. I did this and again specifically asked for confirmation that he'd received it. I heard nothing for 3 days so sent ANOTHER email asking if he could confirm that they have received my EOI form and logged it. That was yesterday and as yet I've still not had a reply. So out of numerous emails to GMP recruitment/HR using a few different email addresses, the only contact I've had back was by post saying that they wanted more information BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T CONTACT ME. You couldn't make it up. I know some people will say don't panic it's only an EOI form, but my concern is that recruitment will open soon and they will turn round and say that it's only open to people who have submitted the interest form. Im sure there are many on here who will appreciate what you go through when trying to join the police and understand the sort of paranoia you get. To top this off i applied to my local division for a 'Ride Along' to use as part of my application process. I had a reply from an 'Operations Assistant' who has never heard of a Ride Along but would get back to me. That was over a week ago. Guess what?... I've also used their own online form to book a trip out as a 'Community Reporter' thinking this may be the only way to get on a Ride Along. Guess what?... So it's got me thinking what should i do now. Do i just sit back and assume they did receive my form? If so, i think it's very poor that they don't acknowledge receipt whatsoever. I appreciate they are a busy department but it's quite easy to set up an Auto Response telling people that they'll get a proper reply within x amount of days. I'm worried that if i phone them up again and ask that I'll just be told to send it again by email, or I'll be logged and get my name known as a pain in the a**e. Rant over.
  17. Half of house burglaries are not investigated by two of Britain’s biggest police forces under a policy which sees a third of a million crime reports shelved every year, it emerged yesterday. Full Story - Daily Mail Maybe people should be a bit more responsible and invest in CCTV for their homes? The hot weather is upon us no doubt people leaving their windows open will lead to an increase in burglaries. The DM comment section is amusing though, blame the police for not working hard enough, police cuts are just an excuse for lazy policing!
  18. jviney

    GMP X Cars

    I've been thoroughly enjoying watching episodes of X cars from around 1997 on youtube, such as this: Quite incredible how different car crime is now, who remembers ringing? I haven't heard that term for years! The numbers of cars being stolen in Manchester at that time are utterly staggering. I guess modern immobilisers have slowly killed off kids nicking cars for a laugh. Love the patrol cars, Cavalier SRIs, Escort and Sierra Cosworths. Does any force drive anything remotely like that now?
  19. OscarWhiskeyEchoNovember

    Any rumors for Specials recruitment 16/17

    Hi all, anyone know of any rumors for Specials recruitment in 16/17? Kind Regards Owen
  20. I'm currently a serving Special Constable in North Wales, but the other half is keen to move up to Manchester soon in hope of finding herself a job there. I'm eager to join a force full time with GMP being the ideal employer for me if I moved to the vicinity. Is there currently a recruitment freeze in GMP? Do they only recruit internally from their own PCSOs and Specials? Just looking for a bit of insider knowledge really. Thanks in advance.
  21. Owen

    GMP Chat

    As we start our new forum adventure, we may as well have a GMP chat thread! So who has transferred over from PS.Com/UKPO?
  22. Tony Wilson

    GMP start recruitment drive

    Shame it's only current PC's "Greater Manchester Police start first recruitment drive http://bit.ly/1WRKRNx"
  23. GMP deliver welfare hampers to elderly and vulnerable in the region. Nice to see the Police doing something like this! http://manchestergazette.co.uk/police-deliver-welfare-hampers-for-manchesters-most-vulnerable-277/
  24. Police in Manchester have sent hundreds of criminals a Christmas card featuring an image of prison food served with a sprig of holly and a cracker as a reminder to stay out of trouble over the festive period Full Story - Guardian
  25. Trailer in the link: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/watch-documentary-the-force-manchester-9872615 Thought this will be of great interest to some people on here, starts tonight! With the new forum system, there doesn't seem to be a place to post general TV stuff like this. I believe a new subforum will be created soon though.

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