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The View From The Lateshift

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Now You See Me, Now You Don't




Now you see me... When I'm waiting for my coffee at the petrol station at the start of a shift.

Now you don't see... That I've already worked an 8-hour day, and this is just the start of another.

Now you see me... When I'm stopping you in the street asking you questions, making you late, checking your details.

Now you don't see... That I'm looking for someone who just broke into a garage or a home, and took treasured possessions to sell for drugs.

Now you see me... When I stop you from walking your usual way home and make you walk the long way round.

Now you don't see... The guy who's just been beaten up, unprovoked, waiting for an ambulance that isn't coming for a while.

Now you see me... Dragging someone out of a house shirtless and bleeding along with 5 other cops.

Now you don't see... What he did to the three cops that were here before me.

Now you see me... Queuing up at McDonald's for a bite to eat, laughing with a colleague.

Now you don't see... The other three times I tried to grab something to eat, only to be diverted to something else.

Now you see me... Breaking down the door of your neighbour and waking you up.

Now you don't see... The seizure he was having when we found him, or all the pills he took to end his life.

Now you see me... Wrestling with someone on the city centre streets whilst you film it on your phone and scream "Police brutality!"

Now you don't see... The bruises I explain away to my partner as "just a little scrap at work".

Now you see me... Standing outside your neighbour's house, waiting to flush out the thieves you saw climb in.

Now you don't see... The tremble in my legs as I wait alone, in the dark, one female against four males.

Now you see me... Leaving a drunk and emotional patient in your ward, causing a hassle and disrupting the other patients.

Now you don't see... When I go home and cry because that patient told me he wanted to die.

Now you see... The uniform, the vest, the cuffs, the hat.

Now you don't see... That I do this for free, for you, for all of us.

Now you see me.

Now you don't.

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very, very good and well written: I'd agree with it all personally (except for me it's being alone in the dark, one male against four males! :) ). 

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Just something that came to mind one day about public perception of the police and how a lot of people don't understand what's actually going on behind what they see :) 

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Reminds me of the blogs written by @policecommander on twitter. What an absolutely brilliant piece of writing!

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