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Found 19 results

  1. A digital forensics expert has slammed a police advert calling for volunteers to work with 'indecent images'. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/outrage-police-post-advert-indecent-16416408
  2. Fairness and not political correctness key to building 'best' diverse forces today, argues chief Cash-strapped West Midlands pays £1,500 for talk to senior command team on 'white identity'. Dr Robert Beckford: Learning from 'whiteness studies' A chief has defended the decision to invite an academic to lecture approaching 100 senior officers about “white privilege and identity”, landing the biggest regional force in the UK with her a £1,500 bill. Chief constable Dave Thompson is adamant his West Midlands force currently “does not reflect” the communities serving the second-most ethnically diverse region in the country. And he swatted away critics complaining the police today is “obsessed with political correctness”, insisting instead that what mattered was a “fundamental issue of fairness”. Last month’s force saw Dr Robert Beckford, a professor of theology and culture at Canterbury Christ Church University and former Birmingham University lecturer, talk to the force’s senior command team. Dr Beckford said the leadership conference lecture – titled What can we learn from critical whiteness studies? – explored how policing can learn from the cultural politics of whiteness studies within the UK. CC Thompson, policing’s national finance lead, said Dr Beckford is a leading national academic, discussing an established and researched academic subject that was used to invite senior leaders to discuss “how our current demographics reflect how we work”. Although paid for out of the force’s training budget, the chief officer argued: “It was an excellent and challenging input. He stressed: “Making sure we are fair to all our staff and communities is at the heart of what West Midlands Police needs to do. “I will not shy away from challenging our force to be the best we can be – for everyone.” While one of the most diverse areas in the country, the chief constable said the “force does not reflect this” with only around 11 per cent of officers from minority groups against the region’s 30 per cent ethnic population. He added: “We must do better. And I am committed to changing this by recruiting and promoting a more diverse workforce. “I want the force to look like the public we serve. “We simply have to do this as our region is changing rapidly and we won’t be a fair and legitimate service if we don’t change too. “This means investing in diversity and inclusion strategies and the staff to deliver this, positive action programmes and national support for staff networks. “It also means challenging our leaders. “I am aware some people feel this is about the police being obsessed with political correctness. It isn’t. It is a fundamental issue of fairness.” While not an expert in policing or criminology, Dr Beckford said he taught students to think how their identities impacted on their professions. Last month the force paused its application process after being accused of blocking white male officers from promotion to give women and ethnic minority candidates a better chance. It aspires to achieving “closer to 30 per cent black, Asian and minority ethnic and 50 per cent female representation of the West Midlands”, according to the force’s People and Organisation Development department. Dr Beckford reportedly took officers who attended the lecture through the research on the history of white identities, and how “whiteness works”. The audience was “incredibly engaged”, according to Dr Beckford as he discussed how forces across the globe are becoming much more inclusive, not only in terms of ethnicity but also on gender and sexuality. He said the force was not attempting anything unique – merely recognising that good policing requires diversity at work. View On Police Oracle
  3. This was the astonishing scene outside a Birmingham hospital as a dozen police officers were taken away from frontline duties looking after prisoners or vulnerable people. A picture of the car park at City Hospital showed three cars and three vans outside early on Thursday. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/look-crazy-scene-12-police-15265775
  4. Hi All, Having applied for a police staff role last year I finally got an interview this July, was successful and was offered a position the same day pending background checks. Its to work as a Dispatch officer for West Midlands Police Force Contact Team. Having sent all of my application forms / medical reports etc the same week I was hoping for a start date sometime this year. I had my medical the end of August, all that was checked was my hearing and they took samples of my hair for drug testing. I am now waiting for communication from the recruitment department to tell me all checks have come back and to request to contact my current employer for a reference. Every couple of weeks i'm calling to get an update but it appears to be the same response every time, "back ground checks still on-going". After todays telephone call of checking for an update I was told that the next start date for training is November but positions are filling up quickly, after this it'll be January. I think I've been waiting for some time now and am getting frustrated with not knowing a start date, so close to Christmas, I would love to know where I stand so I can plan things. Is anybody else in the same situation or recently has been? Many thanks
