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Found 28 results

  1. Hundreds of blobby bobbies are not fit enough for the job, a Sunday Mirror investigation can reveal. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hundreds-police-not-fit-enough-17483097
  2. For the fitness freaks or those who just pretend to be whilst promising to start their diet "next week", this thread is for you
  3. XA84

    Police Bleep Test

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some advice on how to best train for the bleep test, I'm to get to 5.4. I've always struggled with running and mainly stamina whilst running (before any of you start getting saucy :-P. I believe I will be undergoing my fitness test in approx 4-6 weeks. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Passed interview and PIR test in January, recently been to have fingerprints and DNA taken and undergoing vetting at the moment, anyone else who is in the same situation as me or any advice on what happens next? Cheers
  5. adamwales

    Police Powerlifting Team

    I have seen there is a BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) event for Public Services, which prompts the question: is there a Police team? Or is it down to forces / individuals? I am waiting for a start date for North Wales Police and am a keen powerlifter. I am planning on competing in September and would love to hear from any serving officers / staff / volunteers who are also powerlifters. Personally I am in the 100kg category, should be hitting total of >600kg (240 Squat, 140 Bench, 230 Deadlift) barring any injury / illness. Cheers, AW
  6. Steve01386

    New Applicant

    Hi All, So I have recently applied to join as a special and have been blown away at the speed that it has progressed, I submitted the application on the 30th June and had an email saying I was successful in the first stage sift on the 3rd July and invited to an assessment centre on the 15th July. The first question I have is this speed usual? I am slightly concerned about the medical, I am physically very healthy and did complete a half marathon in October last year and did it in 2 hours 30 mins without having to stop running so I am hoping that I will be able to get through the bleep test. The second and bigger question is I have put down CW as my first choice for posting. I have seen on a few posts people saying it isn't the best place to go for, could anybody give me a bit more info as to why? Is there anybody from CW that could let me know what life is like on borough. Steve
  7. The bleep test has been criticised as too easy but there are fears toughening it up could be particularly hard on woman officers. 23:56, UK, Saturday 25 April 2015 Unlike the current test, the PSNI test has a significant strength elemen Proposals to toughen up the basic police fitness test are coming under criticism for being too hard for many officers. A recommendation in the 2012 Winsor report on the future of policing called for more rigorous exercises which test endurance and strength. Currently, the annual mandatory test is the traditional timed bleep test - running to and fro on a 15-metre track up to a certain level. A heavy bag must be dragged and agility and balance is also tested It is often described as being too easy because it has a 97% pass rate. A former detective superintendent with Suffolk Police, Chris Mayhew, agrees the test needs to change to ensure police officers are up to their job. The test must be completed three times in under four minutes He said: "Their role is quite varied, from foot patrol - out for eight to 10 hours, possibly involved in chases, restraining people, carrying protective equipment. "They do need a good level of fitness. I don't think this test is good enough to test that." There are plans to replace the test with a much tougher one being used by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). It comprises several different obstacles on an assault course including a stair climb, a run across a balance beam, dragging a 39kg bag and climbing a 6ft wall. It has to be completed three times in less than four minutes. But while the basic test is criticised as too easy, the PSNI one is said to be too hard - especially on females, with only two in 10 passing. Chris Mayhew has seen colleagues struggle to chase and restrain suspects Carl Errington, a personal safety and physical trainer with Suffolk and Norfolk Police, also has reservations about the practicalities of staging the proposed test. He said: "It is very heavy on the time. The normal test we get through about 15 officers in around four minutes. With this one it's going to take that per officer - and it's a location issue as well. "How many police training venues would be this size? Very few up and down the UK. "I think we need to keep with the current job-related fitness test and see how it goes over the next two to three years." The College of Policing, responsible for setting police tests, is considering the proposed changes. Steve White, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "The organisation supports the need for officers to keep fit, but also that forces the need to ensure proper help, advice and support for officers to pass the tests." http://news.sky.com/story/1472266/police-fitness-test-proposals-too-tough
  8. grumeister

