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NCD ... again!


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I was insured and wrote of my car.

It appears I still have to pay the residue of the insurance because it was a fault claim and I insured through a broker who had paid the insurance in full.

I didn't know this and 6 months later they (Deeside Brokers) contacted me, so here I am a year later paying £50 per month to clear the £190 outstanding.

I now have another car and presented 6 years no claims to new insurer..(AIM)

The new company (AIM) have hit me with a £75 admin charge and cancelled my insurance because I did not submit the NCD in a timely manner .

I emailed the new insurer (AIM) a copy of my NCD from the insurer (Swift) which I had sent to the insurance company (AIM) 18 months prior which they will not accept and Deesside will not issue NCD till account cleared.

The rules for insurance really do seem to made up as they go along...... and the £75 being enforced so strongly shouts of money making.....

I really wonder how many NCD get issued in 14 days..!!

Any comments/advice?



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Speak to a solicitor. We're not lawyers and we're not in a position to help you

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