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Found 4 results

  1. So it's not long until Christmas is here! That time of year when you end up eating far too much food and spend the entire month of January looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you put on so much weight over Christmas... again! Aside from the dry turkey, awful hand knitted jumpers from your aunt and someone setting fire to their hand instead of the Christmas Pudding Christmas also brings with it the PS.com Festive Meet Up. The last meet up went really well and I know a few of us have been chatting lately about having another one so I've decided that I'm just going to get on with it and get it organised (It's 17.5 celsius outside.. too early?!) I'm going to leave two weeks for people to vote before beginning to put together a more detailed plan. I'll apologise now to those that aren't happy with London but it seemed to work well for everyone last time. If you've got any other suggestions then I'd love to hear them. Don't just put "Durham" though... tell us why you think your location would be better! For those that are offended by pubs I also apologise for that! Anyone who wants to help me out with this is more than welcome! Send me a PM and we'll sort something out! Thank you!
  2. A change in finance policy has occurred, that's fine it happens, there is now a flat rate for subsistence payout if you work 5-10 hours (leaving your front door to walking back in it). It would be inappropriate to discuss exact numbers here but imagine my surprise when this months expense sheet shows that I shall get the same for a 14 hour shift as a 5 hour shift, when we used to get some money for working over 5 hours and more for working over 10. Needless to say, feeling a little hard done by. Rant over.
  3. StJohnAmbulanceCadet

    St John Ambulance Cadets

    Welcome to the St John Ambulance Cadets Topic... Share things about yourself and your division on the discussion... Feel free to start new discussions about uniform, duty's and anything else... This topic does has no association to St John Ambulance and anything said on this discussion is not the view or opinion of the Charitable Organisation St John Ambulance.
  4. Saiyat


    Having now finished my gourmet tour of all the Olympic feeding sites I can honestly say this is some of the best operational feeding I have ever had. The food is overall really good quality, there is great choice on offer including healthier options and the staff have all been really friendly and helpful. I give it a week!

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