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Found 19 results

  1. According to the Denver Post, gunfire broke out as Sheriff's deputies responded to calls of a disturbance at a landscaped apartment complex around 5am local time. https://news.sky.com/story/multiple-officers-down-in-colorado-shooting-11191040 Very sad news hope this is quickly resolved without further had.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-38712776
  3. This week there has been yet another spate of police officers shooting black males (some of whom may have been unarmed) causing further racial tension with the communities they serve. Whether they are right to shoot or not I'm not gonna be the armchair judge, I've been in lots of situations where others might have seen my actions as disproportionate yet I was able to justify them due to circumstances that couldn't be seen by the onlookers or any MOP watching a video. What I do find rather unpleasant though is in a lot of these videos there is a very noticeable lack of aftercare. The cops just seem to handcuff then step back. No trauma first aid, no basic ELS, not even any CPR. I don't know if this is a lack of training, a lack of compassion or just dept policy. Either way it looks to outsiders looking in that these cops just don't care that they have potentially killed another human being (hell even if the officer that shot the firearm steps back then surely their colleagues can move forward and administer some aid). I think that this adds to the tension and makes it look like these cops have no consideration for the lives of the people they just shot (especially if that person is just a child). I was wondering if anyone with experience of US policing could enlighten me if this is standard across the board
  4. Police hunt after shootings in Michigan 21 February 2016 From the section US & Canada US police hunt for suspect in Michigan town of Kalamazoo after multiple deaths in shootings This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. If you want to receive Breaking News alerts via email, or on a smartphone or tablet via the BBC News App then details on how to do so are available on this help page. You can also follow @BBCBreaking on Twitter to get the latest alerts. View the full article
  5. Another mass shooting in the US, more dead... The Police department released the radio audio from the pursuit, harrowing stuff, multiple shots fired, panic in the cops voices, utterly shocking. Shootout Audio
  6. A woman in her 80s has died after being shot by a fellow octogenarian resident at a care home in Essex, police have said. Police have begun a murder inquiry and a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Police said the victim and the alleged assailant were residents in the home. Officers were called to De La Mer House care home in Naze Park Road, Walton-on-the-Naze, at about 09:00 GMT after reports a woman was seriously injured. When armed police arrived, staff had already taken the weapon off a man in his 80s and locked it away. 'Security tight' Det Ch Insp Simon Werrett, of Essex Police, said: "At this stage we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation and our inquiries are ongoing." Mr Werrett said the two people were known to each other, but he would not confirm the relationship. He also would not elaborate on the type of weapon used. Police said the premises were being guarded while forensic searches were conducted. Nearby resident and retired financial adviser John Knights said security was tight at the care home. He said: "My mother had to go into De La Mer about two years ago, and I can tell you that it was quite tricky to get in and out of there. "You couldn't just go up to the building and get in. You needed a security code to get in. It had electronic key pads on the door, so to get inside you needed to know those." A spokeswoman for the care home said there would be no comment until staff had spoken to police. Douglas Carswell, the UKIP MP for the area, said he was "very shocked". He said: "If you have got a loved one in a care home, you expect them to be safe. Walton-on-the-Naze is supposed to be one of the most peaceful and tranquil places there is. Of all the places you expect this to happen, this is the last." BBC: Full story I must say that I am absolutely shocked by this, but what shocked me more was that I read this story out to my wife and she wasn't shocked at all. I asked her why and she said that this level of violence against other people is normal nowadays - I find it truly shocking that acts like this are now being accepted as normal.
  7. Breaking news on twitter that has just hit BBC, all from the last 10 mins (19:35) California shooting: Victims reported 4 minutes ago From the sectionUS & Canada Image copyrightAP Shooting in San Bernardino, California, up to 20 victims reported, according to Fire Department
  8. At least 18 people have been killed in several shootings in the French capital, Paris, as well as explosions at the Stade de France. At least one man opened fire with an automatic gun at the Petit Cambodge restaurant in the 11th district. Liberation newspaper reports four deaths. It also reports shootings near the Bataclan arts centre. Three explosions are also reported outside a bar near the Stade de France, where France were hosting Germany. Reports say French President Francois Hollande was watching the match and has been moved to safety. A BBC journalist at the Petit Cambodge restaurant says he can see 10 people on the road either dead or seriously injured. He says police have now arrived and sealed off the area. An eyewitness told Liberation he had heard more than 100 rounds being fired. It says the gunman has fled the scene. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34814203 Still breaking news. Twitter is reporting possible suicide bombers involved also. Not good at all.
  9. Three police officers escaped injury when a submachine gun was fired as they carried out inquiries. At least 14 shots were discharged from the semi-automatic weapon, damaging an unmarked police vehicle. Submachine gun fired at police officers in north-west London The Guardian http://gu.com/p/4dkhp?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  10. Police Constable 1

