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Found 14 results

  1. No strength test?

    Hiya I have the NRAC coming up in a couple months, and then my fitness test. However, a strength test hasn't been mentioned once to me, and it isn't listed on their site. Does this mean there is no strength test for North Yorkshire specials?
  2. Fitness Test

    Is the dreaded bleep test done on a 15m track or the 20m track? Thanks in advance
  3. Police Bleep Test

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some advice on how to best train for the bleep test, I'm to get to 5.4. I've always struggled with running and mainly stamina whilst running (before any of you start getting saucy :-P. I believe I will be undergoing my fitness test in approx 4-6 weeks. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Sports supplements/performance enhancing

    Hello all... I'm a current Serving special and am hopefully starting full time later on in the year. I gym a hell of a lot as I want to be bigger stronger and fitter for the job. I am currently taking protein shake etc. But my gym friend showed me some supplements called pro-hormones. Apparently they are great supplements to use. Obviously I Know steroids are a no no. I just didn't know what the case was with pro hormones. They are freely available online so this makes me think it's OK to use. Many thanks
  5. Police Powerlifting Team

    I have seen there is a BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) event for Public Services, which prompts the question: is there a Police team? Or is it down to forces / individuals? I am waiting for a start date for North Wales Police and am a keen powerlifter. I am planning on competing in September and would love to hear from any serving officers / staff / volunteers who are also powerlifters. Personally I am in the 100kg category, should be hitting total of >600kg (240 Squat, 140 Bench, 230 Deadlift) barring any injury / illness. Cheers, AW
  6. New Applicant

    Hi All, So I have recently applied to join as a special and have been blown away at the speed that it has progressed, I submitted the application on the 30th June and had an email saying I was successful in the first stage sift on the 3rd July and invited to an assessment centre on the 15th July. The first question I have is this speed usual? I am slightly concerned about the medical, I am physically very healthy and did complete a half marathon in October last year and did it in 2 hours 30 mins without having to stop running so I am hoping that I will be able to get through the bleep test. The second and bigger question is I have put down CW as my first choice for posting. I have seen on a few posts people saying it isn't the best place to go for, could anybody give me a bit more info as to why? Is there anybody from CW that could let me know what life is like on borough. Steve
  7. The bleep test has been criticised as too easy but there are fears toughening it up could be particularly hard on woman officers. 23:56, UK, Saturday 25 April 2015 Unlike the current test, the PSNI test has a significant strength elemen Proposals to toughen up the basic police fitness test are coming under criticism for being too hard for many officers.  A recommendation in the 2012 Winsor report on the future of policing called for more rigorous exercises which test endurance and strength. Currently, the annual mandatory test is the traditional timed bleep test - running to and fro on a 15-metre track up to a certain level. A heavy bag must be dragged and agility and balance is also tested It is often described as being too easy because it has a 97% pass rate. A former detective superintendent with Suffolk Police, Chris Mayhew, agrees the test needs to change to ensure police officers are up to their job. The test must be completed three times in under four minutes He said: "Their role is quite varied, from foot patrol - out for eight to 10 hours, possibly involved in chases, restraining people, carrying protective equipment.  "They do need a good level of fitness. I don't think this test is good enough to test that." There are plans to replace the test with a much tougher one being used by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). It comprises several different obstacles on an assault course including a stair climb, a run across a balance beam, dragging a 39kg bag and climbing a 6ft wall. It has to be completed three times in less than four minutes. But while the basic test is criticised as too easy, the PSNI one is said to be too hard - especially on females, with only two in 10 passing. Chris Mayhew has seen colleagues struggle to chase and restrain suspects Carl Errington, a personal safety and physical trainer with Suffolk and Norfolk Police, also has reservations about the practicalities of staging the proposed test. He said: "It is very heavy on the time. The normal test we get through about 15 officers in around four minutes. With this one it's going to take that per officer - and it's a location issue as well. "How many police training venues would be this size? Very few up and down the UK. "I think we need to keep with the current job-related fitness test and see how it goes over the next two to three years." The College of Policing, responsible for setting police tests, is considering the proposed changes. Steve White, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "The organisation supports the need for officers to keep fit, but also that forces the need to ensure proper help, advice and support for officers to pass the tests."   http://news.sky.com/story/1472266/police-fitness-test-proposals-too-tough    
  8. Fitness in the job

    Afternoon all Joining the job in May and I was looking to get an idea of what the expectations are around fitness. I would say my current fitness leans more towards strength than stamina. However, it is something I am in the process of changing. What do people do to maintain their fitness and are there any particular work outs that people would suggest. Not sure if this is in the right forum, so apologies I have posted incorrectly.
  9. I have been lookin at Winsor recommendation for fitness testing. Now I know that it has been rolled out for police officers, but not police staff and information is rather scant. All I can find is from a document produced by the college of policing at the back end of last year with the following information: I have searched the fitness test working group, the police staff council and unison and cannot find any references to what work is ongoing and if there is any progress. Infact Unison appears to have removed all references to winsor as a search returns 0 results on their website. Does anyone have any information on what progress if any is being made?
  10. Protein Powder

