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Found 14 results

  1. After sustained period of cuts, the APCC fears funding shortfall may lead to rise in crime, hurting police and state legitimacy https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/oct/29/england-and-wales-police-in-need-of-13bn-to-tackle-and-terrorism?CMP=twt_gu
  2. A few recent articles regarding the cuts have quotes which point to a possible change in the Home Office's stance on police funding. It isn't very clear but hopefully the Chief's that they are apparently consulting with, will tell them the truth, and they will be listened to at long last (unlikely as the Gov seem to have their fingers in their ears). The quotes read as "we didn't make a mistake by cutting police budgets, it's just that times have changed and terrorism is eating up resources". Most recent article: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/18/police-missing-terrorist-tip-offs-lord-condon-because-of-cuts-says-former-met-chief https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/08/police-cuts-jeopardising-hunt-potential-terrorists Unfortunately the articles are from the same source, I've not seem a similar quote anywhere else. Could this signal a change in policy?
  3. Changes to the way government money is allocated to police forces in England and Wales will be delayed, Police Minister Mike Penning has said. He apologised to the Commons for a "statistical error" in a new formula which assesses population size and other data to calculate funding. The issue has caused "a great deal of concern to police forces", he admitted. The proposed changes for 2016/17 will now be delayed, Mr Penning said. The Home Office did not say for how long. Mr Penning said the government "regrets" the mistake and apologised to MPs and to all 43 police forces in England and Wales. Answering an urgent question in the Commons, he said: "We recognise this has caused a great deal of concern to police forces around the country. "I and the government regret this mistake and I apologise to the House." 'Omnishambles process' The amount of money police forces receive from the government is based on a funding formula, which assesses population size, social and economic factors, crime rates and other data. The government had launched a consultation on plans to change the formula, prompting six police and crime commissioners (PCCs) to threaten the Home Office with legal action. They argued the proposals were "unjustified and deeply flawed". Last week the Home Office revealed the new formula was based on flawed calculations. Speaking in the Commons, Mr Penning said the government would now seek the views of PCCs and the National Police Chiefs Council before proceeding with the changes. The current formula would be used to establish police force funding for the 2016/17 financial year, he added. Shadow policing minister Jack Dromey condemned the error as an "omnishambles process", saying Mr Penning must "get a grip and get it right". Labour MP Keith Vaz, who is also home affairs select committee chairman, said 31 out of 43 police forces would have lost money as a result of the error. "What started off with good intentions is rapidly descending into farce. To call it a shambles would be charitable," he added. Joanne McCartney, Labour's London Assembly policing and crime spokesman, added: "With the Metropolitan Police facing severe cuts to their budget, this is more than just an embarrassing error from the Home Office, it's a monumental mess of their own making." BBC: Full story
  4. Turning on M1 speed cameras permanently and having sponsored uniforms and cars could help bolster a cash-strapped force's coffers, a police and crime commissioner has said. Full story here
  5. TheFlomeister

