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Found 9 results

  1. Rank: S/Sgt Region: Metland Length of Service: 2 years Planned Hours: 1600-0200 assisting response After reading so much about them on this forum (mainly from bensonby!) I recently had the pleasure of meeting a "freeman of the land" so thought I'd write it up... 1530 - Arrive at the station with 2 MSC colleagues. Kit up, grab a callsign and a panda and out we go. 1630 - An I-graded call comes out of a man wielding a knife. We're on the same road (that never happens) so I use the full extent of my basic driver exemptions to carry out an area search. With other units involved, questionable intel coming back from the informant and no trace 10 minutes later, we come to the aid of a fist-waving cyclist who points out a van driver who allegedly just tried side-swiping him. 1650 - We get the van stopped near the forecourt of a petrol station and the fun begins. I introduce myself and go through normal proceedings. He's refusing to get out the van, turn the engine off or provide any sort of documention, pointing out that as a human he is not obliged to comply to any of these statute laws. I weep a little at where I can see this going, holding nothing but distain for the cyclist for pointing out this van (I joke). 1710 - 20 minutes later and having recited half of the Road Traffic Act - to be questioned in return about my own religious beliefs and whether I am acting under my oath - he finally concedes and provides his driving licence. A check with PNC and the MIB reveals he is uninsured (another weep on my part). He greets the news that his van will be seized by winding up the window and ensuring the doors are already locked. Well played, Sir. I was mindful that until this point he wasn't obliged to exit the vehicle, and vaguely recalling a thread I read on here debating powers to enter the vehicle. 1750 - My colleague plays "good cop" (at this point, guess which one I am) to try and coerce him out while I seek advice from the duty traffic Sergeant around powers to remove him for the purpose of a seizure. After deliberation I'm told that this would constitute an offence of obstruction, therefore necessary force could be used to effect the arrest. I was already picturing myself on YouTube smashing the window of a parked van with a "compliant" driver inside. 1800 - Moments after I requested recovery, and with my colleague still trying to talk him down, the driver decides he's had enough and simply drives off down the main road. Excellent. I shout it up and an IRV is behind him 30 seconds later, confirming it as a Fail To Stop and reporting the pursuit speed as fluctuating between the public-endangering speeds of 10 and 15mph. A couple of other units (including the area car) are now involved and after a few minutes of commotion, it's reported that he's been stopped and detained. 1810 - Having been making our way from afar in slow(ish) time, we arrive at the van to find the passenger window smashed in and the driver detained on the pavement - even less happy than before but making sure to ask everyone if they are acting under their oath. I take great pleasure in arresting for obstruct police, fail to stop, driving with no insurance and theft of motor vehicle (based on his resistance, being uninsured and not being able to speak to the owner) and off we head in a Met taxi. 1820 - The custody Sergeant enjoys this gentleman as much as I have, and after 45 minutes of to-ing and fro-ing and him refusing any details (reminding us we're breaching his human rights) he is escorted into a cell. 1900 - Paperwork 2000 - Paperwork 2030 - I inform CID for the case to be picked up by CPU on early turn - I don't envy them 2100 - We're asked to turn out to an RTC - moped vs lamppost. Second on scene we help the ambulance crew and one of my colleagues heads off to hospital for continuity (the joys of being a Special at the bottom of the food chain). 2200 - Resume patrol and we precariously help half the borough with an area search at a firearms/shots fired call. I circulate the sighting of a male who is possibly ident and leave the ARV's to do their business. 0000 - We pick up our colleague from hospital and head towards a report of several hundred teenagers congregating/causing a nuisance on a playing field next to a large residential block. We arrive with a couple of other units and wade through the cloud of cannabis smoke and mouthy (drunk) teenagers to disperse the group. All of a sudden they all start sprinting towards a nearby empty warehouse which they've managed to gain entry to. The next hour is spent inside this warehouse facing off against a huge group of kids. 0100 - After a few occasions of the atmosphere feeling like it was going to turn nasty they all left voluntarily, citing us all as fun sponges. Moments later a couple of TSG serials turned up - good timing. 0200 - Home time I'm keen to hear how any of you would have dealt with the traffic stop differently - like I say it was a first for me and having it escalate into a "pursuit" clearly wasn't ideal. I'll post the outcome once the case is closed. Will
  2. I have to admit I've not seen it all yet. At about the 7 minute mark of part one and am in stitches! Part 1 Part 2
  3. Jimbo26

