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Police Community Premier League Table

Chief Cheetah



Points make prizes.

I present to you the Police Community Premier League Table

Another new feature we are presenting to you is a league table.  At the end of the month a member wins our member of the month award for their overall contribution to the forum in that month, this premier league table is for the same purpose except that we will be awarding the prize of 'Member Of The Year'.

So how do you win points?  Easy, just enter and win our competitions, including the daily threads and you'll get a point, become the member of the month and you'll get a point, win the monthly photography competition and you'll get a point, make a great post or create a great thread and you can win a point.  If you do something good on the forum you'll win a point and the member with the most points at the end of the year will become our member of the year.

We have already populated the points table from January through to May for the competitions and the last couple of daily threads have also received their points.  You can see in each of the member threads what the points were awarded for.

The league table is available from the members drop down menu at the top of the forum pages so keep your eye on it and if you think you deserve points for something then contact a mod and we'll look into it.

The Police Community Premier League Table can be found in that link.

P.S. We are in no way affiliated with FiFA and we are not susceptible to bribes so don't even think about sending doughnuts.  I like the Jam filled ones.

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I tried to play FiFa but my disc was corrupted, :blush: Ironic, huh :wacko:

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