    Back the petition

    You may be aware that the Home Office has been conducting a review into the way in which the central Government policing budget is allocated across forces with a view to developing a funding formula that is fit-for-purpose and sustainable. Policing partners and the public have been consulted and earlier this month chief constables and PCCs received a letter from Policing Minister Mike Penning MP outlining the proposed refinements to the way in which central Government policing budgets will be allocated. I cannot express enough my disappointment to see that under the latest proposal for central Government funding Bedfordshire is set to receive no additional funds. I know that you will share my disappointment at hearing this news. With more cuts looming, I really do fear that this force will become unsustainable – we will no longer be able to deliver some services or respond to incidents in the way we do currently. Bedfordshire Police has been under-funded for a very long time and we are already over-stretched; with only 169 police officers for 100,000 of the population – compared to the national average of 232 and 388 in the Met. This is despite facing significant challenges; we are the fourth highest force for gun crime in the country, and we have a similar level of burglary robbery and vehicle crime to the West Midlands, who have 256 police officers per 100,000 of the population. Here in Bedfordshire we face the most significant serious and organised crime challenges of any force in the region, so it seems incredulous that we have fared the worst in the funding proposals. My worry is that if we continue to be under-funded, then we will not be in a position to continue to provide the same level of service to protect people in our communities. Bedfordshire may be a small county, but it is incredibly complex to police. We have an international airport, busy road network and some of the highest levels of gun crime, knife crime and serious acquisitive crime in the country, yet have one of the lowest rates of officers per head of population. I am completely committed to fight crime and protect the people of Bedfordshire in any way that I can. We were the first force to collaborate a department with another force and we have recently introduced a new operating model and time-saving technologies which will go some way to delivering savings. But this is simply not enough to sustain the viability of the force with the proposed levels of Government funding. That’s why I’m urging everyone in the communities we serve to show their support for our hard-working, brave, over stretched officers by signing the petition that Commissioner Olly Martins has launched, which pushes for a fairer deal for Bedfordshire, enabling us to continue to protect people, fight crime, and keep Bedfordshire Police. Sign the petition here Jon Boutcher QPM Chief Constable
  6. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire is warning of "funding Armageddon" for the county's force. Source
  7. Hampshire's PCC has been publicising the consultation for the changing in the funding formula across the UK. This could potentially have significant impacts to the cuts in your force, so I suggest completing the survey. In particular, I strongly agree with the PCC that the funding arrangements need to be decided soon so that forces have certainty in their restructuring over the next 5 years. You can't have a well planned transition of how you police without knowing what the cuts are for each year. The goal posts are simply floating away they're fluid at the moment. Details from Hants PCC here: http://www.hampshire-pcc.gov.uk/Get-Involved/Funding-formula-consultation.aspx
  8. Police force threatens to sue Theresa May over funding plans One of Britain’s largest police forces is threatening to launch a high court action against the home secretary as analysis reveals that Theresa May is secretly planning a major switch in millions of police funding from city forces to county constabularies, the Guardian can disclose. West Midlands police are considering mounting the legal challenge to the way in which May has conducted a consultation exercise on a new police funding formula being carried out without the Home Office disclosing how each force is likely to be affected. For full story please use the following link. http://gu.com/p/4c4fp?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  9. Police Scotland have been ridiculed for spending taxpayers' cash re-branding their helicopter in Gaelic. Nationalist MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh tweeted a photo of herself sitting in the helicopter which bears the name of Police Scotland in the ancient Scots language. For full story please use the following link http://dailym.ai/1Unvb1F I actually thought this was a joke at first.
  10. Chief Constable Colette Paul wrote to the Home Office in February this year to raise concerns about the future sustainability of Bedfordshire Police as it faces the next Spending Review. The Home Office has responded by offering to send a Finance and Strategy Team into the force for two days to explore further the financial situation. Chief Constable Paul said: "This visit is good news. It will afford us the opportunity to provide the Home Office with first-hand insight into the demands we face and the difficulties we have as an under-funded force. "Bedfordshire is prepared to take its fair share of cuts, just like any other public service, but my concern is the fact that the force is currently under-funded to start with. We are funded as a rural force but the demands we face are more akin to those seen in large metropolitan force areas. "Although we are doing all we can to make the best use of our resources to deliver a police service that our communities deserve, funding will continue to be a concern for the force. "Later this month the force is transitioning to a new police operating model, which will improve the policing footprint in our communities and enable our officers to work smarter using mobile technology to carry out tasks. The new model will also help us to achieve savings."
  11. Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police announce successful second bid for Police Innovation Funding https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/9877/Warwickshire-Police-and-West-Mercia-Police-announce-successful-second-bid-for-Police-Innovation-Funding
  12. The people of Bedfordshire have voted ‘no’ in the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Referendum, which asked the county’s residents to pay an additional 15.85% increase in the Police Precept element of the council tax. A ‘yes’ vote would have generated an additional £4.5m per year for Bedfordshire Police, who receive the second lowest level of government funding, despite facing demand akin to those seen in large metropolitan force areas. Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable, Colette Paul, said: “We will continue to do the best we can with the resources we’ve got to build a stronger community policing footprint across the county and we remain committed to keeping the county of Bedfordshire safe. “The Commissioner felt that any endeavour to secure the additional funding for the force was a risk worth taking. As a result of today’s outcome, our estimated budget shortfall is £6million - which equates to approximately 135 police officers. “We are currently in the process of finalising a new policing model which will combine some of the traditional community policing that we have lost, with a new modern approach to doing business. We’ll be using mobile technology and increasing collaboration with partners in order to effectively and efficiently protect people and fight crime together.” Source
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