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Found 42 results

  1. This is the moment a snarling thug bit half an ear off a police officer in a sickening attack that landed him eight years in jail for 'using his teeth as a weapon'. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7331539/Thug-37-caught-CCTV-biting-half-police-officers-ear-jailed-eight-years.html
  2. VIDEO footage has emerged showing the show moment a man hits a policeman to the ground before ramming his car into the officer’s vehicle and speeding away along a footpath. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/994720/police-bradford-fight-grantham-road-west-midlands-police
  3. Police officers’ faith in the courts when they become victims of assault is at a low ebb after a year which saw more than 500 assaults against them. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/assaults-on-norfolk-police-officers-rise-to-515-1-5492418
  4. One of your colleagues gets fed up with an MOP who is filming them and decides to call over the radio for colleagues to teach him a lesson "deal with a suspected terrorist" by pushing him towards a wall, taking his camera away and searching him under section 43 of the Terrorism Act. You are the nearest unit but don't have any reasonable suspicion yourself that the person is a terrorist. What do you do?
  5. A man has been charged with the attempted murder of a special police constable after an assault at Plymouth railway station on Friday. http://m.plymouthherald.co.uk/man-has-been-charged-with-attempted-murder-of-police-constable/story-30165829-detail/story.html
  6. MPotter

    PCSO Assaults Cameraman

    PCSO A and his colleague PCSO B, are on duty in the local town centre doing foot patrol duties at a busy event at which point they both notice a copblocker stood there with his phone out videoing them. They approach the copblocker and PCSO A asks him nicely why he is videoing them. He does not say anything in response. PCSO A removes the phone from the copblockers hand and says that he will have the copblocker arrested unless he cooperates. The copblocker calls his bluff and again makes it clear that he won't be answering PCSO A's question at which point PCSO A hands him his phone back. PCSO B then asks politely why the copblocker is filming and he again refuses to answer. At this point PCSO A then demands the copblockers details which he does not provide. The copblocker then demands to know what law PCSO A is using before giving them up. PCSO A then replies that he doesn't need to tell him the law and makes it clear that he doesn't have to give his details, he was just having a conversation. PCSO A proceeds to continue questioning the copblocker. The copblocker continues to be obstructive and PCSO A says to the cameraman that "you know nothing" and "We'll leave you to what you're doing. You're a very pathetic young man" before walking off. The copblocker then decides to follow the PCSOs around at which point PCSO A demands the copblocker stay with him and requests that a unit attend. The copblocker asks if he is being detained to which PCSO A replies that he isn't being detained. The copblocker makes off at which point PCSO A detains him. The copblocker carries on walking at which PCSO A grabs hold of him. You arrive on scene to hear from PCSO A who explains what has happened and you find that the copblocker is still on the phone to the force control room after he called them to report he had been assaulted by a PCSO who he believed might be fake. PCSO A hands you the copblocker's phone. After he terminates the call you then hear from him that he has been assaulted. Whilst you are aware that the copblocker has committed no offence you are aware that PCSO A has assaulted him. What do you do?
  7. TheBeardedNurse

    Arrests in hospitals

    Hello All i am new to the forum. I am due to start my specials training in November with TVP. I have a question regarding arresting in hospitals; in particular within the Emergency Department. My full time job is a nurse within ED and we often get drunk aggressive patients who sometimes assault staff and shout/ swear etc. How do the police go about arresting someone who is drunk and aggressive and has punched a nurse? Do you have to take them out of the cubicle into the waiting room for a public order offence to apply etc? Just really interested to know the intracasies of it. Thanks in advance! FN
  8. miffy

    Assault or Battery?

