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DB11's Duties

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This is a more typical duty that I have done recently


Your rank: PC
Your planned duty hours: 0700-1700

0700 - Briefing. Double crewed, only double crew to cover the area.

0800 - Call received from a lady stating that she had been made aware of a lifeline activation at her elderly mother's address. Upon her arrival all of the doors are locked and her spare key is useless because there is a key in the other side of the door. Mum has had a history of falls in the last 12 months, and upon looking through the window can see her mum lay on the floor in the hall. Calls police to assist in gaining entry.

0830 - Upon police arrival we decide to smash the bottom panel of glass in the back door, messy but cheapest and easiest to replace. Elderly female is alert, conscious and breathing but is unable to move and can feel pain around her hip and back. Call is put in to ambulance.

0930 - After an hour of feeling pretty helpless (gave her a pillow and some blankets to make her feel more comfortable) and making small talk paramedics finally arrive (it had been graded a red 2 eight minute response time they told us when putting the call in :lol:). Left the female in the care of paramedics and daughter said that she knew of a glazier that could replace the glass.

1000 - Incoming aircraft emergency at the nearby international airport is put out for information only on the local talkgroup. Headquarters resources were attending but we were made aware in case it came to something and we were required.

1300 - Call received from a female stating that her partner had recently been discharged from the mental health unit and was now back home self harming and trying to slit his own throat. We asked about taser however the risk assessment was that the subject only posed a threat to himself and not others therefore local officers to attend and it would be reassessed if we were met with a threat. Whilst en route control told me that the male in question had been sectioned just before Christmas after putting a knife down his throat and trying to swallow it. The location is a row of three storey flats, each accessed by a balcony as opposed to being a tower block. Upon arrival see a male stood in the doorway of the incident address (second storey). Upon seeing us he goes back inside and closes the door. By the time we get up to his storey he has come back outside and is stood on the balcony. I approach him, in company with my crew mate, and he is compliant and engages with us. My crew mate then see's a female at the bottom of the stairway and goes to speak to her, who it transpires was the caller. After a few minutes of me speaking to the male he tells me that he had woken up that morning and felt in a bad way (mentally) and that he just wanted to hurt himself, he doesn't know why. I asked him what he did and he told me that he smashed a glass over his head and then tried to cut his throat with it however it was too blunt and would not pierce the skin. He had no injuries when I looked. After a few minutes my crewmate comes back up and then arrests the male for domestic assault. Unbeknown to me a domestic argument had taken place and the male had said if she tries to leave he would try to kill himself; she duly left and that is when the glass smashing incident took place. Following the female's call to the police he had then gone outside into the hallway area and headbutted her.

Female is not willing to support a prosecution or give a statement, if anything she felt annoyed that she had called police to help her partner (self harm) and we were arresting him. Although at least one benefit would be that he would receive a mental health assessment in custody and would not be able to self harm.

1530 - Clerical

1700 - Cease Duty



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