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Found 8 results

  1. Full story Seems a well trained for strategy that works, great thinking whoever came up with that scheme in the first place.
  2. A man has been arrested after an alleged "swatting" prank call led to police shooting dead a 28-year-old man. Andrew Finch was shot at his front door on 28 December in Wichita, Kansas. Police surrounded the home after receiving a hoax emergency call from a man claiming to have shot dead his father and taken his family hostage. The call stemmed from a row between two gamers playing Call of Duty online, US media say, although the address raided was apparently unconnected to either. Police have said they believe the report was an act of "swatting" where a person makes a false report to send police to another person or fake address. Audio of the emergency call has been made public. A man can be heard telling authorities that he had shot his father in the head, and claimed to have taken his mother and siblings hostage. The caller also said he had a handgun and had poured fuel over the house and wanted to set the property on fire. Police say they surrounded the address the caller had given, and were preparing to make contact with the suspect reportedly inside when Mr Finch came to the door. They said one round was released by officers after the 28-year-old failed to comply with verbal orders to keep his hands up, and appeared to move his hands toward his waist multiple times. Police say Mr Finch was later found to be unarmed, and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. A search found four of his family members inside, none of them dead, injured or taken hostage. His family told local media that he was not involved in online gaming. What is swatting? The false reporting of emergencies, in order to try and get a Swat (Special weapons and tactics) team response to a location It has been linked to disputes in the online gaming community Perpetrators often disguise their number or call non-emergency local numbers to avoid being identified. "The irresponsible actions of the prankster put people and lives at risk," said Wichita Police Department Deputy Chief Troy Livingston. "The incident was a nightmare for everyone involved, including the family and our police department. Source Swatting really needs to start being taken seriously. It has been going on for ages and was only a matter of time til someone died.
  3. cookyy2k