    Lioness Law

    Came across one of these the other night. Seems to be a twist on the Freeman on the Land thing. Called Lioness Law http://www.thelioness.co.uk/ I particularly liked her warnings which effectively say, pay me £20 and you're on your own. IMPORTANT: The Lioness is not qualified to give legal advice; she does not give legal advice and will not enter into correspondence regarding any individulal legal problem. Information contained on this website is NOT a substitute for legal advice. There is NO guarantee that the Lioness Law will work as intended. This is work in progress. Registering your details on the database or purchasing any item signifies that you agree and understand this. Research is ongoing and as you re probably aware, these matters are being tested in court. It is a slow process and with many pitfalls - mainly financial.
  4. American woman attempts to use "free inhabitant" nonsense to claim she has all the rights of a citizen without having to obey any laws. Spoiler: it doesn't go well for her.
  5. Sort of reminds me of a scenario we had on the old forums where a council warden followed a man into his place work where he has refused details - weird... Now as someone who has dealt with a similar incident (granted I wasn't recorded) I came very close to arresting the individual who refused details to the council wardens and then to me when initially requested - that was sorted when I effectively said I wasn't bluffing and he would come down to custody if he didn't furnish who he was, this cop I feel frankly could have done better - nothing against the bloke but after three times of a man refusing his address, he'd have come in for me. I've got two council wardens telling me they have seen the man commit an offence, there is video evidence of an offence, he's been identified to me and he's refusing to provide his details when spoken to? Definitely coming down to the police station. I cannot quite understand the ending, he initially states he 'believes' the bloke has committed a crime then at the end walks off and says "I'll come back up and speak to the enforcement officers if there is an offence that has been committed..." - You've already done that... For your viewing pleasure:
  6. Hi all, Currently going through my training for SC (Home Learning Stage) and I do see a lot of these types of videos claiming about Common Law and not having to provide info, not consenting, doesn't believe in acts etc. It will be a question I take up with our trainers when we start the practical & classroom side of things but wanted some info from the guys already on the street. It's a fairly long video (Got to 15mins and then moved on) but the long and short was that this gentleman was stopped and refused to provide details. I'm sure this will come up at some point but for those out there Policing, what would be the best way to handle a scenario like this? It just seems to go round in circles. Appreciate ​any info / help given... Apologies if this video has been posted before!
  7. James255

    PCSO vs a freeman

    I know that this man is a well known freeman on Youtube, but it's pretty annoying to hear PCSOs or Police officers wrongly say on video, that it's illegal to film them.
  8. There's a story here in the mirror where it appears that police have smashed a van window to obtain keys, open the door and arrest the driver. They appear to have reached an impasse where the driver won't give details and is filming them through a window. He also appears to be using a Freeman "quote me the legislation, that's an act and not a law" If we can ignore the fact that the actual incident depicted is in Scotland and assume it was England & Wales Law for the sake of discussion. I understand section 163 - power to stop and obtain details of a driver of a vehicle. I think that when these are refused the man is arrestable under section 24 of PACE. I understand section 117 of pace - power to use force if necessary My question is whether are there any other considerations with regard to using force against the vehicle (i.e. the power of entry). Thanks, Steve __________________________________________________________________________________ Watch moment police officer smashes protesting van driver's window and takes his keys 22:02, 17 March 2015 By David Taylor A video has emerged of a police officer smashing the window of a van after the driver refuses to get out. The footage starts with the white van man using what is believed to be a mobile phone to record two officers in his wing mirror as he sits by the side of a busy road. One officer then approaches the vehicle and says: "Can I ask you just to confirm for the last time, you are not going to give us your details." The man refuses, asking the Police Scotland officer to cite the law which requires him to do so - while also refusing the cop's request to step out of the van, our Scottish sister paper the Daily Record reported. The officer then tells the man he is going to be arrested, before smashing a driver side window, and reaching in to take the keys out of the ignition which then he uses to open the door. The driver then says: “You canny be doing that, like" before he is pulled from the van. The 90-second clip titled ‘Don’t try to get smart with a Scottish police officer’ has caused a stir on social media, and has had over 21,000 views since it was posted on LiveLeak a few days ago. It is not clear where or when the clip was filmed, and ends as the driver is being bundled out of the van. Police Scotland have been contacted for comment but have not yet replied. Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/watch-moment-police-officer-smashes-5353241
  9. Just came across this on YouTube. It is footage from a police worn body camera that, from reading the description on YouTube, the defendant obtained from CPS because he is choosing to represent himself at court. Thoughts? I assume that we can't de-arrest someone that has been sprayed, even if the necessity/offence no longer remains?? Good after care given for the use of captor spray I thought
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