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I attended my day one and i was accepted, i have my fitness test etc next month. What seemed like a pipe dream at the beginning of the year now feels very very real. Being from Birmingham i will of course be required to move, does anyone have any general advise for people in similar situations to myself?

I have elected to work in North London, specifically Islington as it is the only area i know somewhat well (being an Arsenal fan) and i figure it'll make getting home easier as i won't have to travel across London. 

My main concerns centre around accommodation as London is famous for its unforgiving rent prices (or so i have been told) is there anything i can do to ease my mind about this? Am i just expected to pack up and leave at the drop of a hat? Do i get some form of help and support from the force themselves? as there is currently a mass recruitment drive surely they cannot expect us all to find places to live around the training centre? 

Having never lived away from home there's bound to be a million and one things i have forgotten to be concerned about so feel free to shout them out.

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