    So during my training, we've come across the definitions and I am confused what is the difference is and how to visualise these. Which offence is consider more severe? Assault: " An assault is any act where a person intentionally or recklessly causes another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful personal violence" Battery: "Battery is where a person intentionally or recklessly applies unlawful force to another person"
  9. Marty McFly

    "Assault" By Silly String

    I was watching a troll station video were they were silly stringing met officers, and they ended up getting nicked. What would the offence be? Would it meet the threshold of unlawful violence for Common Assault/Assault Police? or would it be S.5 maybe? Just intrigued. I seem to recall some TV presenter getting the same and it ended up being a PND for S.5 IIRC in the end after the CPS knocked back a common assault charge.
  10. Astonishing footage has emerged of the moment two drug dealing thugs attacked a police officer in broad daylight at a public car park. Liverpool Echo
  11. ‘I blocked a bailiff – and paid the price’When Ronald Grant became involved in a brawl with a JBW ‘enforcement agent’ he was arrested and lost his job. He was later completely vindicated by the Crown Prosecution Service http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/aug/15/bailiff-rights-dispute-jbw-police-enforcement
  12. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/14066/Police-appeal-for-witnesses-after-assault-in-Telford
  13. cookyy2k


    I attended a job yesterday and want opinions on how you would deal with it. I wont tell you how we did until a few responses. We got called by a young male stating he had been assaulted. When we spoke to him he told us that he was walking along the road when a car pulled up, a male unknown to him approached him and punched him in the face before the second male pulled him back into the car and they drove off. He gave us the colour, make, model and VRM of the car along with a description of the two males. The punch had bust his nose and blackened his eyes. He gave a full statement and agreed he woild go court if needs be. His clothing as well as the pavement where it occured had blood splatter. There were no independant witnesses willing to get involved. We checked the local and force CCTV but it happened in a blind spot. We checked the VRM which came back to a car of the correct description with a local address. We looked at the force CCTV for the time after the incident and the car had pulled to that address at around the time it would take to get there from the incident location and two males matching the description went into the house. We went around to the address and the male matching the description of the one who threw the punch answered the door still wearing the same clothes... What do you do from here? I think we should have done differently to what we did but was with an experienced reg so discussed what to do beforhand and went with their plan due to experience.
  14. https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/12793/Witness-appeal-after-man-assaulted-at-M54-services-Shifnal
  15. Remmy

    Police officer stabbed.

