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Newb special on response

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PURSUIT :D Traffic attachment 2 and 3 of 3




during day 2 we just seized some vehicles and did some TORs ;), Bit boring to describe that for a few hours ( but i enjoyed it ;) )

Day 3:


     Length of Service:3 months 

     Planned Hours:0700x1500

     Type of Shift:Traffic

0700; Gear up at breifing, get out callsign and my colleague/prep the car

**** head out for an operation

 ****car known for someone wanted and recent fail to stops is spotted and we begin responding along with other units.

**** arrive at a location to await dispatch from helicopter

**** dispatched to go stop car, car fails to stop and we and another unit begin pursuit

went a long time following directions from helicopter (would of not been possible without the heli), eventually car the person was caught and arrested. As much as I'd love to go into more detail of how AWESOME the pursuit was, also i've removed times/details :P :( 

lost track of time between now and approximately 1300 when we were booking him into custody...there was a long wait. 

1430 back to the office to compelte paperwork

1550 paperwork complete home time


Traffic cops got nothing on me after this, the drivers of the vehicle(s) showed some incredible skill and resiliance, traffic do actually do something :P 


Most exhilerating shift ive ever had... by far. How i refer to being a special ; "it's like watching traffic cops, except then someone asks you what to do". Well this was literally my traffic cops day :P 




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Quick read and I'm lost already :)

Did its job :D, Long story short: Hour and a half pursuit around the countryside on my last traffic shift :D

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Did its job :D, Long story short: Hour and a half pursuit around the countryside on my last traffic shift :D

Ah, I see! Why you didn't say so ;)

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Ah, I see! Why you didn't say so ;)

Makes life too easy doesn't it ;) , gotta make some work for myself :P 

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