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Diet Help.


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Iv'e just started training to become a special.

Iv'e also joined my local gym. Over the past few months i have slowly decreased the amount of junk food i eat, it's now hardly any.

I've been looking online for diet plans, but every site seems to say the opposite to the last .

I'm 11 stone and 6 foot. I do look quite skinny.

If this is the daily guidelines for a adult, then roughly how much should i be taking in if i want to build muscle.

MenCalories2,500 kcalProtein55 gCarbohydrate300gSugars120 gFat95 gSaturates30 gFibre24 gSalt6 g

Any help, advice or good websites you could recommend would be appreciated.

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Depends what you want to acheive, are you aiming to build strength or to become an 'absolute tank in a t-shirt 50cent looks anorexic' unit?

Aside from diet it depends on how you train, what exercises, weight, reps etc

http://www.myprotein.com/uk/pages/home -> this has got some information (if you look under the Goals tab)

Ask at your local gym for advice, most of the PTs/ Fitness instructors should have some knowledge of diet & nutrition. (If they are REPS qualified think this is part of the course to become qualified PT)

Get yourself onto a bodybuilding forum and have a look around there for tips & advice.

Protein and steamed green veg are going to become your life :huh:


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