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About this blog

A blog of shifts selected for a variation of roles and experiences while policing an East London Borough.

Selected in December 2014 as "Best Blog" by PW90

Their blogs have been detailed and informative and offer a great insight into the life of a real, living, breathing SC. Great work on the blogs!

Entries in this blog


What I Did On Duty

Rank: Special Constable
Length of service: 18 months
Planned hours: 2100-0600
Location: Metropolitan Police Service

All timings are approximate

2100- Arrive at the nick and kit up. Meet up with my colleague for the night, he has a last few items for his IPS status to achieve. We are working with the night shift response team. Briefing complete and waiting for a late turn car to come in so we can head out. It’s a week day evening and I’s probably going to be pretty quiet tonight. PC Rain is also forecast!

2200- We are heading over to the borough patrol base to book out an IRV and book in some seized articles for a NPT officer. They found a cannabis grow house.

The IRV for us had a nail in one of the tyres. Damn! I 54 the car and arrange for the tyre fitter to come out and sort the issue. Not waiting the 2 hours for them though. We book out a Q-car instead. It’s an inconspicuous Estate vehicle.

2300- Straight out of the patrol base onto the dual carriageway that runs through our borough. We are in lane 1 (of 3) and a vehicle is making quick progress. We are already doing the speed limit. As it passes I move into lane 3 and illuminate the blues. The car immediately stamps on the brakes and moves over to lane 1. My colleague motions for the driver to follow us off at the next junction.
Checks run through PNC. He’s a taxi driver, all in order. We let him on his way after a good talking too.

2315- My operator is after several things to complete his SOROC and achieve IPS status. Stop & search of people and vehicles mainly. We start dropping in at the known locations where we usually find drug taking etc. Dead as a dodo. Even this Q-car can’t help us sneaking up on people tonight it seems…

There are a few I & S grades during this time quickly taken up by our other colleagues. Not a lot happening tonight as I expected.

0100- ‘S grade’ finally comes in we can use. Theft from M/V. We make our way and pull up by the car in question. We have a quick look over it before knocking at the address. My colleague has the lead here. I hand him a sheet which details the point plan of what he needs to cover and he’s on his own. (Unless he really gets stuck)

The vehicle owner is with his wife at her parents address. Turns out a rear door was ajar when he remotely “locked” the car. Well it didn’t lock. Rucksack on the back seat had everything a fraudster would dream of to make fake identify and fraud credit applications.
D/L Passport, bank statements, company info. You name it, thus bag had it. The guy’s wife wasn’t impressed one bit. After the statement and necessaries were done, my colleague suggested a fraud helpline to answer the chaps questions in more detail as what to do next. Scored points with me that’s for sure. SOCO booked for an AM appointment.

We had a walk around some of the local roads and alleyways to see if by some miracle the bag had been dumped nearby, but to no avail.

0140- ‘I Grade.’ Domestic, not too far away. We sprint back to the car and start making some ground. Halfway there another unit also calls up for the job.

0144- The other unit TOAs just as we are a few corners away. The house is woken up. Seems there has been no disturbance at all. The HO says that maybe a neighbor has called in spite of a small neighbor dispute. The man and his wife are both at the door, look fine. Just sleepy and shocked to see 4 officers at their door.

0200- Time for refs.

0230- Back to ASB hotspots for some more stops and searches. In several of the carparks there are cars with people in, but they all have reasonable excuses and no tell-tale signs of drug paraphernalia.

We are well and truly in the ‘dead zone’ now. The streets and roads are deserted and there hasn’t been a call for a while.

0330- We head in to the PB to add the Theft from M/V report on. Mid-way through and a suspects on comes out on the ‘I grade.’
5 or so units all put up for it and make way. I decide we are not needed unless called for and stay to finish the report. But notify the duty Sgt that if needed we can head straight over if required.
I99 can’t attend, but a dog van is assigned. The area is very vast. A large enclosed area owned by a car manufacture.

0440- My colleague asks if we can head back out again for the last hour or so, he’s desperate for a search. Still nothing. The local roads are still quiet. The dual carriageway mentioned earlier is a main trunk route into the city. It is beginning to slowly increase in traffic volume as the minutes pass by.

0530- Return to the PB to book in the Q-car. Will try and get it again, hopefully on a Friday or weekend evening when the ASB spots would be well used. Travel back to our lockers at a different nick.

0630- De-kitted, SOROC parts signed. Final check for any missing item memos on the M/V report and we book off together.

