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Found 22 results

  1. New thread to accommodate all Police Scotland related recruitment issues for 2019. Post here if you're - considering applying - in the process - delayed or reapplying - waiting for vetting - going through Tulliallan - back at division Good luck to all!!!
  2. Hi all. Hope you are all well ? Apologies if this is the wrong form i couldn't post anywhere else. I am looking for help with the assessment centre for police Scotland. I have had my first attempt this week and have unfortunately failed but concerned as to why. My feedback was pretty poor and doesn't really give any guidance or room for improvement. I failed on "Effective communication" Interview -I was "a few marks short" on meeting one of the competencies which was "personal effectiveness". Overall it was very good. I know were i went wrong as i used my situation for personal effectiveness to demonstrate good team leadership. I am a team leader in my current job. This left me on the back foot to answer this so know where i went wrong. Assessment 1 - 30 Minute deadline "Little to no marks lost. Good overall performance" - I felt this was my weakest. Assessment 2 - Group discussion "Lost a few marks for not taking on other team members opinion" - I did shot down a members input but immediately apologized when i realized how abrupt my response was. Assessment 3 - Tunnels "Little to no marks for communication" - FAIL This was the task i felt i done really well in and i am really confused to why i got such a poor mark. Feedback given. "Told to speak up when reading instructions out to the team" - I was last in and furthest away from the materials at the back of the room. A few members of the team passed the instructions back and forth before i volunteered to read them as i could see the assessors staring. I made sure everyone was in front of me before i started to read. I was immediately interrupted with "We need to hear as well" I apologized. Cleared my throat and read allowed making sure to make eye contact with the assessors. "Not loud enough when giving instructions to team members" - After 10 minutes of unsuccessful group discussion it was agreed my example "made the most sense" So would take lead in planning the construction. Team members would approach me and would look over my should to see instructions to which i informed them what to do next following their request. Taking in their input and discussing the plans further. I understand the assessors would really struggle to hear what was said but given the size of the room i would have to shout at an unsociable level to someone standing less than a foot away. "Said to another member of the team (Jesus that was hard)" - I don't recall saying that but as a team we were very frustrated as we only figured out what to do 10 minutes before the final call and was only 2/4 of the way through. This was all the feedback i was given yet my mark was so low it failed the entire day. I can't help but feel cheated as the points mentioned are extremely harsh. Especially afterwards i was congratulated by the team for rallying them at the end. I am unsure what to take from this don't know exactly what to change for my next attempt. Would really appreciate others input.
  3. Hi All, I have been invited to attend an assessment day in Cumbria next week. The format is to consist of a Group Discussion, Firearms Assessment, Competency Based Interview, and Written/Observation Assessment in the form of being shown a video clip and being asked to produce a written record. I would really appreciate advice from anyone who has been through this format of assessment? Thanks in advance😃
  4. Hi I would be grateful for some guidance in relation to the assessment day. Am told I will receive a pack by 16th Sept but I would like to start preparing. The ability tests are my main concern, particularly numeracy. Does anyone know how many questions there are and the time limit for this. I guess the other tests are verbal reasoning and written. Any help will be grateful
  5. Cori

    Special Constable Assessment

    Hello, before applying to The Met as a Special, I would like to gather all possible information about the assessment process. There is a lot of different information out there, which are raising more questions than answers. As mentioned my force of choice is The Met as I’m aware the assessment process is not standardised across the UK. I have tried to contact The Met a few times directly, but got no answer. I have bought books, but they seem to be for ‘normal’ PCs. I wonder if the tests are identical or does it differ for Specials. I would like to prepare myself as good as possible, therefore I really appreciate any answers by anyone who went through the process specifically with The Met lately. What are the tests to take on Day 1? Are there roll-plays for Specials, if so, how many? Thanks a lot for your help! Cori
  6. Mojo1812

    SEARCH assessment Oct

    Hi, Looking for anyone else who's due to attend their SEARCH day in Oct. Have just under 4 weeks to prepare, so nervous but really excited too ? Anything else I should be doing other than reading Police books, talking to other officers to gain an insight into the job, looking at the forces website, going over my competencies... really want this! Thanks
  7. Sir Penguin

    The Westshire Centre

    Oh the lovely Westshire centre I'm reading over the pack now and some of the information about it is quite detailed. Should it all be memorised? My memory span is limited and I think id find it difficult to remember all the little details like where the train station is based and how often busses run etc.
  8. DeltaJuliet

