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Found 20 results

  1. Wwe_316

    BB guns

    Evening all Just wondering would a BB gun or something similair need to be made safe via a firearms team ? I'm only new but we got an issue on my patch with car windows being smashed possibly by these guns .
  2. So the law says now they can enter premises if they suspect a breach, but can they force entry?
  3. So, The THE POLICING AND CRIME Act is coming in December 2017 and will change the powers and procedures of the 136 & 135 mental health act significantly. Just wondering if your force is aware and has done anything about it? Ours has been working hard, but not really got anywhere. https://mentalhealthcop.wordpress.com covers all the changes pretty well. Key points - you can 136 in private and have a power of entry. (not dwelling) No children to police station under 136, ever. Not for any reason. Only 24h for assessment, rather than 72. Important - 2
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/oct/19/smacking-children-to-be-banned-in-scotland#comments This debate seems to have reared its head again following the announcement about the change to the law in Scotland. I have to say I don’t agree with it at all, of course people have their views on how to discipline children and what is best for their kids. I’m not sure criminalising people is going to help anything at all. What is typical of this sort of story is other than a sound bite and people patting each other on the back it does very little other than cause issues for many
  5. We've recently had a circulation going around reminding us of our responsibility to use our power to inspect vehicles that we seize for no insurance / otherwise in accordance / s59. Having emailed a few people I can't seem to get a straight answer from anybody. Usually when seizing a car I usually get the driver to show me all the compartments so I can note down what is being left. Does anyone know if there is an actual power that could be used in this instance and what do your forces have as standard practice for this?
  6. According to all documented evidence of UK law that I have seen, in the UK you can carry a knife, legally, which has smaller than 3 inch blade, does fold and doesn't lock into the open position. Why do I recall seeing posters somewhere saying something about carrying a knife with no other info other than mentioning average jail times? Am I missing something here? The only way I could rationalize it is that maybe the posters are to hopefully get kids or who ever, to stop carrying illegal knives maybe to make the streets safer? As part of my EDC I have all kinds of useful gadgets and gizmo'
  7. Above is the Oath of Office taken by police officers in England. My question: When police officers take their oath of office to deal with people in accordance with law (i.e. common law/law of the land), how can police officers enforce acts of Parliament? It's not what they are there for according to the oath.
  8. miffy

    Assault or Battery?

    So during my training, we've come across the definitions and I am confused what is the difference is and how to visualise these. Which offence is consider more severe? Assault: " An assault is any act where a person intentionally or recklessly causes another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful personal violence" Battery: "Battery is where a person intentionally or recklessly applies unlawful force to another person"
  9. Tim

    Judge John Deed

    What does anyone think of the TV series Judge John Deed? I never miss an episode, (the fact Caroline Langrishe is in it is purely coincidental ). Storylines seem a bit OTT with Deed's ex and current / ex lover before him, but its good fun to watch. Martin Shaw seems to bring whatever part he plays come to life and really makes you believe he really is the character he's playing.
  10. Sir Penguin

    Public transport offences

    I have a shift next week and it will be working with the bus companies in the city centre to tackle anti social behaviour and other crimes on bus routes and at the stations. A question for those more experienced or anyone who has experience in this area. What offences am I likely to come across? This will be my first time doing a shift that only relates around public transport so it will be new to me and I'd like to brush up on a few areas before I'm let loose!
  11. I'm glad this has been put on the back burner for now, the Scottish Government didn't seem to have any clear plans for what to do after abolishing the requirement for corroboration and turning the Scottish legal system on its head. I'm sure we will see this proposal brought up again and I'm a bit disappointed a number of other provisions that are going to effectively make our legal system much more like that down south are going to be included.
  12. Hi guys, Often, when having stopped people or whatever in the process of investigating an offence, they will get their phone's out and call somebody for seemingly innocent reasons, or their phone will ring and they will go to answer it. I have always been told to get them to put the phone away in case they are signalling their mates to come round to where they are, or if they are colluding with somebody in order to disrupt our investigation of an offence. However, this got me thinking. So far, everybody i have told to put their phone away has apologised and put it away immediately. But lets sa
  13. A family's private CCTV cameras caught a toddler's horrendous hit-and-run, but what are the potential pitfalls of filming outside your house? It's every family's nightmare. Toddler Lucie Wilding was following her mother to the car to go on the school run when she was hit by a cyclist who was riding on the pavement, and dragged along the floor. The cyclist fell off his bike, before riding away without an apology. Lucie escaped with cuts and bruises - and the whole thing was captured on the family's home CCTV. The horrific footage powerfully shows the dangers of cycling on pavements, and has pla
  14. These know it alls, really get me angry! Well handled by the officer I say.
  15. To prevent a complete hijack of @Krycek topic of thought I'd start a new one as I'd never herd the term before. As I understand it they have no actual legal status and are perhaps slightly bias towards the protesters. Has anyone had any dealings? Positive or negative experiences?
  16. There's a story here in the mirror where it appears that police have smashed a van window to obtain keys, open the door and arrest the driver. They appear to have reached an impasse where the driver won't give details and is filming them through a window. He also appears to be using a Freeman "quote me the legislation, that's an act and not a law" If we can ignore the fact that the actual incident depicted is in Scotland and assume it was England & Wales Law for the sake of discussion. I understand section 163 - power to stop and obtain details of a driver of a vehicle. I think
  17. Marty McFly

    Section 12 licensing act 1872

    From reading the act it is an offence to be drunk... Is this still in force and if so is there a power of arrest?
  18. sheepmouse91

    Swearing at the police?

    Hi, im new to the forum. Just curious as to whats so wrong with swearing at the police and why do people get arrested for it? Is it because the police dont want to seem to look like pushovers and are just using there power? Thanks for any responses
  19. liamhopkins87

    Scottish Law

    Hi guys, My first post on here so please bear with, I am through to the assesment centre for Grampian Police which i am chuffed about. I am however at a slight disadvantage in the sense that, I live in England and for the past 25 years have lived by english law. Does anybody have any good websites or suggestions on scottish law differences. In my interview they pointed out that this is an area I need to look into. I plan to go up to Aberdeen a few days before my interview and have organised meetings with current police officers just to try and gather information more than anything. Any hel

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