We’ll have another try for the stop & searches next time. Thanks for reading


What I Did On Duty

Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 12 months

Planned hours: 0800-2000

Location: Metropolitan Police Service


All timings are approximate


0800- Arrive at the nick and kit up. I’m part of a serial today policing a local stadium for a big football match. West Ham United V Southampton. K.O is at 1300hrs but we need to get to the borough and brief, as well as police the local area before the match. MSC officers are providing all serials, however L2 PO officers are on standby to respond to calls of fighting or escalating violence if required.


1000- We arrive at the local PS for our briefing. Several officers in my serial have never done this before so should be a good learning curve for them. After a bit of waiting around while the serial Sgts have their own briefing, we are all called into the brief room and it begins.


Strategic points are highlighted, as well as key info such as supporter tension areas, cash machines etc. We also go over specific hooligan and football related legislation as a refresher of additional powers that could be used, as well as firework legislation.


The final note is to remember the entire borough is a no-alcohol zone, to stay safe and enjoy the event.


1100- We head out in the van and park up nearby to Upton Park LUL station. We are joined by up to 10 more vans full of officers from the briefing who will also be patrolling this patch. As we head off on foot, we split into pairs and space ourselves out as we begin our patrol up and down. We are responsible for a 0.5 mile section of Green Street, which runs directly outside the stadium to the LUL station.


The pavements are packed already. Merchandise sales, visitors and residents all trying to keep on the narrow walkways. The road isn’t closed, so a steady stream of vehicles travels in both directions.


On our half of the road a local shop is very busy. A look closer and there are big signs telling people not to buy their alcohol, but they still openly sell it. (Why wouldn’t they? Must be making a killing on match days!)

A little time is spent here announcing a “no alcohol zone, it will be confiscated.” When the next pair arrive at the shop, myself and my partner move forward toward the end of the street.


We arrive at the junction with Barking Road. A tension spot. There is a C/Ins there with a L2 PO serial. After a brief chat we turn around and begin heading back up towards the LUL station.


1140- Back near the shop. Myself and my colleague I’m partnered with stop a few lads with open vessels (Stella cans to you and me) We highlight the problem, and they hand over the beers easy enough. 5090s completed for the alcohol seizures.


Soon after a different bloke walks straight out of the shop and pulls open the can. I stop him and tell him the problem, being a no-alcohol zone. He takes exception to this and tries to run off. I follow him out into the road and grab a hold of him. He takes me down to the floor and we’re rolling about over a can of beer. *Sigh


My partner gets on the radio and two officers from another serial rush over and help me up with this guy. They get him in cuffs and we clear from the road. It turns out this guy is French and didn’t really know what I was saying. His English was pretty poor. These two other officers pat this guy down and we get his ID. My partner runs checks on him and his mobiles while we have him stopped.


After several minutes we finally get the message across. He’s still not happy and wants us to give him his money back for the beer he’s wasted. Tough luck. A final word of advice and he’s released.


1230- 30 minutes to K.O and the majority of the fans are now in the stadium. However many stragglers and late comers are rushing toward to make K.O. At this point we are back up near the LUL station and our van. We spot two lads urinating between the vans up a wall. A little startled to hear my voice, they quickly put their bits away. 2 tickets completed for public urination after the person checks came back clear. Expensive pee. The toilet aren’t too far from here.


1301- We had strict instructions to rejoin our serial at a specific gate for K.O. We were about 5 minutes away on foot and quickly made our way to our position. The huge doors were closed. So a bang on the door and the steward lets us in from the inside.


1315- West Ham have scored already and we’re first for refs! I’m more interested in feeding than the football so I’m delighted were on break first. (When does that ever happen?)

We finish up and head to a position in the far corner. We are led through narrow passageways under the stands to save walking the pitch edge.


I’ve never been to a football game before, the atmosphere is truly amazing I must say. It feels so huge and loud. Especially being down on pitch level.


We’re told not to watch the game, but keep an eye out into the stands for any possible trouble. I’m not liking the idea of heading up into there. Thankfully the stewards go in first unless it’s a big mess and bring the trouble makers to us. Same for any pitch streakers/invaders. They are tasked to run around like wallys chasing them rather than us. Anyway we work out a way to keep an eye on the game and the stands in turn. We’re all happy.


1350- After some extra time the half time whistle is blown. Over the steward PR reports of known WHU trouble makers are in one of the bar areas under the stand we are at. We head in as a complete serial.

This is probably the worst part. There is approximately 8 of us in here with how ever many hundreds of merry supporters. It’s very cramped and we hold shoulders to stay together and push through to where we are needed. Very intimidating I must admit. The bustling, and loud noise. You can hardly hear your colleague shouting to keep together.