  5. West Midlands Police is examining its options around fitness testing. Other forces, such as Northamptonshire (pictured), moved to the shuttle run years ago Date - 22nd August 2018 By - Ian Weinfass - Police Oracle 6 Comments A force claims it faces a £200,000 annual bill to get all its officers to take the job related fitness test. West Midlands Police has just ended a trial where a number of its officers took the national standard 15 metre bleep test. It had previously had officers take a step test involving walking up and down on the spot; however this is not a College of Policing approved method. While some 470 officers have taken the new test in the last three months, the 6,500-strong force says it does not have enough room to put all personnel through the approved test. Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: “Introducing the test as per the trial could mean hiring spaces outside of force estate, which current enquiries suggest could cost upwards of £200,000 a year − a figure we seriously have to consider when there are competing demands, not least a desire for more frontline officers. “We continue to offer support through our wellbeing and occupational health teams to ensure all officers are maintaining the expected level of fitness, so we are healthy and capable of doing the demanding roles that are asked of us. “We should all be fit to work, regardless of the role we perform, and we continue to work with the College of Policing and the Police Federation to determine the best ways of ensuring our officers are fit and able, without such significant impact on people and the organisation." The force has recently been at the forefront of complaints about cuts to police budgets with CC Thompson recently telling the BBC that the public isn’t always getting the service it expects. Formal fitness testing will continue for those who are in specialist or public order roles, while other options are explored, a force spokesman said. She added: “None of our existing establishment, has the size [or] scope needed as required by the College of Policing. “We are aiming to source venues across our area, to reduce the time officers need to be taken away from their usual duties.” The recent pilot took place at the force’s training base and another building in the force area, and the spokesman said feedback from officers is being assessed. The College of Policing had not responded to a request for comment before this article went live. The West Midlands Police Federation declined to comment on the issue View On Police Oracle
  6. Head of West Midlands force and PCC warn over cuts. CC David Thompson and PCC David Jamieson It is an "inescapable conclusion" that cuts to policing are endangering the public, the police and crime commissioner for one of England's biggest police forces has said. West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said fewer officers to deal with rising crime is a "deadly equation". His comments come as the force's chief constable said the "reality" of modern-day policing means the public are sometimes not getting the service they expect. Chief Constable David Thompson said demand on his force was increasing, with cuts across all public services meaning more vulnerable people were coming into contact with the police. Warning that the "list" of crimes that needed to be investigated, including modern-day slavery and gang crime, was increasing, he admitted that it had left policing in a position that was "not sustainable". He told the BBC: "The level of calls we're receiving this summer are very challenging [and] sometimes that service that we're providing [at] those peak times doesn't meet what the public expect. "We may be dealing with it over the phone where they would like to see us, and I'm sorry about that but that is the reality of where policing is now. "And on some occasions [...] the service will not meet what I want it to do and it will not meet the response that the public absolutely will want when they're at a time of vulnerability." He added that the force was "drawing the bar higher" on what it would investigate, but stressed that this did not refer to offences such as serious assaults. Mr Jamieson said work which was routine in the past, such as officers visiting homes after a burglary, or an officer being present after a person had their car broken into, are duties that are becoming "increasingly difficult". He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "This year, with the warmer weather, we have just been inundated by violent crime and we're seeing homicides going up rapidly. "The homicide team in the West Midlands is actually at bursting point at the moment dealing with the many serious incidents they've had. "Add to that the sexual and domestic crime which has been much more important in the public's mind in the last one or two years. "We really are at a point now where it's extremely difficult to see how we can sustain what the public would call an acceptable level of policing." Asked if cuts to police funding in recent years are endangering the public, he replied: "I think that's the inescapable conclusion. "And I leave your listeners to work this out. You know, we have far fewer officers, we're not able to deal with all the incidents we could deal with. It's a deadly equation, isn't it?" He said officers were left frustrated that they are not "able to provide the service that they would really like to". The Home Office says total investment in the police system will be increased by more than £460 million in 2018-19, with West Midlands Police receiving a cash increase of £9.9 million compared with 2017-18. Home Secretary Sajid Javid used his first major speech after his appointment in May to offer an olive branch to rank-and-file personnel, following years of acrimony over funding cuts and staffing reductions. He pledged to provide "tools, the powers and the back-up that you need to get the job done", adding: "I am listening and I get it." View On Police Oracle
  7. Private security staff are set to guard crime scenes in the West Midlands under an initiative designed to free up police officers for catching criminals. Full Story - Birmingham Mail
  8. West Midlands Police was facing a backlog of more than 2,000 ‘open log’ crime calls this week - with unions blaming staffing cuts and an increasing demand. The cash-strapped force had clocked up the ‘unprecedented’ number of unresolved 999 and 101 reports on one day this week. Birmingham Mail Wow, 2,000 worth of calls that have not been dealt with. Not a great service. I don't understand why MPs, MoPs,are not kicking up a huge fuss, its all very well for police to moan about cuts, and have a go at the MayBot, but where are the public? Why are they not moaning to their local MPs? Why are their no marches in support of giving more money to the police? Birmingham is a pretty big place but even those who read the Birmingham Mail, such articles never get many comments. Ignorance is bliss?
  9. West Midlands Police has been warned officers are at “breaking point” after shock figures revealed 700 were off work last year with psychological disorders Full Story - Birmingham Mail This video is used in the above article, has TM ever admitted she was wrong in respect of cutting police numbers? Has she ever admitted that she was wrong to say the police fed were " crying wolf" over police cuts? Or since 2015 has she had her fingers in her ears saying blah blah blah?
  10. JohnnyLaw

