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Finding my feet




Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 3 months 

Duty time:1800HRS-0115HRS


1800: Get to the station and say hi to the skipper and a few of the guys who are on this evening. I had never been on with the section who were on, but they all seemed nice and welcoming! Go and kit up and get crewed with a regular. About to check briefing but we are called up to deal with a disturbance at a property nearby.

Arrive to the property to find a female at the door who is angry about claims she is due to be a grandmother which when she has arrived to the address of her son and his girlfriend the claims have been denied...among all this she has claimed to be assaulted where the other party are claiming she has forced entry. Female is advised to move along as there are better ways to get to the bottom of her questions. Told she can make a allegation if she so wishes but can expect one to come straight back at her if thats the case! She duly agrees to move along and is escorted to her home by her son.

1910: Respond to a call of a male who claims to have people outside his address who are being threatening...Colleague says the male is known to us and has a a history of MH issues. Arrive to the address and first thing that I see is a stanley knife by where the male was sitting...that can move straight away! He explains how he is hearing males outside his house at all hours saying his name and explaining in great detail what he is doing in his home, the stanley was there incase anybody tries to get into his address. Reassure the male that there were no males outside his property when we arrived and say we will make sure to patrol around the area. Explain that he is to call 999 if anybody tries to gain entry to his property and we will be right around. The male claimed to be taking his medication due to be a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and explained how he was not going to harm himself or others. My colleague put in information to the MH team in regards to the male to follow up with him.

2000: Back at the station briefly as colleague needed to follow up some crimes he had...I used the time to update my PDP.

2030: Called to respond to two males being detained by security staff at a supermarket after being caught shoplifting. One of the males was said to have assaulted a member of staff and is being highly aggressive

Blue light run to the call(adrenaline running a bit :P)...arrive to one male being cooperative and being supervised by two of the store staff in a side room. The other male was being detained on the floor with three staff lay on him to make sure he was going nowhere! myself and my colleague take control of the male who is swearing an awful lot but is begining to calm down now we are dealing with him, result! my colleague cuffs him and we bring him to another side room. My colleague places him under arrest on sus shoplifting, the male takes a disliking to a female officer and is promptly told to shut up and is swiftly lead to the back of the van!

We talk briefly about the second male and decide to bring him in also. Another officer asks if i wish to make the arrest and i gladly oblige! we make our way in and I place the male under arrest on sus shoplifting, he comes without issue and is placed into the back of a car and escorted to custody.

2130: Arrive to custody and book my prisoner in.

2230: Complete a arrest statement with the help of a awesome regular officer who was really helpful! print it off and hand to my colleague who will be heading up the interviews. I am asked if i wish to sit in on the interview of the male I arrested to which I say yes.

2300: Section have their meal for the evening...I just have some water as I had ate before coming out to shift but quickly regret this as the kebabs smelt so good!

0010: Interview begins with the male who I arrested, He fully admits the offences and the interview lasts no longer than five minutes. It was still good to see how the interview process works though and how my colleague put questions across to the male.

0030: Decision is made on both males on how they will be dealt with. The male who was at first aggressive is RJ'd along with a cannabis warning after a further search at custody found the smallest amount of cannabis on his person know to man, it was found out a bit later on he had not assaulted any of the staff but "looked like he may assault someone!". Male 2 is cautioned for the offence as he had similar previous so could not be RJ'd. I found this a really good experience as it was the first time to see a crime through from arrest to the end...even if it wasnt the crime of the century :P  All in all a pretty productive shift :) 

0115: book off duty.

hope this was worth a read! Tempo

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