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Good morning everyone,

I am conducting a psychology research project which forms part of my undergraduate psychology degree course, and I'm looking for police officers who would be willing to take part in a one to one telephone interview which will last no longer than one hour.  The aim of the study is to explore stigma and negativity in the UK police force toward fellow officers with mental ill health, and how mental health awareness can be improved. The interview and subsequent data collected will be completely anonymous.

Inclusion criteria:

  1. Participants are aged 18 and over

  2. Participants who are serving officers with mental ill health, who are or have been on sick leave due to mental ill health, or have left the police force 

  3. Development of mental ill health condition during their time as a police officer

  4. Participants need not have made a disclosure of their mental health condition to their manager/supervisor

  5. Participants have English as their first language or have a good level of English language proficiency.

If you  meet the criteria above, and would like to take part or know someone that would be interested in being interviewed, please email me in confidence at [email protected] for further details of the research and to arrange an interview

Kind regards

Ann-Marie Edwards

BSc (Hons) Psychology

University of Derby

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