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Found 16 results

  1. Chief Cheetah

    Counting by pictures

    Simple really. Count sequentially. No text allowed in a post just a picture. Any that break the rules of not being sequential or a post with words will be hidden where possible but no so as to spoil or delay the game. Picture can be from the web or uploaded by yourself. Suppose we should start at number 1, so here's your first picture
  2. Chief Cheetah

    Keep Off The Grass

    Sick and tired of cutting the grass. It's uneven and patchy, doesn't grow under the trees, has lots of weeds and lots of moss, basiclly it looks nothing like Wimbledon. I'm considering an artificial lawn and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience of them and any advice they can offer.
  3. Met Police apology for women tricked into relationships Dominic Casciani Home affairs correspondent 20 November 2015 From the section UK comments Image copyright Image courtesy of The Guardian Image caption Mark Kennedy is one of the former officers The Metropolitan Police has made an "unreserved apology" to seven women who were tricked into relationships with undercover officers. In a statement, Scotland Yard said the women were deceived "pure and simple". The apology and compensation covers sexual relationships conducted by officers from two now-disbanded undercover units. Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said that he wanted to be absolutely clear the relationships had been wrong. He warned that any future officer who had a sexual relationship with someone they were targeting risked prosecution, even if they believed it was necessary in a life-and-death situation. The unprecedented settlements, the amount of which is undisclosed, relate to officers who worked undercover for the Special Demonstration Squad, part of the Metropolitan Police, and the separate National Public Order Intelligence Unit. Image caption The Met has already settled one case involving former officer Bob Lambert, who fathered a child Both teams deployed officers on long-term undercover operations to infiltrate radical political or social causes, such as environmental campaigners, anarchists and animal rights groups. The settlements cover the actions of five former undercover officers, including Bob Lambert and Jim Boyling from the Met and Mark Kennedy of the NPOIU. These three are said by lawyers to have had more than one undercover relationship. One of these, between Mr Lambert and a woman called Jacqui, led to the birth of a child. That case was separately settled last year for more than £400,000. The two other officers whose actions are covered by this settlement were only known by their targets as "Mark Cassidy" and "John Barker". In each case the officers eventually disappeared, leaving their partners searching for years for answers. "Blameless victims" Asst Comm Hewitt, who personally met the women during the mediation and settlement, said they were blameless victims who had suffered a violation of their rights, abuse of police power and significant trauma. "Thanks in large part to the courage and tenacity of these women... it has become apparent that some [undercover] officers entered into long-term intimate sexual relationships which were abusive, deceitful, manipulative and wrong," he said. "Relationships like these should never have happened. They were wrong and were a gross violation of personal dignity and integrity. "They were deceived pure and simple. Whether or not genuine feelings were involved on the part of any officers is entirely irrelevant and does not make the conduct acceptable." Asst Comm Hewitt said that the relationships may well have reflected attitudes towards women that should have no part in police culture. And he also admitted that there had been no proper management of the deployments, even after the introduction 15 years ago of supposedly stringent legal controls. "Sexual relationships between undercover police officers and members of the public should not happen," said the assistant commissioner. "The forming of a sexual relationship by an undercover officer would never be authorised in advance nor indeed used as a tactic of a deployment." The Metropolitan Police is still facing further claims and an internal police inquiry. Separately, a judge-led public inquiry is beginning to gather evidence as to what happened within the two units. View the full article
  4. Corbyn warns of police cuts 'gamble' after Paris attacks 2 hours ago From the sectionUK Politics Image copyrightAFP Ministers will be "gambling with the safety of the British people" if they make cuts to police budgets, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to warn. "After Paris, there must be no cuts in the police front line," he will say in a speech to party members on Saturday. His comments come after senior police officers warned cuts could reduce the UK's ability to respond to an attack like that seen in Paris a week ago. The Spending Review could include a police budget cut of more than 20%. Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce the government's spending plans in Parliament on Wednesday. Home Secretary Theresa May has yet to agree a deal for her department with the chancellor. Senior police have sent Mrs May a private letter warning that a reduction in officer numbers will "severely impact" their ability to respond to terrorism. 'Disastrous wars' Mr Corbyn's speech was postponed in the immediate aftermath of the Paris attacks in which 130 were killed by so-called Islamic State gunmen. In it, he is expected to ask: "What's pro-British about ministers whose police cuts are so severe that, as senior officers have warned, they are expected to 'reduce very significantly' the ability to respond to a Paris-style attack? "By pressing ahead with these cuts, the government is failing in its most basic duty: to protect our citizens. They must be halted." He will also say that the UK's foreign policy in recent years, which has placed it "at the centre of a succession of disastrous wars that have brought devastation to large parts of the wider Middle East," has increased the risk to the country's security. Mr Corbyn opposes UK forces joining allied air strikes against so-called Islamic State strongholds in Syria and is under pressure to allow his MPs a free vote on the issue. He is also expected to touch on the economy, patriotism and the next general election in his speech at the Labour South West Regional Conference. Election focus He is expected to say: "The Tories won in May on their lowest ever share of the vote to deliver a parliamentary majority, just 37% of those who voted and less than a quarter of those eligible. That's no landslide in anyone's book. "But Labour failed to win back the economic credibility lost in the financial crash of 2008 or convince potential supporters we offered a genuine alternative. "If we focus everything on the interests, aspirations and needs of middle and lower income voters, if we demonstrate we've got a viable and credible alternative to the government's credit-fuelled, insecure, two-tier economy, I'm convinced we can build a coalition of electoral support that can beat the Tories in five years' time." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34886321
  5. Chief Cheetah