The trouble makers are discreetly pointed out but they are playing nice today. Maybe us being there quickly has persuaded them no fighting in the bar area today. And boy were we glad! I’d imagine it to be carnage if that happened!


1410- (Approximate time) and the second half has started. We’re now down the other side of the stand and we can’t see the supporters from here. Only those across the pitch, and nothing we can do about those if they we’re to kick off. We can relax a little and stand and watch the entire second half.


West Ham went on to win 3-1.


1450- 5 minutes before the actual final whistle we head back out through the narrow passageway, out the huge gate and back to the main road. We need to get to the LUL station and keep the peace ready for the supporters piling up and trying to get on the trains.

BTP have the station building and the platforms, we have everywhere between. Lucky them.


We form up along the side street where the riot vans are all parked. The idea is that as each gateway becomes swamped the steward closes the gate and the crowd move down to the next one. This saves fence hopping to avoid long queues walking the long way. I have to jump in a help the steward close the gate opposite me, there was a large crush! A bit of verbal domination and many decide to start running to the next gate!


We’re here for around 2 hours. The swell of the crowd stays large for most of this time. Many ask for a photo with me and their kids, which is nice.


There is also the underlying problem with beers again. Any open cans are removed and seized. Supporters think they have a few tricks to smuggle them past, but we are wise to these.


1507- Several Grade I calls are announced of ‘sporadic fighting’ at some locations within a few minutes of each other. The L2 officers mobilize in their vehicles. Upon arrival at each location they announce there is nobody there and must just be hoax calls.


1700- The lead Inspector calls us all outside of the LUL station. A congratulation is in order for the way we handled the event. It was the first MSC only football aid for a long time, and he was very happy with how we handled it. Probably partly to the home supporters being happy with a win. I’d imagine there would have been more trouble had they lost.


1730- After a quick soft drink and de-kit. We load up back into our van and head for our home borough.


1800- After arriving back at our nick Intel reports collated from the day and seizure notes added into the system we end the shift together around an hour later. An hour early, result!


What I Did On Duty

Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 12 months

Planned hours: 2100-0600

Location: Metropolitan Police Service


All timings are approximate


2100- Arrive at the nick and meet up with my regular colleague. We do many shifts together double crewed, and tonight is no different. We are working with the night shift response team. Kit up and briefing complete, last few e-mails dealt with and we are ready to head out as the ‘early’ car


2200- Head straight out to a collapsed male in a bus stop. We arrive and speak to the MOPs who saw what happened. I deal with enquiries while my colleague is treating the male as we await LAS. About 10 mins later a response unit arrives and he’s hooked up to the gadgets to monitor him. Hes getting a little agitated before going unconscious. Into the recovery position and away the LAS bus to arrive and cart him to the local hospital.


2300- Were now floating about waiting for something nearby to our current position to come out. The remainder of the night shift have swapped over with late turn and are also on patrol now.


2330- Head to a well-known ASB & drugs hotspot we visit regularly. We can see a car parked there as we approach from the main road. As we turn in the headlights are off and we crawl up toward the parked car. A few hundred metres later and we’re pretty close to the target car. The lights go back on and we can see the 5 occupants inside. Colleague jumps out and there is a big whiff of cannabis.


Two males upfront, three barely dressed females in the back. I shout up and ask for another unit female crewed to come and give a hand with the search. The front passenger stated he hadn’t long smoked a joint. Grounds were given and both of the chaps and the car were searched as the unit arrived to assist.

An area car arrived double female crewed. Perfect! The girls were all drug less and after name checks were allowed on their way. An intel report added later for the passenger and vehicle.


2400- Its pub kick out time. We don’t have a pub/club district at all on this borough, we still have our fair share of alcohol related incidents.


Two calls come out at the same time, one in the town centre outside a well-known pub of a fight, and one just around the corner for an aggressive female in the street. The area car goes for the town centre as it’s further and they have taser, and we take the closer call.


0004- After locating the street, it just begins mid-way along an existing street (weird) we see a victim who flags us down. He states a lady was “possessed” and damaging cars, shouting her head off. He point further down the road and states she has gone down there.


We advance slowly in the car and my colleague spots her lying face down on the bonnet of a parked vehicle. We pull up to the side and jump out. Colleague tries rousing her before she awakes and lifts her off the bonnet. I kid you not it was like something out of a zombie movie. Immediately began shrieking and waving her arms about.

