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Found 3 results

  1. Looking at many of the threads on the site, the mega changes and difficulties faced by the police service, is it time for a Royal Commission on Policing to have an extensive look at our work, how we are organised, how we protect the public and how we are protected. Money is tight and like most organisations the police need to fin better ways of doing things. I think we need a Royal Commission to independently review policing and perhaps look at the following areas 1. Regionalisation of forces. Although many elements of policing have been amalgamated, can we work more efficiently and bring to bear greater resources by adopting a full regionalisation program, with a minimum force size of 10,000 officers 2. Should the police be routinely armed? If not what proportion should be and whether all officers should be equipped with Taser? 3. PCSO and special constabulary. Should the police service have a paid reserve, similar to what they have in NI. What is the value of having PCSOs, should they be disbanded and resources redirected into regular officer or they be given additional powers and used more effectively. 4. Is there a need for a national motorway policing service, which is also fully armed providing additional ARV responses to forces. 5. Should there be a national infrastructure police service. 6. Should there be a single national uniform/equipment standard with all officer dressed and equipped the same except for insignia 7. Should PCCs be disbanded and replaced with regional bodies to oversee policing 8. How should officers be trained? Do they need a degree or should regionalised training make a return with officers undertaking an intense residential training programmes. 9. What are the merits of a direct entry scheme for Inspector, Superintendent, Chief officer level. 10. What role and function should private specialist forces have in the 21st century, and are there areas which might benefit from an expansion, reducing the pressure on local police forces? 11. Is there a case for amalgamation between police and fire services and other emergency services? These are not necessary my own views but some of the area I think may benefit from having an indepth look at.
  2. Looking at the number concerns raised around the quality/quantity of PST I start to wonder what is actually being delivered by different forces. Within the cathedral constabularies we receive two full days annually of PST, which generally covers unarmed techniques, rigid handcuffs and tactical baton training. Although these are repeated on every occasion they occasionally include cell/vehicle extraction (not that we have any), leg restraints etc. We do not have PAVA so don't cover this. We also have a written knowledge check test which must be passed along with competency assessment. We receive separate first aid training so this does not form part of PST. From some Home Office force colleagues I have spoken to it appears some officers only get one day annual refresher and in one force this includes first aid. Now the quality of instruction we receive is excellent, however, I think two days annually is insufficient, never mind one. I just wondered what the picture was nationally, and if officers are receiving only one day training annually isn't it any wonder injuries to officers are sky high. I know some posters are PST instructors so I would particularly welcome hearing from them.
  3. Absolutely love doing PST/OST. Especially when you put everything together and do scenarios at the end. I wouldnt mind doing something like this on a regular basis, not just 2 day every year, so started reading up on Krav Maga. Anyone here take part in Krav Maga can shed some light on whether its similar to the unarmed self defence were all taught?