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Chief Cheetah



What's the most times you've ever edited a post you made?  Edited it because something was wrong or didn't look right?  Maybe you added something thinking it would look brilliant but in the end it didn't so you edited it.  Maybe you wanted to add something but thought it wouldn't look good so you didn't.

We may have a solution for you.

Another new feature we have added is our new Test Area. You need to be logged in to use it but that is about as far as the rules go (aside from normal forum rules).  

But what is it for I hear you ask.  Well you can create a post in there and tinker with it all you like, you can add things and take things away, you can experiment and try new things all safe in the knowledge that the only people able to see it is you and the moderation team.  On the front page it may show that there are many posts but rest assured you can only see your own entries.  If you are having trouble with a post or with a new thread you can try it in here and then ask a question of the mod team for help.  We can't guarantee a prompt reply here as it is only for test stuff and not a replacement for reporting problems.  If you are having issues with the forum then they should be raised in the normal way via a support ticket.

Here's some further information about the area:

* The forum is not routinely monitored by our administrators or moderators.
* Posts in this forum will not increase your account's post count.
* You can only see your own topics in this forum. Other member topics will not be visible to you.

So if you were ever in doubt about what a post or thread would look like then you can test it here first.






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