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What I Did On Duty




Rank - Special Constable
Service – First Duty
Location – Metropolitan Police Service
Duty - 2000-0400

All times are approximate

1830- Arrive at the PS to find my locker and get changed for the first time. Then up to the office to check my access to the various computer systems has been activated, along with having my e-mail client sorted out. One password wasn’t received so I had to speak with tech support to get the final default password sent over. I was now biding my time looking over the evenings briefing as my s/sgt arrived with another ‘first’ shift SC. After collecting a pool radio and being handed my baton the three of us head off to the local patrol base.

2000– Arrive at the PB to meet the two IPS SC’s who will be with us on this shift (One is TheKnightRS)  ;)issued CS and PNB so head to the writing room to re-read the briefing and copy into my PNB. This took a little while for us two probies to get through the briefing and our call sign was now being called to attend for a MisPer.

2100– Head out direct to the address, which we initially believed to be the missing persons. However upon arrival, it turned out to be his friends mothers house, he actually stays in a foster home. Questions were asked of their whereabouts as we were genuinely worried for them, made it clear they weren’t in any trouble. During this the radio was alive with reports of a firearm sighting locally as we we’re now keeping an ear to ensure we wasn’t too close.

2140– We leave the MisPer address and head out on patrol looking for vehicles to stop. The s/sgt was keen to get us probies on the radio to boost confidence and start getting some more of our modules completed. We were now toward the north of the borough circling around the firearm location when we had a quick refs break before heard one of the Trojan units had been involved in a PolCol.

2210- Our call sign was requested to attend and complete the CARB booklet. The marked jeep was in a mess at the front, having mounted the pavement performing a hard stop, apparently slid on the damp surface straight into a street cabinet. The item turned out to be a lighter shaped as a pistol I think. A traffic Sgt was in attendance and deemed the vehicle un-roadworthy, Trojan called up for a new vehicle to be brought down to them just as we left them to it.

2225– We head off from the PolCol to resume vehicle checks. The roads are beginning to quiet down, but there is no shortage of vehicles with a tail or headlight out. Easy enough reason if there is one! The first vehicle we actually go for on my request I had spotted earlier. An old Astra, didn’t look in great condition, and the driver was giving us a long look as he passed us on a cross roads while we waited at the red lights. The driver swung us around and we paced after the Astra which had sped off down a dead end. He’s parked up next to a small block of flats so we box him in and pile out just as they exit the car. We all take an occupant and go through their details and check over the radio. I’m a little wobbly and make a few mistakes on the radio. (Will perfect it on the next stop) My occupant a young lad is all clear no trace, he tells me his dad is a PC on the next force over. Surprisingly the car is clean and all legal, less the rear tail light has a small crack but we advise and warn.

2300– We are now back on the hunt for some more stops. Over the radio is yet another suspected firearm spotted by CCTV, reason item in bag being used to make gun like motions. Dispatch is organizing units to attend and fill the reported area. While this is happening, CCTV comes back and states it is actually just a 2L fizzy pop bottle in a bag. “Phew” lol!

Now in a part of the borough known for prostitution, we are approaching a specific location for some high visibility presence. We are stopping for reds on a roundabout and we notice a small car over the stop line. He’s noticed us and is trying to reverse back behind the line to the dismay of the car behind, now tooting and flashing headlights. Messing about maybe?

2305- We pull up ahead and allow them both past, they are following close together, giving us the impression they are travelling in convoy. We’re about to go for a compliant stop on both when the rear vehicle turns off, we set our sights on the lead car. He stops immediately and is very apologetic. Everything is ok so again let off with a warning.

2320– Now in the prostitution area it is pretty quiet, just one girl on the street corner. The s/sgt speaks to her briefly and prompts her to go home. She heads over to the bus stop so we decide to hang around to ensure she goes. While down a side street one of the IPS SC’s spots an unattended pram. Fearing the worst we head back around. I draw the short straw and dismount to check. It has a big dirty looking duvet over the top, I draw my baton to lift it over and prod inside. “Phew” just empty water bottles. We decide to head back to the patrol base as we are close for new batteries. Complete PNB for use of the baton.

2340– Just leaving the PB and an immediate for all units comes over from dispatch. A male is fighting and causing criminal damage to a pub to the north of the borough. So we jead in the direction. By the time we get there the male has been reported getting on a red bus so it ends up a total loss.

0010– While back on patrol, yet again sat at red lights on a crossroads, our lights have just change to green as a taxi crosses our patch from the right. Pretty blatant offence committed to me so I ask the s/sgt to follow him for a stop. Vehicle is stopped in a residential street not far from his address. Everything is clean and comes back as no trace. I’m told not to issue a FPN-E as we can’t be sure his lights weren’t also green.

0025– Immediately after we are in the far north of the borough on burglar prevention in a known hot-spot when my fellow probie spots a van travelling at speed. We follow and perform a stop down the road as its held up by a red light. I didn’t get out of the vehicle for this one, instead observing with the s/sgt. At first the driver seems pretty anti-police with his body language, but he’s soon come round and is pretty compliant. He says he is a builder and is out looking for potential sites. Pretty suspect when travelling at speed and at this time of night. So his details will be added later for intel.  

0105- Astra stopped for having a headlight and rear red bulb out. I and TheKnightRS deal with the driver while the other two stand by the vehicle. I’m slightly confused with this one, the registered keeper doesn’t match the driver details. Radio assists me and confirms the driver is insured and vehicle not stolen. Driver states he only bought the car around a week ago, and has sent off the new keeper section. Everything is ok for me but I maybe missed something. TKRS caught a whiff of cannabis on the male. I performed the search and completed the 5090. The other two completed a search of the vehicle. Only a grinder found, no drugs inside. Male said he was just on way home from friends who had been smoking. We leave the male on his way and resume checking known burglary hot-spots.

Well I couldn’t believe my luck really, working with a great team on my first night and it’s been pretty busy too!

0150– Active message aggravated burglary in progress all units to attend. We head in the direction. We’re not positive on the exact location on this long road. We miss initial arrests to local officers. Damn! We hop out for foot search to grab any remaining. Dogs and I99 are called in to assist as 5 of up to 9 suspects are still outstanding. The area is now flooded with all units. RT cars, IRV cars, a TSG van full and two dog units and us. I99 arrives 4 minutes after being called and notes several heat sources still in the search area. We hold positions in case the offenders make a dash away from the dogs. As the search area becomes smaller, units start to leave. I99 requests our call sign stays with the dogs as the helicopter is called away.

0400– Search area is complete with no more found. Dog units thank us for waiting in the cold, but to be honest we stayed in case there was an arrest to be had.
Or shift is now officially over, so we head back to the prostitution known area to refill the vehicle for the next shift.

0420– IPS colleague spots a female being called up a side street towards a vehicle. We swing it around and block the vehicle in while the front seat passenger is mid convo with the female. Turns out it’s another taxi. So we all hop out to check everyone out and account. The female was Eastern European and claimed no English. We eventually communicated with her for her basics. No prostitution previous, just bail conditions not to visit a certain store in the next town. We tell her to go home and let the taxi away as the two males were no trace.

0450– Literally yards away the s/sgt was looking into strange noises coming from a Focus on a car sales lot. Could not work out the noise but decided it wasn’t unsafe so we left the area back to the PB to complete all of the paperwork.

0605– Paperwork complete, we thank our new colleagues for looking after us, and us two probies head back to the other station with the s/sgt to return the vehicle and get changed.

0630– Leave the station for the 20 odd minute drive home to bed.



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