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Newb special on response

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Traffic attachment 1 of 3 .. I like traffic





     Length of Service:3 months 

     Planned Hours:0700x1500

     Type of Shift:Traffic

the Bobby I was with said this was a slow shift even with us trying to be proactive.

0650: arrive to kit up and sign on before briefing 

0700 grab our vehicle and kit it out, check everything's working 

0715 joint special ops briefing

0730 briefing ends

07:45 quick catch up and were off

0815 arrive on the south bank of the force where we are today and drop some stuff off at the local Nick, and head up to park on some popular roads to monitor.

09:20 been around a few spots and a bit of a drive when we find a chap without a seatbelt, pull him over and issue a ticket (TOR).

10:25 head off to see if we can catch some speeders, get the speed gun out when..

10:30 call of debris lane 2 on the motorway so we head off for that, the torque on the bmws is immense. In the time you overtake a few cars you're almost topping triple figures.

10:40 empty motorway and we hit 155, first time I've done this so I had a nice grin on my face..

10:45 rolling road block on and road checked, debris has cleared itself to off the carriage way, resume with patrol back to our speed gun spot 

12:00 nothing found so refs

12:45 resume patrol with another patrol in convey, heading to a popular road to try some get MOT/Tax/Insureance hits, drive around then head back to the nick

1500 arrive at the Nick and go home :D 


pretty boring shift but was a lot different and I really enjoyed it :D


12:00 refs

12:45 head back out

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