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Former Special Constable - now full time Police Constable on response. For a selection of my duties as a Special please see here

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A Little Bit Of Traffic

Your rank: PC Your planned duty hours: 1300-2200 This is just a duty report from a shift recently where I managed to get a little bit of traffic in, nothing special but just fancied writing it up.  1300 - Was working on my SOLAP as I am still a probationer however a grade one call comes in of a female self harming with a knife. All early shift crews are tied up so me and another officer jump in together and respond to it. A local officer was nearby and arrived before us as he had knowl



A More Typical Duty

This is a more typical duty that I have done recently   Your rank: PC Your planned duty hours: 0700-1700 0700 - Briefing. Double crewed, only double crew to cover the area. 0800 - Call received from a lady stating that she had been made aware of a lifeline activation at her elderly mother's address. Upon her arrival all of the doors are locked and her spare key is useless because there is a key in the other side of the door. Mum has had a history of falls in the last 12 month



Single Crewed Night Shift

I've been operational as a full time PC for about five months, after having four months of training, and two years as a SC prior to joining up. I still love every day, I still look forward to going in and pulling on my stab vest, and it feels exactly like it did as a SC, except that I get a wage each month and I get a lot more point to point radio calls (either social or supervisory lol). Some people will say there's a lot more paperwork, there's a lot more to it etc. but I exposed myself to a l



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