    Out of interest do any of you use protein powders? I never bothered as I just stuck with eating the right food for the most part, but I've taken a bit more of an interest as of late. I know a good number of officers who use it, both regulars and specials, and I've spoken to some TSG officers I know who have shown and recommended a few brands which do look quite good. I go to the gym quite regularly, and I've been told that if used correctly, the protein will help with general fitness and also help me get better gains out of my weight training. I've always done weights and am quite strong, but usually focussed on cardio more. I'm hoping to balance it out a bit in the new year, so I'm thinking of incorporating one into my routine and diet from January onwards. What do you all think? Are they worth it? I wasn't really sure where to put this topic, but I'm sure the mods will move if necesary :)
  11. Fitness Training Plans

    With application hopefully coming for me in the new year I keep thinking about needing to go to the gym. I have had a gym membership for a long time now, used to go a fair bit, but stopped when I came back from a holiday (I just got too used to laying by the pool ). I have never been very good with sticking to any kind of work out routines, but I'm thinking I should probably start getting prepared for the police fitness test. Im not an unfit person at all, and I am pretty sure i shouldn't have any problems with the test. But building your self up a bit and keeping yourself fit always sounds like a good idea. So has anyone got any suggestions or work outs/plans? What you did/ are doing to prepare? Also I couldn't decide where to put this topic, so i took a guess! Please move if I'm wrong
  12. When I started the specials recruitment process I tried to look up a rough timescale, but could not find one anywhere. This is obviously due to individual force's, the individuals that are applying and their personal circumstances. Below is my timeline, it seems to have gone smoothly so hopefully this is an average timeline. Application form completed – mid/End of May First correspondence back to offer dates for assessment day (taken as a woohoo!) - end of June. Assessment day (Interview, Situational Judgement and Written) – mid July. Vetting Personal - End of July. Vetting Financial - End of July. Doctor’s report and eye test – end of July. Substance Misuse – Mid August. Biometric testing – Mid August. Police Medical – Mid October. Offer as a special – Start of Nov. Training starts – End of Nov. Attestation planned for – March 2015! Hope this helps anyone going through the process Woody
  13. hey guys I have my fitness and medical on the 13th of December, I have the fitness part at worle school, then if I pass have to travel to portishead for the medical straight away, Of which they give us the forms already for the docters to fill so we can take with us on the day. At the interview they said they was trying to get us through it as they was a little short on the January training corse, any idea of when the next one after that starts? As I don't think I'll be passing the vetting within a couple weeks! ??
  14. Fitness Test FAQ