    "Group Activity" Final Interview

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anybody has come across a group discussion and physical problem solving assessment for their final interview, instead of the usual competency-based individual interview? I have mine coming up on 17th May and I was wondering how best to conduct myself! Thanks a lot! DJ
  9. Hello all, As many of the posts on this forum relate to recruitment, I thought I'd make a blog entry about my experiences as an SC interviewer in my force. Hopefully this will be useful to those of you who are thinking about applying or currently waiting for your assessment centres, specifically those applying as an SC. I have been on both sides of the table for SC interviews, I remember mine well & remember the feeling of being sat in the waiting room, flinching every time the door opened dreading the time they'd call my name but also wishing it was over and done with; I remember being in the interview room, the sense of panic when the questions differ from what you've prepared for and I remember the nervous next few days waiting for an email saying yes or no. Now I'm on the other side of the desk, it's all too easy to say "don't be nervous", "be yourself" or any other cliche line but hopefully by reading this blog post you'll be able to avoid some little mistakes which unfortunately lead to people failing. Please bear in mind, my experiences relate to interviewing Special Constables in one force. While some points may be applicable in other areas, things will vary by force and will differ for PC applicants. My points will relate to general pros & cons I've found to be relatively common which trip people up, this is not a "how to pass" or "secret guide to..." & I'll not be discussing specific questions/criteria you may be assessed on. Any advice given is not scripture & therefore if you go on to use it, you do so at your own risk. 1) Know what you've applied for! - Sounds simple, right? You'd be surprised! You wouldn't go to a 'normal' job interview if you didn't know what the job was & what you'd be doing, and just because this is voluntary (for you SCs), that doesn't change. I've interviewed people who claim to have done loads of research, who have friends/family in the job, been Police Cadets, but then don't know that SCs have identical powers to regular officers, can arrest/search people, the hours commitment or even what sort of general work the police do! This is an easy way to fail! If you want to be a Special Constable, how do you expect me to pass you if you don't even know what a Special Constable is?! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! I can't state that enough! Whatever the force, you will most likely be sent a load of material before your assessment, read it, read it & read it again! Have a look at your forces website, specifically the Specials page if that's what you're applying for, and find out as much as you can about them. By all means speak to friends & family in the job, use these forums & wikipedia or whatever, but always go with what the official websites/material say. 2) Know your "drivers"! - I don't mean Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, I mean 'competencies' or essentially the criteria you are being assessed against. The specifics of these will vary by force but I'd be surprised if you weren't sent some kind of framework/criteria prior to your interview, which outlined what you be asked about or what you will need to demonstrate in your interview & throughout your career. This is another thing to read and read again as getting to know these will make your interview less of shock. In my force, all our questions are based around these drivers meaning if you know them inside out, none of the questions I ask should seem odd. Often drivers/competencies will involve several different aspects, be prepared to be holistic about it but potentially really specific about one aspect too. The best way to describe this is "trees" (bear with me!): Say I want to interview you about trees. I could ask a general question about them & cover the all basics of trees, or I could ask you specifically about the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves & so on. Now, you may have seen you were going to be interviewed about trees so you've prepared a nice overview answer but, you don't know much about their roots specifically. Turns out my question is about the roots, I don't want to hear your prepared general answer or about the branches. I only care for the roots. Make sense? Don't make this mistake. Make sure you know about & are comfortable with ALL aspects of the criteria because you don't know how specific my question is going to be. 3) Think about your examples! - The vast majority of police assessment centres are "competency based". This means I'll be asking you to prove to me that you meet the specific criteria. To do this, I don't need general, wishy-washy answers about how you feel about something, who you are as a person or how you think you'd deal with certain situations. I need you to give me specific examples of when/how you have done something that meets ALL the points of the questions. I emphasise "all" because if I ask the question to tell me a time when you've successfully done XYZ, I want to hear "a time" i.e one example, when "you've" i.e. I don't care what other people did, "successfully" i.e. you may have done XYZ but if it didn't work don't use it, "done XYZ" i.e not just X or not just Y, I want to see all three. Think about these before the day and get them right. Often people will use the wrong examples for the wrong criteria and try desperately to make them fit & will then use another example for a different question which would have covered the previous criteria perfectly. I will not correct you & cannot use the answer to one question as evidence for another (unless you use the same example for both questions which is acceptable in some forces). I have to go with the specific answer you gave so it's worth getting right. 