Ok well I guess we have found our suspect. I stick with her while my colleague goes back up the street to identify any damage to the cars alleged. While hes gone this female has taken a dislike to me and head-butts me in the chest armor.


I don’t really want to arrest her just yet (big mistake) I put her down to the floor gently as I don’t really want her falling over and hurting herself. Shes drunk as a skunk! Eurgh, while I do this she gobs at me all over the front of my armor, and all on my trousers!

“Fudge!” I shout. Shes now trying to eat me! I wasn’t wrong about the zombie idea afterall!

I restrain her and before I can slap some cuffs on her, shes still thrashing about and gets a few kicks on me!

Im now shouting for my colleague to come back over, it’s far safer for her and us if I’m not doing this alone. I sense a figure come over, but it’s not my colleague. It’s some unknown guy who’s now trying to get me off of this woman.

Seconds after my colleague is back over and pulls this guy off me and pushes him away. We get the cuffs on this woman and shes arrested for criminal damage and assault police.


It turns out this fella is her boyfriend. He keeps buzzing around us protesting her innocence. A prisoner van is on the way and we wait with her pinned on the floor comfortably. This guy is beginning to edge toward getting himself nicked in a-mo. The CS comes out and I shout for him to “Back off or you’re gunna get sprayed, now BACK OFF!” He finally gets the message and disappears.


0030- The vans here and shes loaded in the back. The cell is on the next borough so I follow the van while my buddy is watching my prisoner for me. Shes kicking off in the cage and we have to stop to sort her out for the rest of the journey.


0100- We’re seen by the custody skipper and the DP is not happy we’re there with her, claiming we’ve done all sorted to her etc. Custody skipper asks us to stand back and let the DDOs deal with her for us. She takes exception to this and royally kicks off. Shes carried into the cell, and staff cell extracted out after the secondary search is completed.


0130- Shes not head-butting the cells. *Sigh* I know where this is going. Custody call for LAS as shes going at it pretty hard. Looks like we’re now going to be a hospital guard for the rest of the night.


0150- Two LAS crews are here now (what a waste) and we’re just about to head to the local hospital. It’s like a 2 minute ride. Thankfully I’m following in the car again. Shes protesting that the LAS staff have done some nasty things to her also. A few minutes rest from her for me was great!


0200- The next several hours are truly horrible. I don’t even wish to type about it. I’m sure you can imagine. A drunk female hurling abuse at you and stuff, other patients nearby while we wait for the doctor to come and check the head wounds.


0400- DP is now offering sexual favours to have the hand-cuffs off. “I’ll behave if you take them off, promise” *Wink*

Yeah sure, never heard that one before. Finally the doctor is here. Shes pretty strict with the DP which I secretly find hilarious.


0440- The results are back and shes being discharged. Behaving pretty pleasantly now, mustn’t realize she is off back to the nick and not home now.


0500- The vans back and we take her back to custody. She books in like a human this time, not a possessed zombie, must be sobering up finally. I take her back to her cell and shes out like a light before I’ve finished speaking with the custody skipper just a few minutes later.

While this is happening, my colleague has already started the reports.


0700- After seeking some advice, not wanting to mess anything up, we book off at 0700. Not too bad considering. Just a shame so many hours are wasted at the hospital.




AS this was a little while back, the DP pleaded guilty to all counts of the criminal damage, and 2 for assault police. She went down for a little while. Result.


What I Did On Duty

Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 12 months

Planned hours: 0900-1700

Location: Metropolitan Police Service


All timings are approximate


0800- Arrive at the nick and kit up. Meet up with who I will be patrolling with for the shift. As there are more officers than required, we are split into effectively two teams. One team will be patrolling the market, while the other will be staying with the IRV and taking CADs. The team would be rotated throughout the shift.


0900- IRV is booked out and we head down to the local market. We have been tasked to combat an increase of shoplifting from market traders by a well-known factor of the local community. Community engagement and show a decent, but not overly aggressive presence.


Things start of quite slowly. Us in the IRV head to a good location to look out for driving offences in this period. My colleague I’m currently with needs a FPN toward his IPS status anyway. Not long after they spot a driver go past us on their mobile. The vehicle is stopped and my colleague carries out all of the necessary checks. FPN-E issues for using a mobile while driving.


1000- We make our working area slightly larger in the car, but are still only a short drive back to the market. As we crest a bridge over the underground line, a Blue Subaru passes us in the opposite direction with an unsecured back of soil sat on the bonnet. Seriously??