    The 125K Post Competition

    Thread for discussion on the 125K Game You are trying to guess the time and date that we will reach post number 125,000 Your topic title must consist of only your user name You may reply to your topic up to 9 times thus meaning you can have 10 entries (the original topic text and 9 replies). You will only see your own entries and no one else will be able to see your guesses You may delay any of your guesses from now until the time we reach 125,000 posts Your replies must be in the format If you have any questions about your thread then you MUST contact a Mod by PM. Any questions placed in your thread will count as an entry. Once your thread has reached 9 replies your thread will be locked and you won’t be able to add or amend any entries. The winner will be the member who guesses the exact date and time. If nobody guesses the exact date and time then it will be the closest time before the actual figure is reached. If two members guess the exact date and time then the winner will be the member who made their guess first. The winner will receive a £30 voucher for Police-Supplies.co.uk ALL ENTRIES TO BE MADE HERE
  6. Chief Cheetah

    Is he badly injured?

    They think he isn't badly injured.......... He is now..................
  7. Chief Cheetah

    Twitter Feeds

    Aside from the obvious sites such as @polcomforum that you are all clearly already following, who else do you follow? I'm asking for those funny or poignant or informative or just plain silly and pretty feeds. Not interested in celebrities or footie teams and I'm not looking for any police related ones. So who do you follow that you can recommend? Here's a few I follow: @RealPhotoBombs - just silly photos @TheWorldOfFunny - Mostly funny but they have on occasion crossed the border and I've almost stopped following once or twice @HistoricalPics @HistoryInPics @History_Pics -Those three are obviously run by the same person but they all post slightly different pics, some quite good @ExcuseThePun - Terrible jokes @CRAlerts - Because everybody should follow this I have many many more so if I get some good ones in exchange I'll let you have more.
  8. Chief Cheetah

    Free Chat Room Weekend

    Pleased to announce that for the duration of the Bank Holiday weekend our chat room will be open for all members of the site. Come along and say hello to other members in real time conversation. http://police.community/chat/
  9. Chief Cheetah

    IMPORTANT Info For Tapatalk Users

    Important information for all of our Tapatalk users. Following the update to our Web Address you will need to take the following actions Log Out of Police Community in the Tapatalk App Delete Police Community from your list in Tapatalk Search again for Police Community Sign back in This will resolve the issue some users are having regarding the missing posts and content. Thanks Cheetah Team Police.Community
  10. Chief Cheetah

    Share a link

    Ever been wasting time on the internet and happened to fall into an odd page? The sort of page you decide to add into your bookmarks to analyse further at a later date? A later date that turns into a very long time ago and then you stumble across it and think "why did I bookmark that?" Now is you chance to share it. Have a root through your bookmarked pages for one you haven't accessed in a long long while and share it with us here. I have a lot but for now I shall share only a couple http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ http://thefabweb.com/ Enjoy!
  11. Chief Cheetah

    Testing, Testing, 123

    What's the most times you've ever edited a post you made? Edited it because something was wrong or didn't look right? Maybe you added something thinking it would look brilliant but in the end it didn't so you edited it. Maybe you wanted to add something but thought it wouldn't look good so you didn't. We may have a solution for you. Another new feature we have added is our new Test Area. You need to be logged in to use it but that is about as far as the rules go (aside from normal forum rules). But what is it for I hear you ask. Well you can create a post in there and tinker with it all you like, you can add things and take things away, you can experiment and try new things all safe in the knowledge that the only people able to see it is you and the moderation team. On the front page it may show that there are many posts but rest assured you can only see your own entries. If you are having trouble with a post or with a new thread you can try it in here and then ask a question of the mod team for help. We can't guarantee a prompt reply here as it is only for test stuff and not a replacement for reporting problems. If you are having issues with the forum then they should be raised in the normal way via a support ticket. Here's some further information about the area: * The forum is not routinely monitored by our administrators or moderators. * Posts in this forum will not increase your account's post count. * You can only see your own topics in this forum. Other member topics will not be visible to you. So if you were ever in doubt about what a post or thread would look like then you can test it here first. Cheetah Here's the full URL http://forum.policecommunity.co.uk/forum/1168-test-area/
  12. Chief Cheetah

    8 Hour Lock - Game 2

    Not had one of these for a while. The last one made it to 15 pages, how far can we make this one go? The rules are really simple, you have to make a post in the thread that can be anything you want, you just need to make the post. The thread will automatically lock in 8 hours time since the last post made. The counter happens in the background so is not visible on the front end of the board. Every time a new post is made the 8 hours starts again. The winner is the last member to have posted before the thread locks itself. There are no prizes just a bit of fun and to also see how long the thread can actually keep going before it locks. Remember you can post at anytime to reset the 8 hour rule but if its left over 8 hours without a post the thread will lock and someone will win. Can you time it right to post and win or will someone else come along and make a post to scupper your victory? Good luck - the first counter starts now!
  13. Chief Cheetah

    Looking for a job in a Police force?