4) Avoid using "we"! - This is often seen if using examples of where you've worked in a group but is still pretty common during entire interviews. Even if the question is about teamwork, this is YOUR interview & I want to hear about specifically what YOU did, I don't care about anyone else. Using "we" doesn't do you any favours & can lead to you not actually answering the question & therefore losing marks. On that note... 5) Listen to & answer the question! - Again, sounds obvious but many, many people don't! If you don't hear or don't understand any part of the question, ask me to repeat it. I can do so as many times as you like & can even rephrase it if it doesn't make sense to you. Asking me to do this does not lose your marks & ensures you hit all the points you need to. The question is all I care about. Do not waffle, go off on a tangent, give me a load of corporate spiel or generalised answers, it won't do you any favours and won't get you any marks. You can say you're the pope, the dalai lama, mother teresa & superman all rolled into one, that's great... but it doesn't answer my question & is therefore of no use to me. If the question asks for a specific example, give me one. If it asks how you'd deal/have dealt with a specific scenario, do not deviate from that scenario because that's not what I asked. I appreciate it's a fine balance you need to strike, if you do not demonstrate what you've been asked (either by saying too much irrelevant stuff or simply not enough at all), I cannot prompt you other than asking to clarify the specific points of the question. 6) Take your time! - Many of the above issues simply come from people panicking. Although I'll have a lot of recruits to interview & can't wait for you all day, there is no rush. Taking a bit of time to think about your answer before you speak will do you wonders & will avoid you blurting out whatever comes into your head that is vaguely related to the question! 7) Don't talk about stuff you don't know! - You answering my questions impresses me, you don't need to try and talk "job" if you don't know what you're on about. Unless asked for (& certainly not in my force), I do not need you to quote legislation to me, talk about jurisdiction, the fact you know the difference between different types of police vehicles, what different ranks can/can't do etc etc. I'm not expecting you to be a police officer, I'm expecting you to answer my questions to show you have potential to become one. Often people will read stuff online that is simply wrong and quote it in an interview to impress me... it doesn't. Unless it's relevant I will not correct you, I'll just think you're a little bit silly 8) Don't take your past for granted! - Have you been a cadet? Served in another force as a PCSO, Special or even Regular. That's great! I look forward to you smashing all the questions by having relevant examples to give. Please don't assume past policing experience is a golden ticket to getting in, it isn't! I have failed people who evidently have done no preparation after they assumed that because they can use acronyms, talk "job" to me & have had a warrant card in the past, that they'll get in. I take every recruit as they come. Yes, policing experience puts you at an advantage by a) probably having gone through a similar process already and b) it should give you excellent relevant examples to the questions I'll be asking but that's it. Unless you use that experience to demonstrate that & answer my questions, I cannot pass you. Don't be arrogant! 9) Don't lie! - In many forces you are interviewed by serving officers... don't try and lie to police officers or even HR for that matter, it doesn't end well. It's obvious and easily unravelled, if you do we can & will check! If you miss out & fail at the interview stage because you haven't provided satisfactory answers, you are welcome to try again. If you get found out for lying, you can forget any future career in the police on honesty & integrity grounds. Don't risk it! 10) Don't be disheartened! - If the worst happens & you fail at interview stage, that does not mean you are not suitable for the job. True, some people just simply don't cut it but in a lot of interviews that fail I find myself getting frustrated, not at you but for you. Much of want you're saying is great, but as per the points above, either you've not said it in the right place or not used it in the correct way to answer the very specific question you may be asked. If the force you're applying to does offer feedback, please take it on board, use the experience you've just had, review what you had planned & try again... please! I almost enjoy passing people who I see a second time more than I do first-timers! Hopefully that all proves useful to someone! If you'd like to ask me any general questions about interviews, please do so below or PM me. As I've said above though, I cannot & will not give specifics about your assessment day. Best of luck to those currently in the recruitment process! Regards, HPE
  10. WishfulThinking

