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New Car (2) - Auris Hybrid


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I'm able to get a very good deal on a new Toyota Auris Hybrid T-Spirit + Navigation; £159 per month (brother in law works for Toyota).

Only downside I can see is I have to take their Insurance @ £350 which is a touch more than I would pay if I could go open market but I'd never match the leasing deal buying privately...

If I do the deal then I can sell my current car privately for ~£2800 so a bit of rainy day money, but of course at the end of it I'll have no car.

One year lease; servicing thrown in. No tax, no MOT and there shouldn't be any maintenance costs other than sticking petrol in it.

So... does anyone already have one, or strong opinions on the Auris Hybrid, and can they see anything negative I may not be taking in to account?

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