    Irish police officer shot and killed

    Gardaí are investigating an incident in Co Louth this evening during which a member of the gardaí and at least one other person were shot dead. http://www.rte.ie/news/2015/1011/734027-louth-shooting/ From the article, the officer attended a domestic incident and was shot.
  11. A man was shot by police after officers twice used a Taser to try to restrain him, Scotland Yard has said. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/oct/08/london-police-shoot-man-after-taser-shocks-had-no-effect
  12. More people are likely to die in shootings unless firearms rules are overhauled, a watchdog has warned. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabularies said it was easier to own a gun than become a bus driver because of flaws in medical checks. The HMIC said the licensing system for England and Wales has fundamental gaps and previous recommendations for reforms had not been acted on. Only four of 11 forces it inspected were effectively monitoring licences. As of March last year, 734,336 people were entitled to possess and use shotguns or rifles under the legal system for licensing and certificating firearms in England and Wales. In total, these people owned more than 1.8m guns. Gun crime is very low in the UK - and murders and manslaughters involving shootings are relatively rare. There were 29 in the year to March 2014 - and three of those involved a legally held firearm. Stephen Otter, the inspector behind the report, said that while evidence showed that licensed gun holders were very unlikely to be involved in crime, cases where individuals did shoot themselves or others, such as in domestic disputes, often had medical conditions at their root. "It is highly likely that if these processes are not tightened up satisfactorily, there will be another tragedy, particularly if you look at mental health and growing issues around dementia," he said. "Too often, forces are not following the Home Office guidance that is in place, sometimes inexcusably compromising public safety. Lessons from past tragedies have not always been learnt and this fails the victims of those events, including their families, unacceptably." Gun ownership in England and Wales151, 413 firearms certificates on issue as of March 2014 - typically meaning sports rifles582,923 shotgun certificates on issue1,837,243 shotguns and firearms licensed72% increase in licensed firearms between 1998 and 2014260 certificates revoked as a result of a review and 949 applications refused Each police force oversees licensing in its area - but the HMIC said the national guidelines were being inconsistently and inadequately applied and lessons from past tragedies had not always been learnt. Applicants must disclose any relevant medical condition and give the police permission to speak to their GP. However, doctors don't have to respond to the police request - and in practice many licences are issued without policing having completed full medical checks or speaking to referees. The HMIC said that these gaps in the rules meant someone applying to become a bus driver faced more rigorous medical checks than someone who wanted a gun. It called on all applicants to be subjected to a mandatory medical examination as part of their application - and said doctors should be under a duty to record gun ownership and, critically, alert the police to any relevant deterioration in health. Policing minister Mike Penning said: "The Government keeps the firearms licensing system under review to safeguard against abuse by criminals and to preserve public safety. "Discussions are already under way with the police and the medical profession to ensure appropriate arrangements for information sharing between GPs and police." Flaws in medical checks 'could lead to shootings, watchdog warns - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34248179 Sorry folks correct link now added :-)
  13. A man has been shot by armed police in Essex following reports he was carrying two firearms. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-34126128 Essex Police said officers were called to Knights Way in Great Dunmow at about 22:00 BST on Tuesday. The man, who was left with leg injuries, is the first person to be shot by Essex officers in more than 30 years, the head of the force confirmed. A police spokesman said a 48-year-old man from Great Dunmow had been arrested in relation to firearms offences. The shooting has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said it had been 31 years since Essex Police last shot someone. "My officers train incredibly well for this. We'll give this to the IPCC. It's right that when we do shoot someone, we get held to account," he said. He added officers did not believe the incident was connected to anything else, and people living in Great Dunmow "need to be reassured we've got it all under control". I hope all goes well for the officers involved 30 years is a long time not have tested your post incident procedures. No doubt some ill informed newspaper will be asking why these officers shot to wound, whilst others don't. But it's a little tricky to communicate with a subject and move positions without tripping over whilst looking through a scope. Shooting low is very common for a number of reasons subject moving as shot is fired, weapons being 'off aim' to allow better communication/vision and threat suddenly changing to name a few.
  14. Remmy

    Man shot dead by police.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-34105801 A man has been shot dead by police in London. The man was shot outside a property in Cedar Road, Enfield, shortly before 23:50 BST on Sunday, the Met Police said. A spokesman said the man, described as white and believed to be in his 40s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers had earlier been called to a property in Barnet amid reports of a man, in possession of what was believed to be a gun, making threats to kill. A non-police firearm was recovered from the scene in Cedar Road, the force said. The incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for investigation.
  15. Don't pull guns on cops... SGT Green's footage, the other officer on scene. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
  16. A white South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder after video emerged of him shooting a black man running away from him. State investigators arrested North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on Tuesday after viewing the mobile phone video of the shooting. Authorities say victim Walter Lamer Scott was shot after the officer had already targeted him with a stun gun. The US Department of Justice is set to launch an investigation. "When you're wrong, you're wrong," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said, announcing the arrest. "When you make a bad decision, I don't care if you're behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision." Police officers in the US fatally shoot and kill hundreds of people each year, but only a handful of cases result in the officer facing criminal charges. The incident on Saturday began after Scott's car was stopped for having a broken rear light, local media reported. A video of the incident published by the New York Times shows a brief scuffle before Scott begins running away. The video then shows the officer firing several shots at Scott, who falls to the ground. The Post and Courier newspaper of Charleston reported that Mr Scott had been arrested about 10 times, mostly for failing to pay child support or show up for court hearings. Mr Scott's brother, Anthony, told the Post and Courier that he believed his brother fled from Mr Slager because he owed child support. Anthony Scott said that because of the video, "we have received the truth" and "through the process, justice has been served". Chris Stewart, a lawyer for Scott's family, called the passer-by who recorded the video a "hero". The shooting occurred as heightened scrutiny is being placed on police officer shootings, particularly those that involve white officers and unarmed black suspects. A grand jury declined to indict Ferguson, Missouri officer Darren Wilson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown last August, leading to nationwide protests. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32213482
  17. source I don't even know what to say about this one...
  18. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2999731/Chilling-moment-cops-shot-dead-mentally-disabled-man-wielding-screwdriver-caught-body-camera.html Video in the source (mods, I'm not sure how to embed if you can help).
  19. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/12/us-usa-missouri-shooting-protest-idUSKBN0M80CJ20150312 Theres quite a few videos showing the shooting. This is a photo from the immediate aftermath. Are we expecting numerous protests deploring the shooting of these two officers? Yeah who am I kidding
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