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Found 11 results

  1. shobo

    dog collides with car

    Hi On Saturday a very large dog came at high speed out of a hedge and collided with the front corner of my wife's car. She stopped, the dog surprisingly continued to run around. On the other side of the road there was a white van containing the dog's owner. The dog's owner said that she had lost control of the dog as it had chased a deer. My wife had a quick look at her car, in the dark, and didn't notice any damage. However when she got home, we found some very expensive damage to the front lights and bodywork. We didn't realise at the time that by law we should have called the police immediately - it was only by chance that I found out that we were supposed to inform the police at all, but this we did by calling at the local police station, and they are perfectly happy on that. Unfortunately, my wife didn't at the time realise that her car was very badly damaged, and didn't swap any details of any kind with the dog owner (who said just "thankyou for stopping, my dog had been chasing deer"). Anyway, I do realise that the dog owner is liable. I also know it is unlikely that the dog owner will have reported anything separately to the police. However the police response surprised me. They said that they will not search on their records for any incident involving a dog in the area, so they will not even do a few minutes work to find out if the dog owner made a report, never mind do anything purporting to an 'investigation' (asking local vets for any emergency treatment etc) even though they realise that the dog owner is responsible for the accident. Not only that, they said that even if the dog owner did report something to the duty office at the station and that duty officer realised full well that the accident being reported is the same one, the police would not let me know. So I stand no chance of claiming from the dog owner, and the police don't seem concerned. is this the correct position for the police to adopt ?
  2. Do we have any dog handlers on the forum who might be kind enough to offer some advice? I'm currently in the process of completing my application for a transfer from response to dog section. The application basically consists of one question and as such I'm having a bit of trouble with structuring my answer. The question is: "Using the role requirement and advert please state the reason for your application and provide evidence of your personal qualities and skills that are relevant to this opportunity". I know that I need to go through the advert and role requirement and pick out jobs I've been involved with to evidence my capabilities. My concern though is I feel a bit like I'm over selling myself, saying look how good I am you should pick me! If there are any handlers that are able to offer any tips or advice for getting through the paper sift I would be very grateful. Thanks
  3. A dog that was running loose on a dual carriageway has deliberately been run down and killed by Traffic police. Full Story - Daily Mail Some of the comments by the DM readers are just plain stupid, calling the officers to be prosecuted, saying the carriageway should have been closed. Did they not read the article where it stated there was several near misses, an officer was bitten trying to capture it. The DM readers seem to have no grasp of reality.
  4. Full article: https://westmercia.police.uk/article/17606/Reminder-for-dog-walkers-on-public-footpaths
  5. Full Story - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-35635935
  6. DodgeRam

    Dog Chase

    Guy has been out riding his bike today around the local park. During his jolly, his neighbours dog Spike has chased him and snapped at his ankles. Guy has called the police and states that the dog bit him. There is no injury and no damage to any clothing or shoes. Spikes owner says that there was never any chasing and Spike simply barked at Guy as he doesn't like push bikes for some reason. Guy is stating that he wants the dog taking away from the owner. He is very angry about the incident and claim that Spike is always causing problems in the neighbourhood. When you visited Spikes owner, spike was very friendly and enjoyed his belly being tickled. You would not consider him a dangerous dog. Are there any offences? If so, or if not, what would your course of action be? Thanks :)
  7. DodgeRam

    Dog Handler

    Have we got any dog handlers on here at all? I had my first proper experience of working with a dog and his handler last night and was so incredibly impressed with their skill and capability. I think it's an area of specialism I would like to look into seriously. I enjoy pro active work and it appears this role is predominantly pro active. Does anybody have any advice or tips on getting into the dog section? Any handlers on here willing to share their story of how they managed to secure the very coveted role?
  8. Pet lover Troy Smith has proved the saying that owners come to resemble their pets... literally! The 42-year-old’s bull terrier, Spike, bit a Springer spaniel in Dover town centre in February after being allowed to roam without its lead. And when officers arrested Smith – who boasts 10 aliases – for affray following the bust-up over the attack...he dug his teeth into a police officer's finger drawing blood! Now Smith, of Folkestone Road, Dover has been jailed for a year after admitting affray, failing to control a dangerous dog in Market Square and assaulting a police sergeant. Prosecutor Martin Hooper told Canterbury Crown Court how the five-year-old “Spike” had been let off its leash in Dover and then attacked the spaniel biting it so severely it had to be humanely put down. The police and support officers – armed with a spray - were alerted by CCTV and went in search of the terrier which ran away. When they cornered it and caught it in a net Smith tried to stop them by trying to free the animal. Mr Hooper said: “Smith is well known to the police and the officers attempted to catch the dog which bit one of the officers on their jacket. “Fortunately the officer was wearing body armour. Smith then hit one of the officers in the general fracas. He was shouting at the officers to ‘f*** off!’ “One of the PCSOs was bitten on the thigh and the dog ran off. Officers feared it might attack someone else and sprayed the animal, “ he added. The prosecutor said that dog wardens eventually caught Spike again but Smith once again tried to free the dog and was himself sprayed. Petal the springer spaniel was put down after being attacked by another dog He was taken to Canterbury Police Station where he was “violent and uncooperative”, biting Police Sergeant Cochlan and telling him that he was “HIV positive”. Mr Hooper said that Smith – who is also known as Troy Appleby – has a 60-offence long criminal record and had been released from a jail sentence just a day before the attack. He said that the HIV claim wasn't true but had caused the sergeant some anxiety. Christopher Wray, defending, said Smith was fond of his pet because he had raised it from being a puppy and “this dog was his whole life”. The court heard that since the attack the animal had been put down. The judge Recorder Morgan told him: "I can understand your feelings for this dog and I can understand you being overwrought but it doesn't excuse your behaviour." http://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/news/owner-bites-back-after-dog-33544/
  9. A poor puppy left battered and bruised after being used as 'bait' in illegal dog fights has been given a new lease of life by the police officer who rescued him. Named 'Phil' by his new family, the 10-week-old pooch was found badly wounded with a hole in his skull and another in his neck, thought to have been caused by a bite from another dog. Brian Scott and Matthew Preuninger were the two officers on patrol when they found the puppy abandoned on a street in Anniston, Alabama. Horrifying: Vets predict Phil was used as a 'bait' in illegal dogfighting But after calling animal control officers and finding they were all out on other jobs, the two men decided to rescue the puppy themselves. After speaking to a vet, it appeared likely that Phil had been used as bait to train larger dogs to kill during illegal dogfights. Both officers agreed to split the cost of Phil's treatment but for Matthew Preuninger and his family, that wasn't enough. Dog fighting gangs breeding "Frankenstein" animals to kill After hearing about the poor pooch's horrific treatment, Matthew's wife demanded that the office bring Phil home so he could be cared for by their family. Facebook / Operation Phil Relaxed: Phil is now on the road to recovery in his new home "It was our mission at that time that Phil was OK, and the more we interacted with the vet and his staff, the more Phil was a part of our lives," he told the Anniston Star newspaper. Thankfully, after his tough start in life, Phil is now on the road to recovery. Matthew and his family share Phil's daily updates on a Facebook page called Operation Phil , in the hope that they can raise public awareness about illegal dogfighting and urge people with information to come forward. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/defeated-dogfight-puppy-deaths-door-5102589
  10. Special Steve

    Specials on dogs in Essex?

    Here's a tweet from an inspector on the dog section in Essex. It's an interesting idea and I have to say that I don't know how it would work! Thoughts?

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