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Found 2 results

  1. SmoothPear

    Failed Specials Recruitment

    Alright, so this is for a friend of mine. They had signed up to volunteer for Specials, ended up passing everything except for the last test, I think it was the part where they scour every bit of the internet. The reason they had given for failing my friend was that he/she didn't use correct language on social media. What's bizarre is that they're not one to use brash language or crude humour. And even more so they had met my friend, interviewed, and had them take tests. Everything was spot on except social media. Can they really use that as a means to fail someone? What's a good plan to move forward or get answers?
  2. Hi all Thought i would write about my role as a Police Support Volunteer, how I got the role and what exactly i do. Well, back in May this year I had decided that, as I only worked 3 evenings a week I would like to do some volunteering in my spare time during the days (especially as there is only so much housework and daytime TV one can put up with) . I searched a local volunteering website which had tons of things on offer. I came across things like helping an old person to do their shopping, helping a disabled lady at the gym, charity shop workers' etc, etc and although these seemed ok it wasn't really me and I wanted something a little bit different that I thought I'd really enjoy doing with maybe a little bit of a challenge. I then read that you could become a volunteer with the Police. This was just my cup of tea I thought. My 17 year old son has been in the Police Cadets for 2 and a half years and at college doing Public Uniformed Services. He wants to eventually join the Police force and because of his passion all he ever talks about is joining, also Police/Cop shows is all we ever seem to have on our TV! Because of my sons cadets I already knew a couple of the local coppers and I've always had great admiration for the Police, so that was decided - I'd look at the various volunteering roles with my local Police force. I was getting a bit disheartened at first as most roles seemed to be in admin - and although I would have loved to do any of that, most stated that you needed to have experience in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc which I don't have ..... However, I then came across a role as a Vehicle Equipment Controller - this was asking for someone with just a basic interest/knowledge of cars and confidence at manoeuvring them with a full driving licence. This sounded perfect - I have no mechanical qualifications whatsoever but I have always had a passion for anything car related since I was little. I have been driving since I turned 17, had countless numbers of cars and always enjoyed doing the little bits on my cars like changing bulbs, etc. So that day (May 19th) I wrote an email to the Assistant Volunteer Co-Ordinator at our Lincs Police Headquarters telling them of my interest in the role. I received an email back less than half an hour later saying that my details had been forwarded on to the supervisor for the role who would be in touch shortly. 10 days later I received a phone call from a Sergeant at my local station (Boston) asking if I would like to have a chat/interview with him later that day about the role. I attended the interview with the Sergeant I spoke to (and a female Sergeant) and was told all about the requirements of the role as well as asked questions about myself and what I wanted out of the role, etc. I left feeling excited - but also nervous wondering if they liked me and if really they would prefer a male ex-mechanic rather than a bored housewife, haha. Anyway I must have impressed enough as 4 days later I received a letter saying that they would very much like to offer me the role! Now all I had to do was fill in the numerous vetting and medical forms and send them off asap. I took no time in filling them all out straight away and sending them off that evening. Over 6 weeks later I still hadn't heard anything back and was wondering which part of the vetting procedure or medical I must have failed on. I didn't want to pester anyone but I thought after 6 weeks I'd just ask if they knew anything either good or bad so I knew either way. The volunteer co-ordinator at HQ said that they had received everything from me but was still waiting for one of my referees to send them a reference. As this referee hadn't sent their forms off they said I could get someone else to give another reference instead and email it across. Luckily I got someone else to do this and sent off the next day. 2 days later I received both an email confirming the reference had been received and a phone call from my supervisor (the Sergeant) saying everything had all been cleared and would I like to start my induction 5 days later! So from application date to starting date took 10 weeks altogether but I was told my vetting all got cleared in only 2 weeks and the other 4 weeks they were just waiting for my final reference so it would have been a lot sooner. Well I started my first day on Monday July 27th and (13 weeks later) can honestly say that I am loving every minute of it. I was given a Lincolnshire Police Volunteer polo shirt and a pair of Police combat trousers - I am still waiting for a hi-vis jacket I have just requested ready for the winter weather we may get. I also got a Volunteers pack/folder with lots of information including how to book my hours I've worked on the internet via Duty Sheet. I was also given my own pnn email address to access the Intranet and to email my check sheets after each shift. I use to do 3 days a week (anywhere from 2 to 5 hours a day) but then I started to get the cars done a lot quicker the more I got use to them so now I only need to go in 2 days a week to get them all done. I have 9 marked Police cars/vans to check each week as well as the Inspectors unmarked car and 3 pool cars. As well as vehicle checks I also clean and wash the cars if needed and I sometimes drive them to a local garage if they need tyres, etc and I have also taken cars to HQ 35 miles away. I had to take a basic driving assessment test at HQ in Lincoln so that I could manoeuvre the vehicles around the station and drive them when needed - it was very nerve-wrecking but luckily I passed. I have a vehicle check sheet I have to fill in for each vehicle and I have to write down the mileage, when its due for servicing, are all the emergency devices working (lights, sirens, etc), I have to write down the tyre treads, check seatbelts, oil. water, windscreen washers, wipers, etc and all the inventory kit eg: cones, stingers, frames, first aid kits, accident signs, etc, etc. It took me a little time to get use to it all but now I know everything that's needed off the top of my head I can also name every vehicles full registration number and know which ones have the stingers, ANPR, alcometers, etc - in fact I know the cars that well they are all affectionately now called my babies, haha. For the last 5 weeks I had also been doing another 10 Police car checks/washes at Spalding - another station 15 miles away but due to me having to work an extra night shift on the same day that I was doing 8 hours at that station it was too long and tiring to do both so unfortunately I had to give up that which is a shame as it was a lovely station and all the Police and staff there were so lovely. However I must say that the same goes for my station - every person from the admin to the Chief Inspectors, PCSO's, PCs, caretaker/maintenance team, front desk, CID and visitors to the station everyone is so helpful and friendly. I get thanked countless times a week for what I'm doing which is lovely. Was quite surreal spotting all the 'Police Interceptors' and 'Rookies' off the TV programmes which were both filmed at Boston but now I see them all the time and chat with them etc its nice to know them all in person now. I've also had a couple of the ones off Police Interceptors asking if I can do the checks on their BMW's as we keep 2 or 3 of them in a garage at our station - I wouldn't be allowed to drive them around but I could do the checks - this is something I would love to do and apparently they are now inquiring about me doing them! I have also been shown how to go and put out speed check signs if I want to fill in any hours and I've been asked countless times why don't I join the PCSO's or Specials which does sound tempting but I'll stick with the cars for now, haha. So, like I said so far I am enjoying every minute of my volunteering. Best things about my role are : meeting all the new people, knowing I am helping both the public and all the wonderful coppers who do a great job themselves, proudly seeing 'my' Police cars driving around town safely, fully kitted and looking nice and clean (knowing that I'm responsible for all that). The first time I drove one myself (both around the yard and in the street) was a wow moment and the first time I tested the sirens was cool - now after 150 car checks later its just all in a days work, lol. Haven't had any bad experiences - had a couple of security alerts and some people that are brought into custody can make you feel a little wary but on the whole I would recommend my role to anyone thinking about it!! In my 13 weeks I've volunteered over 130 hours so far - and still wish I co do more!! Hope I have covered most things and haven't bored anyone too much any questions feel free to ask - Malita (PSV206)

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