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Latest Forum Software

Chief Cheetah



As you should all have noticed the forum software has now been updated to the latest version.

There have been one or two changes and these have caused a couple of issues for some of our members.  With this in mind this blog post should hopefully help you out with a couple of things.

As some of you will have noticed you may have started receiving more notifications (emails).  This is in part to how the site was originally set up by the authors of the software and it was automatically set to receive notifications when you contributed to a thread, whilst you may have been subscribed it didn't send a message.  This was amended some time ago so that you don't by default automatically follow threads you contribute to.  Because you may have historically been following some and it has all been sorted with this latest release you may have found that you are now receiving a number of emails/notifications.  If you want to stop this with just a couple of clicks then that is easy.  Go into your profile and click on your notifications settings, once the screen opens you need to uncheck the two buttons as shown below



Make sure you then check or uncheck as necessary the buttons for what you receive notifications on




That's it, you should no longer receive the notifications.  We apologise if this has caused you some problems.


New Content
New content has changed extensively and is now referred to as an Activity Stream.  Just as before you can change what appears in your activity stream but unlike before once you leave the site and come back it will have gone back to the default.  This is where you can now create your own activity stream and set that as your default.

At the top of the screen click on Activity, then select the Activity Stream drop down and at the bottom of here select 'Create New Stream'



From here you can give you stream a name and choose the settings you want





Once you have made your choices and saved it you can go into your stream from the drop as shown above, whilst in there you will see a circle with a tick in it beside your streams name, click this and it becomes your default, it even gets added to the top of each page for ease



So that is a stream for me to use, however, you can share a stream with anybody simply by letting them know the number in the url or by sharing the url (if you have some enhanced permissions then only you will see those, you can only see what you are entitled to see).  So with that in mind if you want to know what my Activity Stream is like then here it is for you to save as your own


If you have any comment or questions regarding this then please feel free to make comments below.

Team Police Community

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