    Boris Johnson, the London mayor, has said the 314 people arrested at this year’s Notting Hill carnival was “simply too many” amid concerns over a surge in knife crime. Scotland Yard is to review policing of the event after the highest number of arrests since 2008, when Europe’s biggest street festival ended in a riot. For full story please use following link http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/sep/01/notting-hill-carnival-surge-knife-crime I hope the officer makes a full and speedy recovery. Never experienced this carnival but sounds a wonderful event to be deployed to.
  16. PC Jo Moyce, who has been with the constabulary for 23 years and a dog handler for 13, was injured when she was subjected to a violent assault whist trying to detain two men. Shortly after 6am on Saturday, January 10 this year, PC Moyce was dealing with an incident involving a stolen car which had been abandoned at the junction of Foxcott Road and Charlton Road, in Andover. The handler, together with her police dog – a three-year-old German Shepherd named Mac - tracked the suspects from the car into a nearby alley when they were confronted by a Vauxhall Vivaro driving towards them. This van had been stolen by the suspects from a nearby house. The van became stuck in a hedge, trapping the driver’s door. PC Moyce ran towards the passenger door and opened the door and jumped in grabbing one of the suspects. As she did the driver started reversing with Jo hanging from the side of the vehicle. Refusing to let go, Jo was punched in the head. Jo was unable to press her emergency button due to the struggle of holding onto the suspect and disengaging the gear stick. The driver, Scott Emery, escaped the vehicle and tried to pull his accomplice, Liam Robinson, from the van but Jo kept hold of him, and was further kicked in the head – Robinson’s foot hitting her fully in the jaw. Despite this, Jo bravely managed to keep hold of one of the men until back-up arrived. The two men were subsequently arrested and charged. The Vivaro van turned out to have been stolen as a result of a nearby burglary where the keys had been stolen. Liam Robinson, 19, of Exeter Street, Salisbury, was charged with burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and assaulting a police officer. Scott Kevin Emery, 21, of Bere Hill Crescent, Andover, was charged with drink driving, burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of criminal damage. He is also charged with driving without insurance and driving without a licence. Appearing before Winchester Crown Court, both were sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment. PC Moyce, who is mum to a four-year-old boy, suffered damage to her jaw and a ‘severe whiplash’ type injury which has damaged the nerves in her neck. Jo is still receiving treatment and as such has been unable to return to work since. Speaking after the sentencing, she said: “The injuries I sustained in this attack impact everything I do. I am not even able to exercise my dogs, which is heartbreaking. Being a dog handler was a childhood dream of mine and to not be able to perform my role is absolutely devastating to me. “The actions of those two men on that day have been completely life-changing. I am desperate to resume police work with my dogs and have my active life with my family back. Whilst I am relieved to see these men jailed, I continue to live with the result of their actions and that is extremely tough.” Commenting on the sentencing, Deputy Chief Constable Graham McNulty, said: "Assaults on police officers are never acceptable. Every police officer signs up knowing that there is an element of risk to their job, yet they are still willing to put themselves, potentially, in harms way to protect our communities. "The assault on PC Moyce was a despicable and cowardly act by these two men. PC Moyce showed remarkable bravery and composure in detaining her attacker in such circumstances. She has served Hampshire Constabulary proudly for 23 years and is now having to live with the consequences of this attack when she should not have to." Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, John Apter, said: "This vicious and cowardly attack on PC Jo Moyce has left the officer with injuries which she will be suffering from long after these men are released from prison. "Any assault on a police officer is an attack on society. Although they perform a dangerous and challenging role police officers should not expect to be assaulted but if they are the Judicial System must show that there are consequences. "I hope that each day in prison is a long one and this gives them time to reflect on the gravity of what they have done." Simon Hayes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, said: “This case highlights the risks and dangers that police officers face every day while protecting people and places from crime and harm. "There is no justification for anyone to resort to violence against a police officer in the execution of their duty, and custodial sentences were rightly given. “I admire Jo’s courage, conviction and bravery. The sentences however are no compensation for the lasting and life-changing affect this has had on PC Jo Moyce and the affect it has had on what was a very promising career.” http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/news-and-appeals/2015/july/24072015-sentencing-following-assault-on-PC-Jo-Moyce
  17. Apologies if this has been posted, I had a search and couldn't find it on here. Also its not a questionnaire/or survey so posted it here. A UK Parliament petition has been set up by a retired police officer. Lets hope it gets to 10,000 or 100,000 + signatures Police officers who suffer assaults often receive significant injuries, physical and / or psychological, sometimes having long lasting effects. Recent sentences for such assaults give serious cause for concern that little, if any, regard is taken in determining appropriate sentencing of offenders. More details This petition calls for the judiciaries 'sentencing guidelines' to include a mandatory 'minimum' immediate custodial sentence (suspended sentences not being an available option), set as follows:- 3 months imprisonment – for offences tried summarily for assaults on police officers (but offences charged under Section 20, Offences Against the Person Act 1861 should become an 'Indictable only' offence for assaults on police officers). 1 years imprisonment for offences tried in the Crown Court. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/104360
  18. Apologies for the string of bad assaults on police stories, strange how they all seem to appear together in a short period of time. All pathetic sentences!