The car is turned around and we follow the vehicle for a short while running initial checks in the MDT. Vehicle stopped in a layby. I assist my colleague with this stop as the driver is pretty irate that he’s actually been caught.

It turns out he didn’t want any loose soil getting all over the interior of his car. He did not appreciate my concern of him stamping on the brakes at the zebra crossing just over the crest of the bridge and that the soil bag would possibly become a deadly projectile for a pedestrian. I recall he was reported for insecure load (and possibly due care, cant remember.)


1130- With two FPNs in the bag we head back to meet our colleagues still at the market and swap over. There hasn’t been anything notable and they all seem keen on the idea of taking turns with the IRV.


1200- It seems the borough has finally woken up and there are several outstanding CADs the response team haven’t got anyone to deal with now. The operator sends the closest one down to us and it’s a Domestic to report from last night.


1210- Arrive at the address and are greeted by a female occupier. I let my new colleague take the lead again as this could go toward their own progress. Story heard and booklet completed. WE leave the female with a VC card and say our goodbyes.


1300- *I Grade* We are closest and begin to make our way. A young male has been assaulted and mobile phone taken outside the underground station with the crested road bridge we were near earlier.


1304- We arrive just behind the area car. We are asked to stay at the scene and await the arrival of the robbery team (I was amazed they was on shift at this hour!)


1308- Quite soon after the robbery squad arrived and took over with the victim. I handed our initial EAB over and they headed off to conduct an area search with the victim. We were de-assigned and headed back to the market once again.  


1330- Slow drive back taking in some ASB hotspots which were all deserted we met up together and had lunch. Exchanged events so far and worked out who was next in the IRV. The sun was beating down, and the market which is pretty substantial was crowded, but there wasn’t much going on for the officers to deal with. A lost child who was quickly relocated. (A merlin for later for that officer) and just a few youths causing a nuisance asked to leave by the on side stewards.


1400- Next colleague now, again looking for a few specific items toward their IPS progress also. An S grade comes out not too far away, another domestic.


1405- Same as before. I take the back seat and only step in if my colleague needed a slight prod in the correct direction. The story goes the male partner had returned home late this morning still drunk from the night before (must have been a heavy one!) and didn’t like his missus asking where he had been all night. An argument ensued and the neighbours thought he was beating the life out of her. The female refused to give a statement as it ‘was only an argument.’ It was classified a non-crime domestic and we left after some strong words for both of them.


1520- My colleague is after a stop & search so back to the ASB hotspots we go. The airwaves are ‘Q’ for now so we’re not needed for a CAD.


1525- We pull into the first. A strange car park in the middle of a huge field. There are quite a few cars on it as we approach. Well it is weekend football after all. As we swing around the parked cars, there is a Black Fiesta 4 up and looks like the driver is rolling a cigarette. They haven’t seen us yet and I jump out of my seat, and open the driver’s door to say hello before he even really looks up.

In his hands is a 4” paper he is about to lick and roll. I can see the cannabis buds sprinkled through it.

I whip it out of his hands and it all goes into an evidence bag from my pouch. All 4 are detained Sec23, brought out two at a time as myself and my colleague search one each. Then the vehicle gets a good going over. Only a grinder and empty small re-seal bag where this must have just come from.

Good news for the driver, it’s his first offence. My colleague issues a cannabis warning, and we seize their cannabis for evidence/destruction.     


1600- Head back to the market again and collect the officers. As we are leaving the operator circulates that several linked CADs have just came in nearby of a large group of motorcycles pulling wheelies and making a nuisance.

We are in the traffic to turn right and they make the turn from the left behind them. Most of the bikes boot it off, superbikes we had no chance anyway. A pair of mopeds were still ahead of us and ran a red light. The lights have changed as we approach the stop line and I hit the blues. They both pull up and I stop alongside them.


16??- Both drivers are ticketed for running a red ATS by myself. The explain they are part of a bike ‘club’ who met in West London and rode over to here to muck about on this ‘disused road.’ Well this disused road is far from. It runs through an industrial area and is still quite busy, with HGVs and cars.

I strongly suggest they clear off home or they won’t be making the journey by wheels if they are seen again.


There is a long sweeping left bend ahead of us. Several of the superbikes keep coming around it, before turning and heading back. As we slowly creep around. There must be 100+ bikes. Many… many more than we previously saw turning in. I get straight on the PR and update the operator with what’s happening. Basically the road has become a drag strip. There are idiots drag racing their bikes against each other, others doing wheelies and burnouts, all between HGVs and cars. Some of these riders were also wearing no lids. Utterly unbelievable!


