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Life and Death




Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 3 months

Duty time: 1500-2200


All times are estimates:


1500: all kitted up head on down to the briefing room. Say Hi to the skipper and a few of the guys who are in and ready for briefing. Find who I am crewed with, Ive been with him before and he is a good laugh :)


1540: First call of the day…comes through as an assault so make our way towards on blues.


1550: Arrive. Greeted by a large group of people in the street claiming the male who has been assaulted was attempting to steal from a near by building site and the workers did not take to kindly to this so decided to give him a bit of a pasting for it. I take some details of some witnesses in case they are needed.

Turns out the male has had a bit of an accident during the whole incident and managed to soil himself. He claimed that he was only in the building site to go to the toilet but the workers claim he was seen trying to take a drill from the site.

Long story short neither party wanted to take it any further so colleague got a signature from the male who was assaulted and have a few words with the builders. All in order so we are on our way!


1740: Asked to make our way to a sudden death. This would be my first call of this nature.


1750: Arrive at the address. Friends of the deceased are there and are understandably upset after finding their friend deceased. We make our way inside and are greeted by a paramedic who arrived before us and has confirmed the male has passed away. Paramedic passes us the paper work we needed and he is on his way.

Colleague lets me take the lead on the job and I complete the relevant paper work for the coroner as he called for the undertaker to come, I placed the tag onto the male and made some enquires as to who was the next of kin. 


1845: Undertakers arrive. Give them the paperwork they need and then gave them some assistance with moving the deceased into the bag so he can be transported.

Undertakers make their way off. We secure the property with a friend of the deceased and make our way off too.


1910: Refs break, I was starving! got myself a nice curry and a fanta.


1930: Back at the station to email the paperwork to the coroners office etc…


2200: Book off duty! 


Hope this was a good read :) Tempo.

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