    Looking for a job within the police? Any force or a specific one? What kind of job? Police? Staff? Special Constable? PCSO? To help you with your recruitment interests we now have a completely new area dedicated solely to the recruitment status of every force. We have listed all the forces in England, Scotland and Wales and each one shows the current position on recruitment. You can see at a glance if a specific force is actively recruiting for any of the four main roles, Police Constable, Special Constable, Police Staff or PCSO. Each force specific area has a link to that forces recruitment and latest vacancies pages. If you want to actively monitor a specific force (or many if you wish) you can click the 'Follow This' button in the top right of each individual page or for the whole of the recruitment area and this will give you notifications when something changes. If you see any incorrect entries or you have some alternative information then please do let a mod know and we will update it asap. If you wish to comment in the recruitment section for a force then please feel free to do so. Our new recruitment section can be found at the top of each page under 'Recruitment' or by clicking THIS LINK. Cheetah
  14. Chief Cheetah

    Community Leads

    As you should all hopefully now have noticed our communities set up in the force specific areas are beginning to grow very nicely. This is in no small part thanks to the brilliant community leads we have that are running and managing those communities. In total we have 49 communities on the forum but so far only 20 of them have a community lead. We really want the other 29 areas to have a community lead of their own so if you want to be a part of the team managing the forum then this is your opportunity. The communities are there for the community lead to run pretty much how they like. They have quite sweeping powers in their own communities including the ability to create new areas, create password protected areas, manage other members in their community and promote others to assist them with moderation of their community along with many more. Traditionally the starting point for future full modship on the site has started with being one of our mini mods and now that opportunity starts with being a community lead. Below is a list of the areas that still have a vacancy for a community lead so if you are interested and want to help grow the forum and to have a say in how the forum is run then please raise a support ticket selecting 'Community Lead Application' as the department and don't forget to tell us which area you want to run. If you have any questions at all then feel free to ask here or send me a PM City of London Police -- Vacancy Civil Nuclear Constabulary -- Vacancy Cleveland Police -- Vacancy Cumbria Constabulary -- Vacancy Derbyshire Constabulary -- Vacancy Devon & Cornwall Police -- Vacancy Dorset Police -- Vacancy Durham Constabulary -- Vacancy Essex Police -- Vacancy Gloucestershire Constabulary -- Vacancy Gwent Police / Heddlu Gwent -- Vacancy Hampshire Constabulary -- Vacancy Isle of Man Constabulary -- Vacancy Leicestershire Police -- Vacancy Lincolnshire Police -- Vacancy Norfolk Constabulary -- Vacancy North Wales Police / Heddlu Gogledd Cymru -- Vacancy North Yorkshire Police -- Vacancy Northamptonshire Police -- Vacancy Northumbria Police -- Vacancy Nottinghamshire Police -- Vacancy Police Service of Northern Ireland -- Vacancy South Wales Police / Heddlu De Cymru -- Vacancy Staffordshire Police -- Vacancy Suffolk Constabulary -- Vacancy Sussex Police -- Vacancy Warwickshire Police -- Vacancy Miscellaneous Forces -- Vacancy Cheetah
  15. Chief Cheetah

    Use Of Force Crests As Avatars

    Use of force crests as avatars Unless you have express written permission form the force in question we are not able to use any force logos, crests or insignias in any back ground pictures or as avatars etc. If you do get written permission from a force then we will need to see a copy of that. This isn't me being a killjoy as we have in fact in the past been asked to remove them by forces, it is their property and they are protecting it. If any forces want to come on board with us that will always be welcomed but in the meantime we have to respect their property. Cheers
  16. Chief Cheetah

    Surveys and Questionnaires

    From time to time users will post a request to our members to complete a survey or questionnaire for them, usually related to some university or college work. If you have a survey that you'd like users of PoliceCommunity.co.uk to complete, then please submit a request along with a link to the survey to the email address [email protected] Requests for forum users to complete surveys that are posted elsewhere will be deleted without consultation. Please also note, not that it makes too much difference, that any surveys mentioned in this thread are not officially sanctioned or hosted by PoliceCommunity.co.uk, and participation and any information you provide to the recipient is entirely at your own risk Please leave this thread purely for the posting of surveys. Any discussion of them should take place in The Locker Room. Once you have gathered the data that you require, please PM any of the Mod team to have your survey removed, this is so that users aren't left posting data to a survey that's no longer needed.
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