16??- Again I updated control and they organise for several units to head down to assist dispersing them or deal if necessary. To the left is a turning down to a warehouse. We pull in out of the road and go to turn around and head out.

One of the riders with no lid rides past and stops in front of the car. Begins doing a burnout wheelie thing. I really have no idea how he managed it. I shouted out of the car “at least put a lid on, don’t be insane!”

He stops ahead of me and begins to rev the bike before launching toward the IRV. We slowly started to make our way out of the side turning as the traffic units began to arrive and disperse the bikers.


16??- We are relieved by traffic and head back to the nick. A lot of paper work to complete and I think we finished later than planned. Plenty of Intel found and submitted for future bike meets planned at the same location on their social media. Offer any assistance with the various reports and statements being completed by my colleagues, and we’re done.


1830- Car booked back in and de-kit for home.


What I Did On Duty

Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 12 months

Planned hours: 1400-2200

Location: Metropolitan Police Service

Type of shift: Borough action day



1200- Arrive at the nick and kit up early as I have some intel reports to add with a non-IPS officer that will be parading with me today. I also had to create a report for an incident I attended a few nights ago which wasn’t at the time deemed appropriate for a report, but a supervisor had decided it was. So all of that was completed and a clean slate ready for todays shift.


1400- There is a borough wide operation today, engaging with the public, attending pre-planned raids and operations. We travel by train from our station to the patrol base as the IRV I had reserved has been given away to a PCSO. Been told to return in an hour or so and it should be back.


1440- Arrive at the patrol base and find the Sgt and inspector running the ops, and they have no knowledge that we are assisting today. Great. Receive rushed tasking’s for the town centre, high visibility patrols as it is a well-known ASB and drugs hotspot. It is also very transient, a station for the mainline, underground line and several bus routes.

We head back to our station to get that vehicle as it will be handy if we are called to assist between our tasking.


1540- Arrive back, no such luck, someone else had nabbed they keys. Sgt is apologetic, but I explain not to worry as they obviously needed it more than we did. My colleague runs through what he need to gain toward IPS status. There is a busy junction controlled by traffic signals just by the nick as I decide we should spend some time here in high-vis and try to spot some traffic offences for him. Several minutes later we have a Luton tail van stopped as the driver was wearing no belt.

Shortly after the driver is dealt with, another motorist is stopped for the same offence. Most worryingly she stated that she was on the school run and was soon to have her kids in the car. Another FPN issued by my colleague and words of advice given regarding belting up.


1630- We are back on location in the town centre. Greet the NPT PCSOs that have a stall outside the rail station for the community engagement. They are helping with marking bikes, and offering burglary prevention advice.

We begin a slow foot patrol covering known hang out area that frequent drug users. Nobody in sight. This is beginning to look like a slow shift I think.


1700- *Emergency activation* It’s the PCSOs at the rail station, stating that a male has either been assaulted in the street or hit by a vehicle.

I call in my position after the broadcast and me and my colleague sprint the 500 metre distance we were at the time. Shouting for people to move the whole time, the pavements are full of commuters by this time.


1701- We arrive at the station, I can see the high-vis jackets in the road and make my way over. Im faced with a male laying in the middle of the road, hes still conscious at this point (thank god) but maybe not so… hes disorientated and keeps trying to sit up. While slipping on some gloves the PCSO begins to explain what he has managed to get out of the male so far. It appears he has been struck by the bus, which was stopped just behind us.


This all seems to roll into one as I obviously had quite a lot going on and it’s still a slight blur.


The remainder of the PCSOs were directed by myself to stop the traffic as buses and taxis were still trying to weave around us. We were pretty much in the middle of the two way carriageway.


I was now keeping the victim on the floor, he had a huge gash on the left side of his head. I was applying pressure directly to the wound with my hand while also controlling his head.


The operator was nagging for updates, so I explained to my colleague what I wanted and he broadcast everything perfectly. LAS were on route along with multiple units to handle the crowds which were now beginning to circle around us, and the traffic.


17??- Thankfully a dog unit responding to an ‘I grade’ nearby cancelled and diverted. He was the first on scene and came over with a substantial first aid kit. I was glad to have some experienced help. I run through what we already knew and what had been done so far. My colleague applied a bandage to the chaps head. I re applied pressure and kept on the hold. The dog officer then went through the chaps pockets looking for any ID as by now he was just rambling and not making any sense at all.


17??- Responding units began to arrive and relieved my colleague and the PCSOs. The response ambulance also arrived at this time and I gave the handover.


