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Please read before dismissing! GOOD CAUSE!!


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Please read the below every little helps and you could need their support on day..

On the 25th June 2016 I completed first of three obstacle courses! This was a 12km course in Leeds. The next two I'm doing are located in the Lake District, the first one on the 6th July 2016 is a 10km run up and down hills, swimming though water, crawling though deep mud and falling flat on your bum when you misplace your feet!! The next run on the 7th July 2016, without rest from the previous day is a little 10 mile run this includes a 4 mile fell run along with all the obstacles I did the previous day, now with more mud now 1,000 people have run over them!

Total Warrior is the pinnacle of obstacle racing, providing the most innovative and highest quality obstacle event in the UK. With around 30 punishing obstacles in each of the three courses, Total Warrior also offers greater variety and more obstacles-per-kilometre (or pain-for-your-pound!) than any other race.

Total Warrior provides the ultimate test of stamina, strength and determination for individuals and teams and offers a challenge for everyone, regardless of fitness levels

Total Warrior is an extreme event which will test you both physically and mentally

Care of Police Survivors (otherwise known as COPS) is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives whilst on duty. We aim to ensure that survivors have all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy, and that they remain part of the police family as they rebuild their lives.

Only another survivor can fully understand what new survivors endure, that shared experience is the basis for our peer support programme.

COPS enables survivors to help survivors, the extent of help provided will always be controlled by the new survivor. Sometimes an understanding listener is needed. Sometimes more practical help is required. Whatever the need, COPS will be able to put survivors in touch with those who truly understand.

COPS is independent of the police service and was founded in March 2003 by Jim McNulty and Christine Fulton (MBE). Jim was a retired police officer from Strathclyde Police. Christine is the widow of PC Lewis Fulton who was murdered on duty in Glasgow in 1994.

Christine's experience of that tragedy gave her a unique understanding of the overwhelming grief and confusion that is encountered by new survivors. COPS makes contact with the survivors of every officer who loses their life on duty, explaining what COPS does and inviting them to make contact when they are ready for such support.


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