    Fitness in the job

    Afternoon all Joining the job in May and I was looking to get an idea of what the expectations are around fitness. I would say my current fitness leans more towards strength than stamina. However, it is something I am in the process of changing. What do people do to maintain their fitness and are there any particular work outs that people would suggest. Not sure if this is in the right forum, so apologies I have posted incorrectly.
  9. Hey there! I have gone through what I believe is the entire recruitment process to be a special now, however at the Medical Exam, I failed all the Ishihara colour vision deficiency tests I have been asked to go back and perform another in-house devised colour test, I think it involved coloured items (not another ishihara test). I have kept in touch with someone who was at the same assessment day as me and he has found out that his training starts in April, so I guess I'm a bit behind now. And I have just looked at my application status online and it says the vacancy is now closed. My test is next thurday. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance
  10. So the title is self explanatory really. Im not a massive fan of waiting and I easily get anxious about this kinda thing! Anybody know roughly how long it takes to hear back? thanks in advance
  11. Space Marine

    Protein Powder

    Out of interest do any of you use protein powders? I never bothered as I just stuck with eating the right food for the most part, but I've taken a bit more of an interest as of late. I know a good number of officers who use it, both regulars and specials, and I've spoken to some TSG officers I know who have shown and recommended a few brands which do look quite good. I go to the gym quite regularly, and I've been told that if used correctly, the protein will help with general fitness and also help me get better gains out of my weight training. I've always done weights and am quite strong, but usually focussed on cardio more. I'm hoping to balance it out a bit in the new year, so I'm thinking of incorporating one into my routine and diet from January onwards. What do you all think? Are they worth it? I wasn't really sure where to put this topic, but I'm sure the mods will move if necesary :)
  12. BravoWhiskey

    Fitness Training Plans

    With application hopefully coming for me in the new year I keep thinking about needing to go to the gym. I have had a gym membership for a long time now, used to go a fair bit, but stopped when I came back from a holiday (I just got too used to laying by the pool ). I have never been very good with sticking to any kind of work out routines, but I'm thinking I should probably start getting prepared for the police fitness test. Im not an unfit person at all, and I am pretty sure i shouldn't have any problems with the test. But building your self up a bit and keeping yourself fit always sounds like a good idea. So has anyone got any suggestions or work outs/plans? What you did/ are doing to prepare? Also I couldn't decide where to put this topic, so i took a guess! Please move if I'm wrong
  13. When I started the specials recruitment process I tried to look up a rough timescale, but could not find one anywhere. This is obviously due to individual force's, the individuals that are applying and their personal circumstances. Below is my timeline, it seems to have gone smoothly so hopefully this is an average timeline. Application form completed – mid/End of May First correspondence back to offer dates for assessment day (taken as a woohoo!) - end of June. Assessment day (Interview, Situational Judgement and Written) – mid July. Vetting Personal - End of July. Vetting Financial - End of July. Doctor’s report and eye test – end of July. Substance Misuse – Mid August. Biometric testing – Mid August. Police Medical – Mid October. Offer as a special – Start of Nov. Training starts – End of Nov. Attestation planned for – March 2015! Hope this helps anyone going through the process Woody
  14. Hey all, Just passed my interview this morning at Middle Engine Lane. I'm looking forward to getting started on training in Jan '15 hopefully. Anyone know what the normal timescales for the medical, fitness, and vetting are? Thanks
  15. SWB


    Hi everyone! I've tried searching for the answer to this but couldn't find anything so presume some of you may know! The gym at Empress State Building where the fitness part of Day 2 takes place, is that free to use for all serving MPS employees or is it solely for training purposes? During my Day 2 I noticed a few people walk in and flash their warrant/staff cards and I was just curious! If it is free/cheap to use, are there any more police-friendly gyms dotted around London? Thanks!
  16. Popeye

    Eye sight.