1715- LAS bus arrives. There are now hundreds of people on the pavements each side of the road with their camera phones out. I did not have time to notice, but apparently many were like this straight after this guy was hit by the bus.

He is being treated as life changing, the road is kept closed and the duty Inspector is on his way down.


1730- I find my colleague who with the assistance of a PC is now collecting accounts into a CARB from the bus driver and a witness of what happened. The driver stated that he was moving along the road, and another bus was approaching him in the other direction. Then all he saw was a figure sprinting across the road to beat both of the busses passing each other. Well obviously this guy wasn’t as fast as he thought, and is luck he didn’t get hit and go under the bus before it stopped. Luckily he bounced off the front and into the middle of the road.


1800- Victim is updated to be stable and no longer life threatening. The paramedic told us that he would of eventually bled out had we not quickly applied the pressure to the large wound on his head. The Insp gives the call to re-open the road and clear the scene. A rather large pool of clotted blood now all over the road, and is washed away by several bottles of water donated by the newsagent owner opposite. We speak to a few more PCs who attended before we leave and collect any further CARB booklets to put the report on. Another thankyou to the dog handler and we head back to our nick.


1840- Stop in and order a chicken shish kebab from the shop a few along from the nick and retire to dinner before putting the reports on for the day.


2000- One of our S/Sgts has dropped in to complete some admin, so we explain what we got involved with today. He congratulates us both on our hard work.


2100- Reports finished, and de-kit. Head home an hour early as we are both drained


What I Did On Duty

Rank - Special Constable
Service – First Duty
Location – Metropolitan Police Service
Duty - 2000-0400

All times are approximate

1830- Arrive at the PS to find my locker and get changed for the first time. Then up to the office to check my access to the various computer systems has been activated, along with having my e-mail client sorted out. One password wasn’t received so I had to speak with tech support to get the final default password sent over. I was now biding my time looking over the evenings briefing as my s/sgt arrived with another ‘first’ shift SC. After collecting a pool radio and being handed my baton the three of us head off to the local patrol base.

2000– Arrive at the PB to meet the two IPS SC’s who will be with us on this shift (One is TheKnightRS)  ;)issued CS and PNB so head to the writing room to re-read the briefing and copy into my PNB. This took a little while for us two probies to get through the briefing and our call sign was now being called to attend for a MisPer.

2100– Head out direct to the address, which we initially believed to be the missing persons. However upon arrival, it turned out to be his friends mothers house, he actually stays in a foster home. Questions were asked of their whereabouts as we were genuinely worried for them, made it clear they weren’t in any trouble. During this the radio was alive with reports of a firearm sighting locally as we we’re now keeping an ear to ensure we wasn’t too close.

2140– We leave the MisPer address and head out on patrol looking for vehicles to stop. The s/sgt was keen to get us probies on the radio to boost confidence and start getting some more of our modules completed. We were now toward the north of the borough circling around the firearm location when we had a quick refs break before heard one of the Trojan units had been involved in a PolCol.

2210- Our call sign was requested to attend and complete the CARB booklet. The marked jeep was in a mess at the front, having mounted the pavement performing a hard stop, apparently slid on the damp surface straight into a street cabinet. The item turned out to be a lighter shaped as a pistol I think. A traffic Sgt was in attendance and deemed the vehicle un-roadworthy, Trojan called up for a new vehicle to be brought down to them just as we left them to it.

2225– We head off from the PolCol to resume vehicle checks. The roads are beginning to quiet down, but there is no shortage of vehicles with a tail or headlight out. Easy enough reason if there is one! The first vehicle we actually go for on my request I had spotted earlier. An old Astra, didn’t look in great condition, and the driver was giving us a long look as he passed us on a cross roads while we waited at the red lights. The driver swung us around and we paced after the Astra which had sped off down a dead end. He’s parked up next to a small block of flats so we box him in and pile out just as they exit the car. We all take an occupant and go through their details and check over the radio. I’m a little wobbly and make a few mistakes on the radio. (Will perfect it on the next stop) My occupant a young lad is all clear no trace, he tells me his dad is a PC on the next force over. Surprisingly the car is clean and all legal, less the rear tail light has a small crack but we advise and warn.

2300– We are now back on the hunt for some more stops. Over the radio is yet another suspected firearm spotted by CCTV, reason item in bag being used to make gun like motions. Dispatch is organizing units to attend and fill the reported area. While this is happening, CCTV comes back and states it is actually just a 2L fizzy pop bottle in a bag. “Phew” lol!

