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A new special on response, from the busiest station in the area.

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If there's ever a time I thought I was going to die..

I'm sure you're all very familiar with the last weeks news of Daily shootings, Mass shootings and such incidents.   I'll try and set the scene for what follows, Me and my colleague are both walking through the busy town centre, 10;45am on the lovely sunny Monday morning Begining our shift. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, we'd done a loop of the town and began to walk through the centre past, just past the local food places. A Member of the public leaned in as if to say something, whil



PURSUIT :D Traffic attachment 2 and 3 of 3

during day 2 we just seized some vehicles and did some TORs , Bit boring to describe that for a few hours ( but i enjoyed it ) Day 3: Rank:SC      Length of Service:3 months       Planned Hours:0700x1500      Type of Shift:Traffic 0700; Gear up at breifing, get out callsign and my colleague/prep the car **** head out for an operation  ****car known for someone wanted and recent fail to stops is spotted and we begin responding along with other units. **** arrive at a location to await d



Traffic attachment 1 of 3 .. I like traffic

Rank:SC      Length of Service:3 months       Planned Hours:0700x1500      Type of Shift:Traffic the Bobby I was with said this was a slow shift even with us trying to be proactive. 0650: arrive to kit up and sign on before briefing  0700 grab our vehicle and kit it out, check everything's working  0715 joint special ops briefing 0730 briefing ends 07:45 quick catch up and were off 0815 arrive on the south bank of the force where we are today and drop some stuff off at the local Nick,



My first response blog

Rank:SC      Length of Service: 2 Months      Planned Hours:1400x2300      Type of Shift:Response (IRT) 1400: Arrive in breifing to have a superintendant drop by, brieifing complete, and he begins to discuss force model and any questions we may have.  14:30 inspector comes in to tell us we have a few calls waiting, we all grab our vehicles and sgt reads out who we're paired with. I'm working with someone i've never worked with before (I'm yet to ever work with the same person twice :P) Love



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