    FITNESS TEST FAQ   Q. What are the different parts of the fitness test? A. The test is in three parts: 1) Endurance (aka bleep/beep/shuttle test) to level 5.4 2) Dynamic Strength - Push 34kg, Pull 35kg 3) Grip Strength of 32kg Q. What happens if I don't pass the test? A. You are allowed to take the test three times before being failed. If you fail the third time you will have to re-apply, usually after a six month wait. Q. Has the test changed? A. Yes. From 20th May 2003, the following changes were made: The speed/agility test (which involved you running round cones, etc.) has been dropped. The bleep test pass level was reduced from 8.1 to 5.4. Q. Why was the test changed? A. Home Office figures have shown that around 50% of all female applicants failed the test, making it descriminate against female applicants. In an attempt to increase the number of female officers in the police force the Home Office have decided that the elements that most female applicants had difficulties with should be adapted to make a fairer non-descriminate test.   Q. Has every force adopted the new test? A. As far as I am aware they have, but if people know differently then please let me know so I can update this! Q. Can you explain the bleep test further? A. You run back and forth between two lines 15 meters apart, arrivng at each line before the beep sounds. If you do not reach the line before the beep three times in a row then they pull you out. The key is to keep going until you can't do it any more. Q. Where can I get a copy of the bleep test? A. Watch this space I'm sure we will be able to locate one for you Q. How many shuttles are there are per level on the bleep test? A. See the following: LEVEL 1 = 7 x 15m shuttles at 7 sec per shuttle total 49 sec LEVEL 2 = 8 x 15m shuttles at 7 sec per shuttle total 56 sec LEVEL 3 = 8 x 15m shuttles at 6 sec per shuttle total 48 sec LEVEL 4 = 8 x 15m shuttles at 5.5 sec per shuttle total 44 sec LEVEL 5.4 = 4 x 15m shuttles at 5.5 sec per shuttle total 22 sec When the bleep test was set to 8.1, level five was 9 shuttles, you now only have to do 4 of them. Q. Can you explain the Dynamic Strength test further? A. Imagine a rowing machine, with seats at either end. One for pushing, one for pulling. You push 34 kg and pull 35 kg. You do 3 'warm ups' then 5 maximum force pushes/pulls. It's all about getting the technique right, then it's easy. The only difference between the dyno and lifting weights is the fact that the dyno is more resistance based (you can do it with the correct technique), whereas weights are set, you can either lift them or not! You have to be careful not to use your back though as they may fail you. So long as you can lift a reasonable amount in a gym, and have some regular exercise, you'll be fine! Someone has commented that when she did her first fitness test she could only push 10kg on the chest press in the gym but managed to pass. Q. Can you explain the grip test further? The grip test uses a machine called a Dynometer. You grip it in one hand (your choice) and start off with it above your head and then bring it all the way down next to you. You get two attempts, the pass mark is 32 kg. Q. Can you suggest any training for me to do in preparation for the fitness test? A: Check out the below suggested advice BLEEP TEST * 20mins every other day sprinting between 2 lamposts then steady running for another 2 then sprinting for 2 more etc. * It's a progressive test, so try and incorporate some light speed work in with your endurance. * Not being able to get hold of a copy of the bleep test, I just found myself a 15m stretch of ground , held my watch in my hand and started off running between 2 markers. I did about 20 shuttles at 6 seconds each and then 20 at 5 seconds each. Not really an exact replica of the actual test but gives a good idea of what level you should be aiming for. Also gives you practice at doing the turns which you can't replicate on a treadmill. * Try to build up to 20 mins running on a treadmill. Start off at 7km/hr and then increase the speed by 0.5km/hr every 2 minutes. By minute 19 you should be running at 12km/hr. Practice this 3 times per week with a gap day between each training day. DYNAMIC STRENGTH * Weights in the gym, especially bench pressing and the "pull-down" one - sorry don't know the correct name for it! * You need to be pushing/pulling 35kgs 5 times on the appropriate machines in the gym (bench press and seated row machines). If you like you could incorporate other similar exercises such as Chest Flies, Lat Pulldowns and chin-ups. GRIP TEST * A good tip is to use a tennis ball. Grip the ball in one hand and squeeze as hard as possible for a continuous six seconds, then rest for four. Repeat the exercise until your hand is tired. * Use free weights for your upper body - if you do shoulder presses etc. lying on your back then this improves your grip strength too. * You can buy special grip devices that look a bit like tin openers, you squeeze them in your hand to improve strength. * Try holding bathroom scales in your hands and squeezing them. The weight it reads tells you the strength of both hands together. Half it to get an idea of your one handed grip strength. It's not accurate, but it gives an idea. * Get a skipping rope and tie it to a dumbell (the weight you can choose), put the dumbell on the floor and raise it using only your forearms (like lifting with your wrists). * If you don't have access to a gym, press-ups and dumb-bells will increase your upper body strength and your grip. * Biceps curls and wrist rolls are good if you are worried your grip isn't up to scratch. * You know those three litre bottles of squash? The one's with the handle on for pouring? Put water into one of those, how much is up to you and you can progress in your own time. Sit down with your arm on the arm of a chair (facing up) And hold it with the top end of your fingers (not balancing on the tips or anything like that, just make sure it's not in your palm area, that would defy the point) and do curls with it, just bringing it up and down in repetitions of around ten. You can actually do this whilst jogging, the action of your arm helps to strengthen grip from the forearm down through the wrist as well as just creating tensile strength with your fingers. * Learn to flick a pen around your fingers, like Iceman in Top Gun, this will keep your co-ordination and strength and flexibility high. The better you get the more rewarding it is, it's not as hard as you'd think and it looks cool too. This probably will not help with your test but it's worth bearing in mind as you will always need your hands to be in good shape. It's not good to neglect them, trust me. Q. Is it really hard? A. Predictably, accounts vary! Something that seems to come up quite often is people failing on the grip test, so don't concentrate all your efforts on training for the bleep test and neglect the grip test or dynamic strength test, either! Q. Is there any way to "simulate" the bleep test on gym treadmill machine? A. To do the test on the treadmill do the following:- 1min 48seconds @ 4.8mph (levels 1 & 2) 48 seconds @ 5.6mph (level 3) 1 min 35 seconds @ 6.1mph (levels 4 & 5) 1 min 35 seconds @ 6.7mph (levels 6 & 7) 5 seconds @ 7.1mph (level 8.1) However, you will probably find that you can do this much easier on the treadmill than in real life and it also (obviously) does not incorporate the "turns" at the end of each run. Q. Does the bleep test stop at 5.4 or do you just keep going until you can't keep up? A. Accounts vary. Some people have reported the test being stopped at 5.4, others have said that they were encouraged to go as far as they could. Q. Can I do a mock or practise of the fitness test? A. I know some forces offer this, but I can't confirm if they all do. If anyone that knows can post below or get in touch with me I will update this. I am aware that Bedfordshire offer a fitness test "mock", i.e. it doesn't count as one of your 3 attempts. However, if you do pass the "mock" test it counts as passing the real test and you won't have to do it again. Other forces host events (some of them weekly) giving potential applicants an opportunity to try the machines used in the test. Q. I am a reformed couch potato, should I be worrying about the medical? A. You should always seek medical advice if you are worried Q. I've heard that BMI is part of the medical, what is it? A. As part of the medical your BMI (Body Mass Index) is checked. The Home Office guidelines state that any applicant with a BMI from 18 - 30 could be considered acceptable. If the BMI is above 30 then we advise the individual to lose weight to around 29 or 30, likewise if the BMI was below 18 the individual would be advised to gain weight. You can find out what your BMI is by using the calculator here: BMI healthy weight calculator - Health tools - NHS Choices

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