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What I Did On Duty




Rank: Special Constable
Length of service: 18 months
Planned hours: 2100-0600
Location: Metropolitan Police Service

All timings are approximate

2100- Arrive at the nick and kit up. Meet up with my colleague for the night, he has a last few items for his IPS status to achieve. We are working with the night shift response team. Briefing complete and waiting for a late turn car to come in so we can head out. It’s a week day evening and I’s probably going to be pretty quiet tonight. PC Rain is also forecast!

2200- We are heading over to the borough patrol base to book out an IRV and book in some seized articles for a NPT officer. They found a cannabis grow house.

The IRV for us had a nail in one of the tyres. Damn! I 54 the car and arrange for the tyre fitter to come out and sort the issue. Not waiting the 2 hours for them though. We book out a Q-car instead. It’s an inconspicuous Estate vehicle.

2300- Straight out of the patrol base onto the dual carriageway that runs through our borough. We are in lane 1 (of 3) and a vehicle is making quick progress. We are already doing the speed limit. As it passes I move into lane 3 and illuminate the blues. The car immediately stamps on the brakes and moves over to lane 1. My colleague motions for the driver to follow us off at the next junction.
Checks run through PNC. He’s a taxi driver, all in order. We let him on his way after a good talking too.

2315- My operator is after several things to complete his SOROC and achieve IPS status. Stop & search of people and vehicles mainly. We start dropping in at the known locations where we usually find drug taking etc. Dead as a dodo. Even this Q-car can’t help us sneaking up on people tonight it seems…

There are a few I & S grades during this time quickly taken up by our other colleagues. Not a lot happening tonight as I expected.

0100- ‘S grade’ finally comes in we can use. Theft from M/V. We make our way and pull up by the car in question. We have a quick look over it before knocking at the address. My colleague has the lead here. I hand him a sheet which details the point plan of what he needs to cover and he’s on his own. (Unless he really gets stuck)

The vehicle owner is with his wife at her parents address. Turns out a rear door was ajar when he remotely “locked” the car. Well it didn’t lock. Rucksack on the back seat had everything a fraudster would dream of to make fake identify and fraud credit applications.
D/L Passport, bank statements, company info. You name it, thus bag had it. The guy’s wife wasn’t impressed one bit. After the statement and necessaries were done, my colleague suggested a fraud helpline to answer the chaps questions in more detail as what to do next. Scored points with me that’s for sure. SOCO booked for an AM appointment.

We had a walk around some of the local roads and alleyways to see if by some miracle the bag had been dumped nearby, but to no avail.

0140- ‘I Grade.’ Domestic, not too far away. We sprint back to the car and start making some ground. Halfway there another unit also calls up for the job.

0144- The other unit TOAs just as we are a few corners away. The house is woken up. Seems there has been no disturbance at all. The HO says that maybe a neighbor has called in spite of a small neighbor dispute. The man and his wife are both at the door, look fine. Just sleepy and shocked to see 4 officers at their door.

0200- Time for refs.

0230- Back to ASB hotspots for some more stops and searches. In several of the carparks there are cars with people in, but they all have reasonable excuses and no tell-tale signs of drug paraphernalia.

We are well and truly in the ‘dead zone’ now. The streets and roads are deserted and there hasn’t been a call for a while.

0330- We head in to the PB to add the Theft from M/V report on. Mid-way through and a suspects on comes out on the ‘I grade.’
5 or so units all put up for it and make way. I decide we are not needed unless called for and stay to finish the report. But notify the duty Sgt that if needed we can head straight over if required.
I99 can’t attend, but a dog van is assigned. The area is very vast. A large enclosed area owned by a car manufacture.

0440- My colleague asks if we can head back out again for the last hour or so, he’s desperate for a search. Still nothing. The local roads are still quiet. The dual carriageway mentioned earlier is a main trunk route into the city. It is beginning to slowly increase in traffic volume as the minutes pass by.

0530- Return to the PB to book in the Q-car. Will try and get it again, hopefully on a Friday or weekend evening when the ASB spots would be well used. Travel back to our lockers at a different nick.

0630- De-kitted, SOROC parts signed. Final check for any missing item memos on the M/V report and we book off together.

We’ll have another try for the stop & searches next time. Thanks for reading

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Fantastic read! We are getting reaction on Twitter;


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Thanks Fedster. Didn't actually realise it posted seperate topics into the board 'new content' as I copied over a few entries. I would of done it over a few days instead 

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Any blogs automatically post to our Twitter and Facebook pages also FYI so it is well worth doing a blog to raise your profile and attract the visitors. 241 views for this single entry alone .... not a bad effort @jamieMET

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I didn't even this this was my best entry lol. Thanks for the heads up

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