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Out on section




Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 1 month

Planned duty time 1700HRS-0300HRS


All times are estimates:


1645: Arrive at station to get kitted up, this will be my second shift out on section with regulars and I have never met the section before so get myself sorted then make my way down to the briefing room as early shift is about to leave. Introduce myself to the team and the sarg. Find who I am crewed with, he is a ex special and a good laugh! Get my order in for the chinese later in the evening - Chicken curry, Chips and egg fried rice box meal!


1730: First job - a abandoned 999 call. Dispatched as a prompt, get to the address and everything is in order, child has picked up the phone and dialled 999 but when the operator has answered she has panicked and dropped the phone! words of advice given and on our way.


1800: On to the next job, a woman has been having issues with her ex partner who she has not heard from in the past year or so but has came out of the woodwork. On the way to the job my colleague says he will let me take the lead on this one if I like which I am happy to do! 

As we are on route to the RP comms call up to say the RP has just called again to report another incident that has happened today so the log is updated to a prompt.

Arrive at the address and have a chat with the lady, she is with a new partner and wants nothing to do with her ex. I go through DASH form with her which was good experience for me to complete my first one!


1900: At the station putting all the paperwork together for the previous call and email it off.


1940: Circulation comes through of a sus DUI we are in the area of the registered keepers address so make our way toward but the vehicle is not there, area search no trace.


2030: Respond to a sus drink driver at a wedding. Arrive to the wedding to find the male in question with his car parked up. He is in the foyer of the venue with his keys waving them around, my colleague and myself ask him to sit down and have a chat with us he isn’t really having it and is talking about how he wishes safeguards to be put in place for his daughter from the mother. No real evidence of drink driving, but the call is now coming to be a domestic incident between the male in question and his partner who are making allegations against each other, the male heavily in drink. Male is given strong words to leave the party now. He gets our shoulder numbers, still unsure as to why! and before coming very close to going in the bin for the evening for breach of the peace finally gets into a lift and makes his way home.

Colleague decides to complete DASH with the mother while I get some details of the children for 121A form.


2200: Finally done with the job, all paperwork completed and emailed off!


2345: Boy racer type comes flying around the corner, follow him and decide to pull him over due to the manner of his driving and also his exhaust looks a bit dodgy. I run the vehicle through PNC and all comes back okay (later find out from a colleague the car should have came up as having a s59 order against it) words of advice given. i.e. stop buying all of halfords stock and putting it on your car as it isn’t a good look! only joking haha.


0010: Respond to a call of alleged damage to vehicles on a street, 4 youths with hoodies seen to hit wing mirrors of a number of cars and make their way into the town centre. We are close to respond. 

Area search, no trace for the youths but go to have a look at the cars and only one vehicle seems to have sustained some damage to the nearside wing mirror. Take vehicle details into PNB and close the log.


0040: No sooner are we done a circulation comes through of a sus drink driver making his way down the main A road in the area, coming our direction, with the registered keepers address just around the corner. We call up saying we will wait near the registered keepers address. The vehicle also comes up as having no MOT or Insurance…what a catch this could be!


0050: Strategically position ourselves near the address, I’m thinking to myself this is pretty cool, I’m not ashamed to admit it! haha.


0110: Have a look at the address to see if the vehicle has made its way back another way, no trace. Have a look around the area to see if it may be in a hedge or somewhere but no trace. Call up to say we have had no luck, boo!!!


0130: Called to assist with a prisoner escort, make our way over. Domestic incident, both parties are being brought in as both have sustained injuries and have made allegations against each other.


0150: Arrive at custody, Male is cooperative. I don’t really get involved just watch the guys way of booking in.


0250: After a coffee, book off shift! very good shift for me personally and really happy to be out on section. Hope this was a good read :) 

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