    On Hold following Assessment Centre

    Hi all. I recently attended an assessment centre, scoring between 50-60% - not enough to secure a final interview above the other candidates. I am beyond gutted, but now I have to be ready in case of an interview slot becoming available. I'm finding it really, really difficult to apply myself and prepare for this, in a motivational capacity. For those who know a bit more than me about this kind of situation - how often do you see candidates who are on hold get a call up for interview? For context, this was my first assessment centre, and no existing officers helped me. I did read some books, so I had an idea of what to expect.
  11. ryanjlongman23

    After the Assessment Centre?

    Hi all, this is my first time posting on this particular forum, Just wondering if any of you fine chaps or chappettes... no that doesn't work... Anyway i was emailed saying id passed the Assessment centre on the 15th Sept (was really chuffed, may have done a little dance... dont you judge me) My questions are, How long was the wait from receiving that great email to the medical/fitness? When did you get the detailed feedback? curious to see what i did well in because i thought i did pretty poor. Thanks in advance Ryan
  12. DeltaJuliet

    Day 2 Assessment: "Group Activities"

    Hi All, I'm a relative newbie to the forum who has recently passed the Assessment Centre and has now been invited to a second assessment. This has been described as a "group activity" based on the Policing Professional Framework. I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this type of assessment and if they might be able to outline what might occur? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. DJ
  13. Hi guys, Got an assessment for my MSC application/transfer from Lancs on July 9th, anyone else on PolCom on the same day with me? Alex
  14. Sir Penguin

    SEARCH Assessment Centre Guide

    SEARCH Assessment Centre Guide Having recently attended the assessment centre, I thought I share a little advice for those who want to find out more detail about the different stages. I've tried to collect as much information as I can from other peoples topics that relate to the assessment centre, so credits go out to all those people. Any information that I have included in this guide is readily available from the College of Policing website. I have not disclosed any restricted material. I got myself massively worked up prior to the assessment and there was really no need. Everybody is going to be nervous and the assessors appreciate that. Don’t be scared of speaking to the staff. Talking to other candidates helped calm my nerves massively. You should receive the following documents two or more weeks before you are due to take the assessment: SEARCH information for candidates This details all the main information about how the day is structured and what tests you will be subject to. You should read this and familiarise yourself with the different stages. It also contains some practice questions. Westshire Centre welcome pack During the assessment centre you will play the role of a newly appointed customer services officer. This pack contains all the relevant information that you will need to know about your job role. You should familiarise yourself with this the best you can as you may need to refer to it. You will be assessed on the core competencies that are relevant to the role of a police officer. Read these over and over again. It will last approximately 5 hours and the area is dependant on the force that you have applied to. I took mine in Ryton near Coventry. There are four stages. Two psychometric tests Two written exercises Four Role play exercises A 20 minute competency-based interview The psychometric tests will probably make you question your own sanity. These consist of one verbal and one numerical reasoning test. Read the questions carefully. I struggled massively with maths so I found that preparation was vital. As I said earlier, you will be provided with an example in the packs that you receive but there aren’t many. How2Become have plenty of examples that you can revise from and I’ll pop a link in at the bottom of the page. For the verbal, you will be given some text to which you need to establish whether the statements are true/false/impossible to say. The numerical reasoning is all about maths. I found this surprisingly difficult, but maths is probably my worst subject. Example verbal: John woke up at 9 o'clock as a car crashed into his neighbours house. His neighbour was on holiday. Statement: A green car crashed into John's neighbours house. True, false or impossible to say? Example numerical: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KbiACStWP6c/maxresdefault.jpg For the written exercises, you should make sure your English and grammar are good. You’ll be expected to write a couple of report addressing issues and incidents that have occurred at the Westshire Centre. Each one will last 20 minutes each. An example of the template will be given to you in the pack. For preparing I practiced how to write and structure reports in a logical way. Make sure you come up with a sensible result as this will show that you’re good at problem solving. Try to be neat and try to leave yourself with as much time as possible for writing the report. NOTE THE INFORMATION ON THE INTERVIEW IS OUT OF DATE. If anyone else has information please let me know and I'll update. The competency-based interview will ask you about times that you have dealt with specific situations. Your answers should relate back to the core competencies. You may be given a sheet of paper with the question on too. One person interviewed me, but you may be interviewed by up to three people I believe. For this I prepared by thinking of two examples for each competency. How you prepare for this will depend on how you learn the best, but I found that writing them out in a word document helped me memorise what to say. A bottle of water to sip from is extremely helpful for when your mind goes blank and your mouth goes try. Example: Please provide an example of when you have acted in an ethical manner / Please provide an example when you have demonstrated good team work. The role plays were what I worried about the most. You’ll have four role play exercises to complete, each one lasting ten minutes. You will have a five-minute preparation period followed by your five-minute role-play exercise. The equality statement that forms part of the Westshire Centre pack will be relevant here, as will the rest of the information that you are provided. Think about how you should act as a customer services officer and always come up with a result. My knees were shaking like mad when I was waiting for the first one and then after that it just flowed. My advice is to be yourself and act professionally. The actors will have a script to follow. Top tips: Don’t panic and chill out, everybody’s in the same boat Take a bottle of water You’re being assessed from the minute you walk in. Behave appropriately As we all know, respect for race and diversity is paramount. You can earn yourself an instant fail if you slip up on this. Remember – the assessment centre is developed to see how you will work under pressure and to see whether you possess the skills required being a police officer. All you need to do is prove that you do. How2Become – extremely useful and its just over a tenner. This helped me massively. If you order it off the website you also get a number of freebies including a DVD, interview for skills pack and access to a number of practice questions. Without this guide I would have found it extremely difficult. Prepare well in advance Learn the competencies Useful links/readings: How2Become College of Policing SEARCH information for candidates Westshire Centre welcome pack If anybody else has any recommendations or advice please feel free to share. Good luck
  15. Juliet Papa

