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Cycle carrier

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Hi all,

As its now coming into the summer I'm starting to dig out the cycling gear!

Started it last year and was only doing local cycle paths, but now I want to venture out.

I've been looking at two cycle carriers on for the car (Seat Leon FR 2007), but not sure what one would be better suited.

It will be a maximum of two bikes on the carrier.

Can you have a look at the links below and tell me your views?

Bootlid carrier


Towball carrier


Thanks in advance,


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I actually use a 3rd type which holds the bikes up fairly high


As you must bare in mind that either of the others restricts the view of the Number Plate and you'd need to connect another to the other side of the carrier, thus increasing cost and awkwardness!

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I have the same one that Buck mentioned, it is really good and i'd recommend it any day! You really should consider getting it

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