    Home made gun drone

    Not sure where to put this, if the mods can think of somewhere better please relocate. This is some American kid's school project made with stuff you can easily buy and put together over there. Scary.
  4. American woman attempts to use "free inhabitant" nonsense to claim she has all the rights of a citizen without having to obey any laws. Spoiler: it doesn't go well for her.
  5. http://www.buzzfeed.com/passantino/baltimores-murder-rate-surges-as-police-arrests-plunge i tried to paste the article but the posting tools on this new mobile theme are terrible and it didn't work Buzzfeed: Arrests In Baltimore Plunge Even As The Murder Rate Soars In the weeks following the death of Freddie Gray and arrest of all six Baltimore police officers involved, the city’s troubled western district has seen its murder rate skyrocket and arrests plunge. Across the city, 100 people have been killed so far this year, far outpacing the 71 homicides by the same time in 2014. This week alone, at least 19 people were shot, four of them fatally, according to a Baltimore Sun count. In the western district, the 28-day period ending on May 16 saw six homicides, up from only two in 2014, according to police data. Non-fatal shootings in the district over the same period jumped from only five in 2014 to 20 this year. Meanwhile, arrests are down sharply in the city. In the three weeks after Gray’s death on April 19, officers made 1,452 arrests, the data shows. By comparison, the data reveals that during the same three-week period in 2013 and 2014, police made well over 2,000 arrests: Jim Dalrymple II from Baltimore police data / Via data.baltimorecity.gov Police data also shows arrests have declined in recent weeks as compared to earlier this year. The first 15 days of May, for example, had fewer arrests than any previous half-month period in 2015. Arrests in Baltimore from January 1, 2015, to May 15, 2015. Each point represents a half-month period. Jim Dalrymple II from Baltimore police data / Via data.baltimorecity.gov The uptick in violence, coupled with fewer arrests since the protests and riots that broke out last month in Baltimore following Gray’s death, has led to speculation that police are in a work “slowdown” — a technique in which workers put pressure on an employer by doing less of their job than usual. The police department has been under heavy scrutiny by the public, media and Justice Department, which announced a civil rights investigation into its practices in wake of Gray’s death while in police custody. Police line up to enforce a curfew in Baltimore on May 1. David Goldman / AP “Morale is in the sewers,” a Baltimore police officer who wished to remain unidentified told CNN on Friday. It’s “the worst of the worst I’ve ever seen in my career.” “Officers stopped being proactive,” he said. “I believe this is the direct result of officers holding back.” He said officers had “stop[ped] being proactive” and claimed some calls would go hours without a police response. “We do not believe in [Police Commissioner Anthony] Batts or his command staff,” the officer said. “We want him to go.” The potential slowdown comes just months after officers in New York City staged a similar demonstration in the wake of two police assassinations. Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were killed on Dec. 20 in Brooklyn, prompting police union leaders to say Mayor Bill de Blasio had blood on his hands. Some New York City police officers turn their backs in sign of disrespect as Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu on Jan. 4. John Minchillo / AP Arrests in New York City declined sharply after the killings, then began ticking back up in January. In a televised interview Friday, Batts admitted some officers on the force had been disaffected in wake of the charges brought against police in Gray’s death, but blamed gang activity for the increase in violence, including a shooting Wednesday that left 1 person dead and four others injured. “There are some officers here who are hurt and feel unsupported,” Batts told CNN. Asked if some officers may have begun a work slowdown, Batts seemed less certain. “I hope not,” he said. “I hope my guys have stronger character than that.”
  6. A white South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder after video emerged of him shooting a black man running away from him. State investigators arrested North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on Tuesday after viewing the mobile phone video of the shooting. Authorities say victim Walter Lamer Scott was shot after the officer had already targeted him with a stun gun. The US Department of Justice is set to launch an investigation. "When you're wrong, you're wrong," North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said, announcing the arrest. "When you make a bad decision, I don't care if you're behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision." Police officers in the US fatally shoot and kill hundreds of people each year, but only a handful of cases result in the officer facing criminal charges. The incident on Saturday began after Scott's car was stopped for having a broken rear light, local media reported. A video of the incident published by the New York Times shows a brief scuffle before Scott begins running away. The video then shows the officer firing several shots at Scott, who falls to the ground. The Post and Courier newspaper of Charleston reported that Mr Scott had been arrested about 10 times, mostly for failing to pay child support or show up for court hearings. Mr Scott's brother, Anthony, told the Post and Courier that he believed his brother fled from Mr Slager because he owed child support. Anthony Scott said that because of the video, "we have received the truth" and "through the process, justice has been served". Chris Stewart, a lawyer for Scott's family, called the passer-by who recorded the video a "hero". The shooting occurred as heightened scrutiny is being placed on police officer shootings, particularly those that involve white officers and unarmed black suspects. A grand jury declined to indict Ferguson, Missouri officer Darren Wilson over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown last August, leading to nationwide protests. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32213482
  7. source I don't even know what to say about this one...
  8. Houston, TX – What began as an uneventful convention for law enforcement officials to share expertise in weapons and tactics, turned ugly when rival instructors opened fire on each other. During an argument over isosceles versus weaver stance, members of “Super A1 Tactical Solutions” reportedly challenged rival tactical group, “Blue Sheepdog Pro Warrior Elite” to a tactical shooting course. At some point, Sergeant Jonah Lozenge of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Rico Fuentes of Hallsville PD opened fire on one another. A witness that wanted to remain anonymous said everyone was very lucky that nobody was seriously hurt. “They were about ten yards from each other, just shooting back and forth,” he said. “It was like they had force fields around them as they kept reloading. We couldn’t believe it. Everyone was very lucky.” Officer Dan Buccino said the fear turned awkward when the officers just stared at each other while yelling at the crowd for more ammunition. “We weren’t sure if it was a joke or if someone was making a movie at that point,” said Buccino. “When they ran out of ammo, we just tackled them before they could get their hands on some more. I just remember them yelling about their sights being off.” Officials said at least 112 shots were fired. One of several trucks damaged Lieutenant Clyde Hosst of the Houston Police said, “Sometimes the rivalries that develop here due to the intense competition can get out of hand, but I’ve never seen a shootout before. It’s an embarrassment to all of law enforcement that it came down to this.” Lt. Hosst added that the property damage alone ensured an end to the convention. Six trucks were damaged in the volley of gunfire and a passerby was grazed in the leg. Her injuries were minor and she was released from the hospital within hours. Both Sergeant Lozenge and Officer Fuentes were placed on paid administrative leave from their respective departments. http://www.blightsandsirens.com/gunfire-erupts-between-rival-tactical-instructors-nobody-hurt/
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