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Moving from Milton Keynes to London

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Hello everyone,

I am currently living in Milton Keynes in the last 4 years, however, my wife just got a promotion at her current job in London and we made that decision to buy a new flat in London.

I am not sure what it will be a good area to raise my son he is 2 years old. Just to let you know last time when I was in London it was 4 years ago, and I noticed that the crime rate has gone up in the last couple of years.

My wife would like to be at maximum 30 - 40 minutes travel distance with the tube from Green Park station, and my budget is around 450 - 550 k for a 2-bedroom flat.

I am not sure if Canary Wharf would be the best area for us.

4 years ago, I was living in London around Walthamstow Central and I am quite familiar with that area (Tottenham, Seven Sisters, Leyton, Hackney) and I would not buy a house / flat in those specific areas.

And advice would be welcomed, and it will help me sort out my issues with my wife.

Kind regards,


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