    Rescue Spray

    Hi All, I believe that some of you may have heard of the "Rescue Spray". A spray that helps with stress and etc. I get a bit nervous every time I have an interview or test, and I was wondering about giving this spray a try. Has anyone ever used this before? and most important, would this be something that I would need to flag during the drugs test? The ingredients are the following: Active Ingredients 5x dilution of flower extracts of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum Other Ingredients Grape alcohol solution Thanks !
  16. How would you compare the two? In terms of difficulty, it is a safe assumption to say that the regs AC would be harder. How much more difficult did you find the regs AC if so? With respect to the written exercise and CBQ interview, are they pretty much identical? Finally, do you think the standards to score a higher grade are higher for the regs? e.g. if one example explained well scored an A at the SC AC, then would it also score an A if it was articulated identically at a PC AC? Thanks in advance to those that help
  17. Hello, I know there are other posts regarding assessment days but I thought I'd start a new one to save me and hopefully others scrolling through vast amounts of posts!! So I got the call yesterday to say I've made it through to the Assessment day (which for me will be November 28th) for the Police Now graduate programme. To say I'm nervous would be an understatement!! I've had various applications and interviews with the police before and been let down a few times so am really keen to go into this one fully prepared and determined to get the job which I am! I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips about the day in general or about these things which they've told us will happen: 1. Role Play (I believe this is very customer service based) 2. Presentation (no idea about this!) 3. Numerical and Verbal Reasoning assessments 4. Competency based interview (Am I right in thinking this will be like other interviews I've had with the Police in the past?) 5. In tray analysis test Also anyone else out there who has made it through to the assessment day for Police Now? :) Thanks , Jo
  18. TheJazzPolice

    The Regulars Assessment Thread

    If you have any questions or comments relating to any part of the assessment process for the regulars, please post them here.
  19. lhall13

    Missed assessment day

    Hey there, My boyfriend passed the application stage of recruitment to be a police officer and received that news on January 3rd. He received a letter today however informing him that due to his non-attendance of the assessment day on the 13th of February, his application would be withdrawn. He had checked his mail and email every day since the news of his application and had still received no information of when the assessment would be, which is therefore why he missed it. Is there anything he can do seeing as it was not his fault he missed the assessment? Thanks!
  20. Hi all, Can anyone shed any light?.. I will soon be attending an initial police assessment centre with a force and this will be lasting approximately 1.5 hours at the police HQ and will consist of psychometric tests and written exercises. If I am successful at this stage I will be invited to the standard NPIA assessment day at Ryton on Dunsmore. Has anyone ever gone through a recruitment route such as the one above, I was aware most forces just use one 5 hour assessment at Ryton. I'm not sure if by doing the psychometric tests and written exercises at the HQ I will be then doing the same at Ryton, or will they mark an overall score between the two days. If anyone could assist I'd be much obliged, Thanks.
  21. chinothechihuahua

    Multi-skilling Test

    Hi- I've been invited to an assessment day for a police staff role. As part of the assessment, there will be a multi-skilling test. Does anyone have any idea what this will involve? Thanks :)
  22. Hey, I have just been told I have passed my application! I am now on vetting (apparently they do one before and one before training?) I was wondering if anyone has a timeline guide of when I should be expecting the next few stages? (i.e. March - passed appliation, April - assessment etc etc). And when I should expect to start training? (if I passed all the other stages). Thanks a lot everyone.

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