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Second shift, First arrest!






Hi guys, so here is a write up from my second shift that I have recently had and thought I would share with you all as it was quite an eventful one!


Rank: Special Constable

Length of Service: Second shift

Planned duty: 1500HRS - 2300HRS


All times are estimates as PNB is not to hand.


1500HRS: Arrive at station…forget the code for the changing room…OOPS! pop down to the response room and see the person who I am crewed with in there so have a quick word and get told the combination so go to kit up quick to catch briefing.


1520: Briefing completed. DS comes in and asks if my colleague and myself would like to go and complete an arrest on a female wanted for questioning over an alleged assault that has taken place and caused some serious injuries to the other party, we say yes! Go to get briefed on circs and all that, run the person and address through systems for warning markers, previous etc then pop down to custody to let them know we will be bringing one in within the hour and how it will be my first.


1600: Get a marked car and begin to make our way to the address, nerves beginning to kick in as we have decided I will take the arrest! go through the procedure and the custody routine.


1620: get to the address and knock on the door, the female answers and lets us in but needs to get dressed, she is compliant and we wait on her landing for her. She comes out ready and I make the arrest and deliver a caution which came out so fast I didn’t even understand it myself at the time so when I asked her if she understood and she said “yes” it was quite a shock! All of this happens just before the female breaks into tears due to the fact she was under arrest (I don’t blame her, it can’t be nice to have your liberty taken away from you) We wait for her to secure her property and get to the car to put the cuffs on and do a quick search. Some teenager is snooping around asking whats going on he is swiftly told to move on.


1650: Arrive at custody, sweating quite a lot! booking in goes well even though I was very nervous! wait with the DP to get booked in and wait for a female DO to come to do a more thorough search and we are then let loose.


1720: DS asks for a arrest statement so get on writing that up which was good experience for me, get it checked over by the SGT who brushes it up a little. Print another copy for my PDP file as it will come in handy.


1830: REFS! mcdonalds which consists of a chicken legend and coffee.


1915: Back on patrol. respond to a call of a male in distress and begin to make our way


1930: Arrive to the address, quite out in the sticks! two dogs running around which makes me edgey as I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of dogs! but they are playful and not nasty. We begin talking to the male who is complaining of chest paints and talks about his mental health, claims to have PTSD, Depression amongst other issues and is shaking a lot and clutching at his chest the whole time. We decide to get a ambulance called so I make the call through my radio.


1945: Paramedic responder car arrives, very quickly too! finds the male to have a heart rate of 175, very high! Ambulance still en route.


1955: Ambulance arrives, looks like the fella is off to hospital for the night to get himself sorted! we wait around for them to leave then head off ourselves.


2115: Go code 5 for a reported RTC involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. Arrive on scene to find no trace of either… call the number of the RP who is heavily in drink and says the problem is sorted! and is a mile and a half down the road now. Lovely. Close the log on that one!


2210: Respond to a call from a Female saying a motorbike is loitering around her property and keeps looking into the drive. Worried as has had a bike stolen recently. We respond and make a note for the neighbourhood team and have a look around the area for said bike but no luck.


2230: DAMN! just as we were going to go back to the station to write some stuff up and book off we are called to respond to a incident involving a dog that has been sold over the facebooks.

We arrive and I begin to talk to the couple who have had the dog off of the other party involved after posting a Facebook ad asking for a dog to rehome. The original owners respond and offer a dog and say they will allow the couple to have the dog for the night to see how it settles.

The evening comes and the original couple text saying they want to meet as they want the dog back (I think, it was quite confusing!) so they meet at a public location and decide to call the police.

After much deliberation my colleague decides, after speaking with a superior, that the dog should go back into the possession of the original owners as they have all of the relevant paperwork still and there is nothing really in paper to support the other couple. Words of advice given to both parties and we head back!


23:30 Book off duty :) 

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Congratulations on your first arrest!  Must have been quite nerve wracking driving over there knowing you are going to do it - for most of us it just happens spontaneously so there's little chance to get nervous about it.  Glad the booking in went well too.

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Thanks proxila. Yes it was! the drive there I found myself going over various scenarios and what ifs which didnt really help my nerves, but in the end it was fairly straight forward thankfully.

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