    Ever since I was little I have always wanted to join the Police, my Dad was in the Police and so was my Grandad. So last year I decide I was going to make it happen and I was going to join as a Special Constable. Looking at myself in the mirror though I realised I was 20 Stone couch potatoe and there was no way I was going to be able to join. So since November 2012 I have been hitting the gym 4-5 times a week and studying. Now at 14 stone and after taking part in Tough Mudder in June I have finally decided it is time to apply. I just have one issue which I am not so certain on. My friend has just reached his 6 months service and I asked him about the recruitment process and what he need to prepare himself for it as he was telling me about the recruitment process he told me about the medical test that you have to take and how it includes an eye test. This is were my issue is, I was born blind in my left and at the age of 8 it was removed, my right eye is perfectly fine 20/20 vision no issues at all. How would this work for me? Will I be rejected straight away on my application, or will I be rejected at the medical? Is there any point in me even applying? I am hoping this isn't an issue for me, and any information on this would be greatly appriciated.
  17. Cjm2911

    Medical at Dorchester

    Hi guys! I am due to go for my medical start of september and fitness test the middle of september. I was just wondering if any you have any info about the medical, as in what checks they make anything i should be looking out for. I am currently training like mad to boost my fitness, but just really starting to panic now. Hope you can help. Thanks for your time.
  18. Has anyone else applied to West Yorkshire Police Specials on their most recent intake (Dec 2012), if so has anyone heard anything back?! How long is it likely to take? How do you actually 'pass' the paper sift? Thanks and good luck!
  19. Hi I'm wondering if anyone could relax me a little... I've just applied for Merseyside Specials but never thought of the implications my diabetes may have with the force. I'm type one (insulin dependant) and in the past have had a lot of hospital 'visits'. but I am somewhat more healthier in that area having my Gaul bladder taken out. Anyway to cut a long story short I am just wondering would other officers be around at all times is should it ever occur I had a hypo and would it have affects moving through the levels? I know about the equality act but because it is a long term medical condition would I have be seen as more of a risk? if there is anyone who can help it would be much appreciated, Cheers :new_wave:
  20. I've got my JRFT tomorrow! obviously very nervous about the bleep test. Been practising with a met police app for the last 2 weeks, managed to get to 5.4 and 5.5 a few times, however I did my last test earlier today and couldn't get past 4.5! Now I'm extremely disheartened and in a complete panic that I suddenly can't do it! I don't know what's wrong with me?! I know I can get to 5.4 because I've done it before. I feel like I've hit 'the brick wall' that everyone talks about. I need tips/encouragement on: - jogging technique (I slap my feet on the floor). - lactic acid build up. - how to push through 'the brick wall' and pick up the pace. - motivation (The thought of not getting into the police is motivation enough but any other suggestions welcome!) Anything else greatly appreciated!
  21. Hey guys and girls, Long time since I've been here.. I trust you are all well! :new_shades: I saw these videos and it made me think of you guys! For anybody whose lucky enough to get into the regs and are thinking of getting into the firearms unit.. this is what the 10 week training course entails. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fzArxMomQk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXN1uY67L1c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfxuqpuf54A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqjl0SoHjno It's a four part series around 5-6 minutes long each. Don't worry it's all safe. It was made by an inspector of West Midlands Police to show what it's like. Hope you all enjoy. Adz5765
  22. Chris_vtr

    Bleep Test - 15m - Firearms

    I'm after some advice on the bleep test. I run the level 5.4 every time we go for public order training, method of entry etc etc, but later on this month I'll be running to 9.4. I'm trying to find some sort of results table, to show the amount of shuttles, time, distance etc throughout the different levels, but so far I have only been able to find ones relating to the 20m test. Any help massively appreciated. Cheers
  23. Ryan#


    My good people, This message is simply to ask about the 'Medical & Fitness test'. I wish to know: Is your 'BMI' checked - or do you have to 'JUST' pass the Fitness test, regardless of Size? I'm quite big, but I can run for 6-7 Minutes! Many thanks, Ryan
  24. Hi All, Just thought i'd start this topic as there were quite a few questions, queries and worries that I had during recruitment that weren't necessarily relevent to a particular topic. I have come to understand that we have quite a few CNC Serving officers, CNC recruits both waiting for and in training and people who have gone through the entire recruitment process recently who may be able to help you with your queries. Obviously there are certain specifics that people cant go into with regard to the recruitment process, training and general duty but any questions and worries etc will be answered here in a way that will help you and and hopefully put any worries at ease! Also for everyone to keep each other updated with any developments in recruitment. Best of luck to everyone in the application process. :)
  25. hollstar


    Hi I need to raise my BMI from 16.85 to 18 or over. This is proving more difficult than expected! Anyone got any tips on how to raise BMI quickly? (apart from eating too much cake, ive tried that already :new_yummy: )
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