Now in a part of the borough known for prostitution, we are approaching a specific location for some high visibility presence. We are stopping for reds on a roundabout and we notice a small car over the stop line. He’s noticed us and is trying to reverse back behind the line to the dismay of the car behind, now tooting and flashing headlights. Messing about maybe?

2305- We pull up ahead and allow them both past, they are following close together, giving us the impression they are travelling in convoy. We’re about to go for a compliant stop on both when the rear vehicle turns off, we set our sights on the lead car. He stops immediately and is very apologetic. Everything is ok so again let off with a warning.

2320– Now in the prostitution area it is pretty quiet, just one girl on the street corner. The s/sgt speaks to her briefly and prompts her to go home. She heads over to the bus stop so we decide to hang around to ensure she goes. While down a side street one of the IPS SC’s spots an unattended pram. Fearing the worst we head back around. I draw the short straw and dismount to check. It has a big dirty looking duvet over the top, I draw my baton to lift it over and prod inside. “Phew” just empty water bottles. We decide to head back to the patrol base as we are close for new batteries. Complete PNB for use of the baton.

2340– Just leaving the PB and an immediate for all units comes over from dispatch. A male is fighting and causing criminal damage to a pub to the north of the borough. So we jead in the direction. By the time we get there the male has been reported getting on a red bus so it ends up a total loss.

0010– While back on patrol, yet again sat at red lights on a crossroads, our lights have just change to green as a taxi crosses our patch from the right. Pretty blatant offence committed to me so I ask the s/sgt to follow him for a stop. Vehicle is stopped in a residential street not far from his address. Everything is clean and comes back as no trace. I’m told not to issue a FPN-E as we can’t be sure his lights weren’t also green.

0025– Immediately after we are in the far north of the borough on burglar prevention in a known hot-spot when my fellow probie spots a van travelling at speed. We follow and perform a stop down the road as its held up by a red light. I didn’t get out of the vehicle for this one, instead observing with the s/sgt. At first the driver seems pretty anti-police with his body language, but he’s soon come round and is pretty compliant. He says he is a builder and is out looking for potential sites. Pretty suspect when travelling at speed and at this time of night. So his details will be added later for intel.  

0105- Astra stopped for having a headlight and rear red bulb out. I and TheKnightRS deal with the driver while the other two stand by the vehicle. I’m slightly confused with this one, the registered keeper doesn’t match the driver details. Radio assists me and confirms the driver is insured and vehicle not stolen. Driver states he only bought the car around a week ago, and has sent off the new keeper section. Everything is ok for me but I maybe missed something. TKRS caught a whiff of cannabis on the male. I performed the search and completed the 5090. The other two completed a search of the vehicle. Only a grinder found, no drugs inside. Male said he was just on way home from friends who had been smoking. We leave the male on his way and resume checking known burglary hot-spots.

Well I couldn’t believe my luck really, working with a great team on my first night and it’s been pretty busy too!

0150– Active message aggravated burglary in progress all units to attend. We head in the direction. We’re not positive on the exact location on this long road. We miss initial arrests to local officers. Damn! We hop out for foot search to grab any remaining. Dogs and I99 are called in to assist as 5 of up to 9 suspects are still outstanding. The area is now flooded with all units. RT cars, IRV cars, a TSG van full and two dog units and us. I99 arrives 4 minutes after being called and notes several heat sources still in the search area. We hold positions in case the offenders make a dash away from the dogs. As the search area becomes smaller, units start to leave. I99 requests our call sign stays with the dogs as the helicopter is called away.

0400– Search area is complete with no more found. Dog units thank us for waiting in the cold, but to be honest we stayed in case there was an arrest to be had.
Or shift is now officially over, so we head back to the prostitution known area to refill the vehicle for the next shift.

0420– IPS colleague spots a female being called up a side street towards a vehicle. We swing it around and block the vehicle in while the front seat passenger is mid convo with the female. Turns out it’s another taxi. So we all hop out to check everyone out and account. The female was Eastern European and claimed no English. We eventually communicated with her for her basics. No prostitution previous, just bail conditions not to visit a certain store in the next town. We tell her to go home and let the taxi away as the two males were no trace.

0450– Literally yards away the s/sgt was looking into strange noises coming from a Focus on a car sales lot. Could not work out the noise but decided it wasn’t unsafe so we left the area back to the PB to complete all of the paperwork.

0605– Paperwork complete, we thank our new colleagues for looking after us, and us two probies head back to the other station with the s/sgt to return the vehicle and get changed.

0630– Leave the station for the 20 odd minute drive home to bed.

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