  19. PC Meurig Jones stopped the two men, from Liverpool, and found cannabis worth more than £5,000 their in car before they attacked him Liam Anthony Elms was sentenced to 30 months for assaulting a policeman, and conspiracy with intent to supply cannabis Two men who assaulted a police officer in broad daylight at a public car park have been jailed for a combined 46 months. Kalvyn McGimpsey and Liam Anthony Elms drove from Merseyside to North Wales to sell more than £5,000 worth of cannabis. The pair were approached in a car park in Menai Bridge by PC Meurig Jones, who searched McGimpsey, 24, and found a small amount of cannabis on him. North Wales Police officer PC Jones reached for a black bag in the foot well of the blue Lexus but McGimpsey grabbed it and the pair wrestled for control. Elms, 32, then put the officer in a headlock and drove him to the ground. McGimpsey, of Ardrossa Road, Anfield was able to make his escape with the bag and frantically knocked on homes in the area, asking for residents to hide him in exchange for cash. The residents refused, and at 2.45pm one concerned homeowner called the police Kalvyn McGimpsey was sentenced to 16 months Shortly afterward the fugitive was found in scaffolding in a nearby block of flats and the bag, with 548g of herbal cannabis in, was found in a wheelie bin. In a hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court Ffion Tomas, prosecuting, said PC Jones needed hospital treatment after the assault, on January 10 this year. Jeremy Rawson, defending the pair, said both had admitted their guilt at the earliest opportunity and said the assault on the police officer was an act of “desperation”. Judge Niclas Parry said: “You drove from Liverpool to North Wales with the sole intention of selling drugs. “Likely you thought North Wales as a soft touch but there has been a concerted effort to clamp down on high quality drugs bring brought into the region from both Liverpool and Manchester.” The pair, who arrived 90 minutes late to the hearing on Tuesday, were both sentenced to two months behind bars for assaulting a police officer. McGimpsey was also given 14 months for conspiracy to supply cannabis and Elms, of Chigwell Close, Liverpool, was given a 28 month stretch for the drug charge due to previous convictions for supplying Class A drugs. Chief Inspector Darren Wareing from North Wales Police said: “I welcome the sentences handed down to the two individuals and hope that this serves as a reminder to anyone connected with the supply of drugs that you will be caught, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for such crimes. “The officer in this case was merely doing his job and whilst the nature of policing carries some risk, assaulting a police officer is totally unacceptable.” http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/pair-jailed-after-menai-bridge-9559086
  20. Police were forced to record an incident of a man being hit by a biscuit as a “violent crime”, a new report has revealed. The victim was hit by the flying treat after a minor disagreement with a woman, and was left with “small red mark”. But due to Home Office rules about how crimes must be logged the incident was recorded as actual bodily harm (ABH), the police and crime commissioner for Norfolk said after carrying out an analysis of local crime data. Stephen Bett, the commissioner, said: “You could not make this up – it’s jaw-dropping. “I am sure people will find these examples of what the police are having to record as violent crime hard to believe to say the least. “I frankly couldn’t believe what I was reading. Is it any wonder we have seen a rise in recorded violent crime in Norfolk if these types of incidents have to be logged?” In other cases a child who was brushed across the arm with a stinging nettle by another child was also recorded as ABH. And a mother who disciplined her child with slap on the hand was accused of "assault". Mr Bett went on: "The last thing I want to do is to trivialise any incident where there is a victim but I am struggling to see how someone being hit by a biscuit or brushed by a stinging nettle fits anyone's idea of a violent crime." In a bid to counter criticism that crime figures have been “fiddled” by forces in the past, many chief constables have introduced new rules designed to ensure crime is recorded accurately. However, Mr Bett’s analysis indicated that at least one force has now taken it too far, meaning that trivial incidents are not filtered out of the violent crime totals. Last November Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said almost a million crimes a year were disappearing from official figures as chief constables attempt to meet targets. The watchdog said violent crimes and sex attacks were particularly vulnerable to being deleted under “inexcusably poor” systems. Although the report stopped short of accusing police of widespread “fiddling” it said there was an “undercurrent of pressure not to record a crime across some forces” and “wrongful pressure” by managers. In all, the HMIC estimated 800,000 crimes reported by the public every year are wiped out of official figures, or almost a fifth of crimes on average. In some forces the proportion was as high as a third. Mr Bett said crime figures could be distorted even more by new Home Office rules introduced in April to classify "malicious communications" such as offensive texts or letters as violent crime. He claimed that the new rule had to led to an extra 183 offences being recorded in Norfolk since it was introduced two months ago. Mr Bett said: “The vast majority of these involve people sending texts. • Violent crime surges 16pc in new figures “This could add over a 1,000 violent crimes a year in Norfolk. “I think people will be surprised that text messages are 'violent'." He went on: "There is a danger that when people see a raw headline that 'violent crime is up in Norfolk' the fear of crime could rise. “That is why I feel it is important to highlight this issue and make people aware." A Norfolk Police spokesman said the changes about the way crime was being recorded was as a result of Home Office rules. The spokesman said: "National crime recording standards give the police a duty to record these incidents as crimes in Norfolk. "However, we have a measured approach to how we deal with them. “Just because we record these as crimes, it will not always be appropriate to arrest or seek to prosecute the alleged offenders. “It is very much dependant on the individual circumstances of each report." Mike Penning, minister of state for policing, crime, criminal justice and victims, said: "It is the responsibility of individual forces to accurately record crimes in accordance with strict Home Office counting rules - and HMIC inspects forces to ensure they are recording crimes appropriately." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11691367/Throwing-biscuit-is-a-violent-crime-say-police.html
  21. Source The seem to have been very lucky to get away with just conspiracy to commit assault and the other things being dropped going on the story. Even though none were involved this seems like the sort of problems the so called paedophile hunters can cause.
  22. Friday, 19th June, 2015 Police have this afternoon arrested three 13-year-old boys on suspicion of assault following a video which was shared on social media sites earlier today. The boys, who are from the Heaton area of Bradford, remain in custody at this time. Police have also spoken to the family of the 12-year-old victim, who have confirmed he is safe and well. Enquiries into this matter are continuing. Detective Chief Inspector Terry Long, of Bradford District Police, said: "I would like to thank the public for bringing this incident to our attention, and would like to reassure them that any similar reports will be dealt with positively." View the full article
  23. Eddzz!!

