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Found 9 results

  1. I just watched a video of an officer attending calls to a possible party, the occupant denies it and says they need a warrant. The officer replies he has a power of entry. Bearing in mind this is a clip with little context, I'm not questioning the officer as we are not aware of all the facts. It did raise a question though. My understanding, as of now, officers don't have a general power of entry if they suspect an illegal gathering, in order to give tickets. They do, however, if they believe there is an infectious persons inside and there is a need to prevent infection. Would this
  2. I noticed this recently and thought it was worth a discussion. 2 years ago they added the whole of s19 PACE to PCSOs, but this seems a huge leap. Could it be that PCSOs are soon to be sent to more jobs, tasked with more, stopping a vehicle and s165 seizing it/issuing the FPN, etc? (I appreciate they would have to use one of their already existing traffic stopping powers rather than this excluded one). I'm not sure if they'll be standard or designated powers. Will they increase their pay or give them further kit? Your thoughts? Wikipedia link The proposed Policing an
  3. As stated above it basically removes the requirement for BTP constables acting off core jurisdiction to be in possession of documentary evidence of their status, it also adds preventing damage to property to one of the extension clauses of S100 of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. 172 of the RTA is also amended
  4. David

    Time to rethink arrest

    For once in a way I am speechless. Full article can be found here http://www/news/live/enews-new-35705750
  5. maccalen999

    Powers To DETAIN

    I've been revising stop/search powers etc, but I can't seem to find specific information on Powers To Detain....for example... I attend a shop following reports of a person acting irate, as I arrive the suspect is then leaving the store & I stop him. I need him to stay with me to ascertain if any offences have been committed, but what power do I have to do so? Thanks in advance.
  6. AA101

    VRM n/t PNC

    Thoughts on this scenario please, I'm interested in what powers you think are applicable. You are on patrol and see a high-end unattended vehicle with a personalised plate of 777 (not the real plate) - the front plate is unlawful by reason of its size. You PNC it and it comes back N/T. Unable to stop by the time you return the vehicle is gone so you can't run a VIN check. Assuming you find the vehicle again unattended, what would you do?
  7. In my force we are currently running "Op-Tube", a voluntary road-side breathalysing operation. What power do constables have to stop a vehicle without any suspicion of a road traffic offence having been committed?
  8. There's a story here in the mirror where it appears that police have smashed a van window to obtain keys, open the door and arrest the driver. They appear to have reached an impasse where the driver won't give details and is filming them through a window. He also appears to be using a Freeman "quote me the legislation, that's an act and not a law" If we can ignore the fact that the actual incident depicted is in Scotland and assume it was England & Wales Law for the sake of discussion. I understand section 163 - power to stop and obtain details of a driver of a vehicle. I think
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31144757 Do police believe they are above the law? By Danny ShawHome affairs correspondent, BBC News There is no person or organisation that has as much potential power over us as the police. They can arrest us, stop us in the street and search us, fingerprint us and take our DNA. They are allowed to retain some of our personal information on their own computer databases - and access details held by other organisations, on request. They can monitor our movements on CCTV and trace driver records via a car number plate recognition system known as ANPR. Co

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