    Recruitment Timeline

    Team, Was wondering if anyone knew the current timeline for recruitment, specifically with West Midlands. Had my application in for going on a month and not heard anything back and the application tab still says in Process. No news is good news however was just looking to get a ballpark figure if possible. Thanks in advance B
  11. The hero cop who led armed police during the siege of the Bartons Arms at the height of the Birmingham riots is suing West Midlands Police – after being transferred from the crackshot team to the force’s dog kennels. Full Story - Birmingham Mail
  12. An interesting blog from WMP Traffic Unit about research they have completed on Killed or Serious Injury RTC involving cyclists and why they are now going to be prosecuting more drivers for 'due care and attention' offences https://trafficwmp.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/junction-malfunction-and-a-new-dawn/#comments
  13. West Midlands Police have been accused of ‘belittling’ a pensioner after posting a video which appeared to mock her for making an emergency call. Full Story - Birmingham Mail Anyone offended by this? I can't for the life of me see why people are offended, a campaign to reduce false emergency calls, surely that is a good thong? Not sure the elderly are being picked on, i have seen other videos where the people featured are young uns, shall we be offended by that as well? Some of the comments on that article are from people who appear to live in cloud cuckoo land.
  14. Benjamon1991

    West Midlands Police PC recruitment 2015

    I thought I'd start this thread due to the lack of WMP forum activity. I had my final interview two weeks ago and I am currently waiting to hear back. I was told there were a number of intakes from November 2015 all the way though to early 2017 depending on how well candidates performed throughout the recruitment process - higher scorers starting first. Is anyone else in a similar position? It seems to me that they're leaving it very late to inform people of success with a potential November intake considering most employers will require a months notice and candidates will need to find living arrangements pretty soon! Anyone currently training with WMP may be able to shed some light on this?
  15. Man found with 38 phones arrested at Libertines gig Thursday 28 January 2016 - Updated: Friday 29 January 2016 A man was arrested at a gig in Birmingham city centre last night (27 January) after 38 mobile phones were found stuffed inside his trousers. He was spotted acting suspiciously by police at the Libertines concert at the Barclaycard Arena, along with another man who tried to get inside the venue. Both of them had their trousers taped closed at the bottom of the legs. The men, aged 30, remain in custody today (28 January) on suspicion of theft, where they continue to be questioned. The arrests formed part of a proactive operation led by Birmingham Police, set up after intelligence suggested gig-goers had been targeted at another of the band’s performances in Manchester. Inspector Gareth Morris, who oversees local policing in the city, said: “It’s an unfortunately reality that large crowds at concerts such as this make rich pickings for career criminals. “We’re hot on the heels of these offenders but you can also reduce your chances of falling victim to such crimes by remaining extra vigilant when attending busy events. “If you think you had your phone taken last night, please get in touch with us and we can check whether or not we have been able to recover it.” People are urged to record details of their mobile phones and other valuables on the national property register at www.immobilise.com, which can help police reunite stolen items with owners. Anyone with information about theft in Birmingham should call police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/latest-news/news2.aspx?id=4084 A great find especially as phones have gone missing in large numbers at multiple gigs of the same artist. I wonder if door staff should be made aware of this. Would they have the power to stop someone with bulging trousers whilst exiting?
  16. Candles

    Recruits in Training (Videos)

    The following four videos were produced by West Midlands Police and give you a glimpse of the training given to new PC recruits. Episode one
  17. Candles

    Latest News Link

    West Midlands Police Latest News page is available here; https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/latest-news/
  18. As I'm sure most of you know WMP have just closed for applications after a few weeks of being open. Anyone here applied? Sent mine off a couple of weeks ago. Good luck to everyone who has applied!
  19. Brick thrown from Coventry bridge at police car   The brick, described as a coping stone, was deliberately thrown at the police car, West Midlands Police said A brick has been thrown from a bridge, injuring two police officers as it smashed through their patrol car's windscreen. The officers were driving along the Coventry's ring road on their way to an emergency call when the coping stone was thrown late on Sunday. Both policemen were taken to hospital and treated for facial injuries. A West Midlands Police spokesman said he believed the car had been targeted deliberately, The officers, aged 49 and 27, have been discharged from hospital and are spending time at home, West Midlands Police said. Det Insp Stuart Bell said: "Not only did the mindless action of these people cause police officers having to spend a night in hospital , it also meant that someone who desperately needed our help and had dialled 999 was left vulnerable." Anyone with information is asked to contact police. Source: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-31489296

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