    You see this - what do you do?

    You're off duty, on a night out with friends. You haven't been drinking and are 100% sober (designated driver perhaps?). Stood outside a pub by yourself, you see this situation unfold (see video below). What do you do? Bearing in mind the victim has suffered a fractured skull as a result of the punch and requires urgent medical attention? Do you let the attacker walk away? You have no PPE with only your warrant card to hand to prove that you are a constable.
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-32757633 Manu Tuilagi admits assaulting police officer · 22 minutes ago · From the sectionLeicester Manu Tuilagi has played for England since 2011 England rugby player Manu Tuilagi will not play in this year's World Cup after admitting assaulting a police officer, head coach Stuart Lancaster has said. Tuilagi, 23, who plays for Leicester Tigers, was fined £6,205 when he appeared before magistrates. He had been charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer, assault by beating and causing criminal damage, the Crown Prosecution Service said. Lancaster said he would not be considered for England until 2016. The court heard Tuilagi assaulted the officer in the early hours of 26 April. He had missed most of the season after suffering a groin injury but had hoped to return to the national side. 'Role model' "As role models and ambassadors for the game, the highest standards of behaviour are expected from every England player both on and off the field," Lancaster said. "Having spoken to Manu, he understands and accepts both the seriousness of the offences to which he has pleaded guilty and the consequences of his behaviour to his club, country and the game as a whole." Tuilagi's misdemeanours § Tuilagi was warned by police and fined £3,000 by England rugby officials for jumping from a ferry in Auckland in 2011 during the World Cup § He was fined £4,800 by the International Rugby Board for wearing an unapproved mouthguard carrying the name of a sponsor § The Leicester centre was also banned for five weeks in May 2011 for punching Northampton's Chris Ashton Tuilagi said: "I take full responsibility for my actions and unreservedly apologise to all those involved in the incident, Leicester Tigers and England. "It is something I deeply regret and I totally accept the sentence given by the court. The club and Stuart have been very supportive and I understand their sanctions too. "I know, as an England player, the need to conduct myself as a good role model for the game. I am very disappointed because my actions have let so many people down and I can only hope for a future chance to prove myself again." Two things from me.. 1) I really hope I never get assaulted by an international-standard rugby player, ouch! 2) Good to see decisive action from the English rugby team, that's a bit more than a one or two match ban that a football player would get, missing the World Cup can ruin someone's career.

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