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Anon Twitter

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Not sure if in the right place so please feel free to move if not.

Just had a quick question.

Does anyone use twitter?

I don't mean a personal twitter account as obviously we have to be careful but an anonymous police related handle?

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Traffic Rat

Semi anon, as I I don't give my name away, but anyone in my force can identify me in seconds.

Think my account is semi tolerated as I keep it professional and related to my specialist area of work.

To stay anon but tell people what you have been doing that day doesn't work, so unless you want to tweet on general policing matters, of which there are many accounts, think about what you want to use Twitter for.

Yes it can be fun, and you do get some good engagement.

It works for me in HGV world, as in the main I have many UK truckers following me, and it reassure s them we are targeting the rogue element.

Sent from the dark side of a Tachograph!!!

(Your confused now aren't you ??)

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Yea I use Twitter,

I love it never doubt the power of Twitter

I tweet from a force account now but when I was with my other force I had a personal Twitter which was strictly professional!!

If you're sensible with it it's fine just make sure you're force if not anon is happy for you too do so I know some forces encourage it some not so much and would rather you tweet from the force Twitter!

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The Undertaker

As a member of the public i am always interested in policing, i follow inspector gadget, and private eye.

Twitter is vital for big companies, our bart is going to launch 1 for this forum,its been quite a wait but when it launches i am sure this forum will be alot busier.

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I think Twitter is a great tool for the Police, but I do wonder if we're going about it slightly wrong.

There are many forces that have literally hundreds perhaps even thousands of accounts in some cases - the Met especially.

Yet they aren't all updated regularly. I wonder if we should be looking at quality over quantity.

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